View Full Version : Eyes and Ears #12 needed to complete set

02-21-2003, 10:13 AM
Hi Gang,
Well here I am again trying to complete one of Pauls sets. He has all but the last pin. Can anyone help???? Check out my traders on pinpics. I am almost updated. Lots more to add so if you dont see something let me know.


02-21-2003, 04:19 PM
I went to look at your list Cindy but you need to give us your user name so we can look at your list.


02-22-2003, 05:42 AM
Goofymom is the user name

I guess I was having a little brain fart there. Dah!!!


02-22-2003, 09:34 AM
I do it all the time. Thanks I'll go have a look right now!


02-22-2003, 09:55 AM
OK Cindy,

I have one pin that is on your wants list. It's PP# 13626 The Disney Club exclusive. Let me just check with DH and I will get back to you for one of your tradable. I'm going to let my DD pick if it's alright.

I think my DD will choose PP#2525 as I just bought mine from another Dis'er and received it yesterday. She is always looking at it so something tells me she will want her own.

Or the fastpass pin PP#4099 as it has Donald. So if you are interested please pm me and we can work out a trade.

Have a great day,