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02-19-2003, 07:30 PM

I had this question in another thread regarding my interest in buying into DVC, but I don't think that people saw it.

If I am planning on buying a package from another DVC member (and not Disney), I was now curious if it made more sense to try and obtain a package with a lower fee amount over a higher one? Since all properties are already available to members (aside from the four month difference in making reservations between home and alternate resort), doesn't it make more sense to try for a lower fee value? We're not planning on visiting over holidays or high traffic periods, so I'm not that worried about having to wait the additional time, but I would like to know what the experts here think. Thanks!


02-19-2003, 08:20 PM
Just when IS the less populated time to visit a DVC resort? Since we all book on points, we try to go at times when our points will go the farthest. That means that it's hardest to book at a DVC resort in the fall, when the regular resorts are pretty empty. Yes, school holidays are crowded, but so are many other times of the year. You need the 11 month booking window at the oddest times! I don't understand your reference to a cheap resort--do you mean a DVC resort? Actually, since Disney is now actively buying back contracts below $72 per point, the cheapest resort would seem to be BCV which you can get for about $74 with Magical Beginnings thru Disney.:confused:

02-19-2003, 08:43 PM

You are correct, I was thinking in terms of WDW attendence and not what is normal for DVC. And in reagrds to "cheap," I meant some of the available contracts that are listing below $70 (and yes I have noticed all of the "sale pending" notices). My questions was more in the vein of if possible, is it better to buy a OKW with a $70 fee against a Vero Beach with $68.

02-19-2003, 09:44 PM
I'm sure you'll here it from others as well, buy where you want to stay most often. You'll want to have the advantage of the 11 month window at your favorite resort. The modest differences in dues won't compensate for the ability to be able to stay in your favorite resort when you want to. If a money comparison is important, then consider the number of points it will take to stay in your top choice resort. For instance, if you want to use BWV standard view to stretch your points a little further, you'll need the 11 month window to take advantage of that lower point requirements. Those go before the 7 month window. Do you want a GV or Beach Cottage? It takes the 11 month window to be able to get reservations for one of those. Hope this helps.

02-20-2003, 06:17 AM
Buying at Vero while planning the majority of your stays at WDW is silly.

Vero has the highest dues of any DVC property.

For busy times, you can't even make a reservation at your home resort at eleven months while planning to get the resort you want at seven months.

Less importantly, but still a possiblity, Vero may no longer be a Disney or DVC property one day. It is still FAR from sold out, it has already been dramatically scaled back in size due to dismal sales. While I don't see it as a likely possibilibty, it is an anchor that Disney could throw overboard.

Whatever you do, don't buy Vero to primarily stay at WDW.

02-20-2003, 05:13 PM
I agree with Rich, buy where you want to stay. If you're trying to save money and still get into WDW, OKW is the best deal and BWV second. Even if OKW were $5-10 pp more than VB, only buy VB if you plan on using the points at VB a significant portion of the time and especially if you really want a Beach Cottage.

A good trick to do what I think your asking is to buy OKW and make reservations at the 11 month window. Then at the 7 month window you can try to change. You've got a room and over time you will be able to try all of the resorts. That's not to say you'll be able to get in BWV or BCV in Dec or HH in summer though.

02-21-2003, 09:08 AM
The way I looked at it was buy where you most want to be, I bought at VWL because if I go at the holidays thats where I would want to be and its the hardest time to get (thanksgiving/christmas) but my second favorite is OKW, even though the maintenance is less, I figured at the 7 month window, I stand a good chance at getting in because its a much larger property. BCV/BWV do nothing for me. I love Vero, but figured I would take my chances at getting in at the 7 month window. Basically buy where you want to be! But with Disney buying back everything, I wonder if you can get anything other than BCV from Disney, If you can, I would just buy from Disney at this point, if you can get in at 70 per point, you may still save a little, but once you add closing fees on top of a 71-72 dollar per point, its really not worth it unless you get a resort that Disney is not selling.