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02-20-2003, 06:58 PM
I certainly don't want this to become a debate, just wondered if anyone had some suggestions (other than don't do it).

We'll be at OKW in just a month and our good friends (who moved to Salt Lake City just 18 mos ago and we miss terribly) will be joining us (YIPPEE!) with their daughters (our children are "bestest friends"). The first night will be so much fun as we all get to know each other again and the kids see each other and get reacquanted. Our husbands both enjoy an occasional cigar and want to indulge on the first night of our trip. Not every night, just the first night - and only one cigar each.

After reading alot of the posts regarding smoking in a non-smoking unit (we requested non-smoking), I am wondering if we shoud change our request to smoking (although we would never allow them to smoke in the unit or around the children). I originally planned to have them smoke on the balcony, but just saw the responses generated on a previous thread and I must say I would be annoyed if someone were smoking around me and I couldn't enjoy my balcony.

So, to get to the point...........where can they smoke? Is there an area around the pool? Some place the entire family can enjoy while they sit back a little and indulge? Suggestions are appreciated!


02-20-2003, 07:06 PM
They used to sell cigars at the Gurgling Suitcase. I dont know if they still do. So as far as I know you can smoke cigars there.

Chuck S
02-20-2003, 07:30 PM
I also don't know if it is still there, but there was a specialty cigar shoppe at DTD Westside.

02-20-2003, 08:17 PM
Maybe a cigar in the evening by one of the pools would be a good choice. Or along the "boardwalk" up by Olivia's. I'm thinking the area by the Turtle Pond pool where you can barbecue would be a spot where they would enjoy themselves and be least offensive to everyone else.

If it's a humid night, let me know where they'll be so I can head in the other direction. ;)

02-20-2003, 09:13 PM
Originally posted by Chuck S
I also don't know if it is still there, but there was a specialty cigar shoppe at DTD Westside.

Yes this cigar shoppe is still there. We bought a Cigar Box there in January.:)

02-20-2003, 09:25 PM
Originally posted by PamOKW
If it's a humid night, let me know where they'll be so I can head in the other direction. ;)

I agree with Pam's post above.I think you might upset some non-smokers http://www.wdwinfo.com/sites/family/angryfire.gif if you smoke cigarshttp://www.wdwinfo.com/sites/family/bandit.gif by the pool.

02-20-2003, 10:06 PM
It would be appreciated if you would confine your answers to the actual question.

Please refrain from turning every mention of smoking into a debate about the topic.

02-21-2003, 07:51 AM
I assume that anywhere it is permitted to smoke that you could smoke your cigar without issue or debate.

02-21-2003, 08:56 AM
It's not necessarily true that where you can smoke cigarettes it's okay to smoke cigars. Most restaurants that permit cigarettes will often have a disclaimer on the menu saying no cigar or pipe smoke.

02-21-2003, 09:31 AM
I would think the safest place to smoke a cigar http://www.wdwinfo.com/sites/family/bandit.gif would be in the parking lot in front of your villa.

02-21-2003, 09:59 AM
The balconies at OKW are a great place to smoke a cigar. Before lighting up, check to make sure that the other balconies nearby are empty. There is also a fan on the balconies to help remove the smoke.

02-21-2003, 12:57 PM
I have been to OKW several times and have smoked cigars each and every time there. I osund like your husband and friend, enjoy an occasional cigar with a drink and good conversation. When I have done this at OKW it has been either on my balcony or at the Turtle Pond Pool. If I am at the pool I just get a table or lounger away from anyone else and smoke away. I think you won't have a problem at all doing this, after all, you're a dues paying DVC'er just like everyone else there.

02-21-2003, 01:20 PM
Thanks for all the replies so far. I think we'll just make sure we are being courteous to our neighbors or anyone around wherever we end up (maybe the grills by the pool, since we may grill out that first night).

I'm sure it will turn out wonderful. I just don't want to be confronted by the Disney Police or a disgruntled neighbor on our 1st night. If we're proactive and pay attention to our surroundings, it sounds like we won't have a problem.

27 Days and Counting...............


02-21-2003, 03:13 PM
You can purchase really good cigars at Sosa's Cigars located in Down Town Disney.

02-21-2003, 07:31 PM
Thanks Dopey13! I'll pass this info on to the DH's. I'm sure they'll have to go shopping for their cigar:)

02-21-2003, 08:57 PM
You can smoke cigars at the Gurgling Suitcase. Or....there is a nice bar at the GF where you can smoke one, the Jazz Club at PI also is a place to have one.

02-21-2003, 10:05 PM
Cigar smokers unite!!!! I have never stayed at OKW just the Boardwalk, BC and WL and i have never had a problem finding a nice quite area to enjoy my cigar. So tell your DH to just find a spot and enjoy. My wife and myself will be at the Boardwalk 3/2 thru 3/7 and at the BC 5/9 thru 5/16 with the kids, so tell your husband if he ever see's a chubby grey hair guy sitting alone enjoying a cigar he would be welcomed to join me.

02-22-2003, 02:48 PM
IMALEGEND, you are too funny. My husband and our friend both have grey hair as well. You all should be easy to spot, ha! I'm feeling much better about this. I was getting kinda stressed out, but realize we just have to be prudent and everyone can have a good time.

Enjoy your stoggies (sp?)!