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02-19-2003, 12:40 PM
Is there such thing as "best spot" to view illuminations from the BCV/BWV area?

I have read posts about views from rooms ... and I know about the cruise, but was wondering how well they are viewed from anywhwere else on the grounds?



02-19-2003, 01:59 PM
I would like to know too. Is there any way of requesting your room or do you get what you get.

02-19-2003, 02:23 PM
When we were in the World in October, my wife and I walked back from MGM prior to Illuminations. Just as we were walking across one of the bridges over the waterway between Swan/Dolphin and the Yacht Club Marina, the big fireworks from Illuminations began. We stopped in our tracks to see, and admired the different view. Only the large displays showed over the Beach Club trees, but it was spectacular to see the pyrotechnics from a distance.....Something old was new again.

It was one of my favorite moments from the trip.


02-19-2003, 02:26 PM
I would have to say that between the two resorts, BWV would probably offer you the best chance of viewing the aerial fireworks and laser show from your room. You would obviously have to get a Boardwalk view for the best chance.

My first stay at BCV is coming in December, so I cannot comment on the views from any room there. I do know that DW and I were able to view Illuminations from our balcony at YC.

Some nights, however, we simply went down and found a bench on the Boardwalk and watched them from either in front of the YC or the BWI/BWV. Another good spot is the bridge between BC and the walkway to the BW over by ESPN Club.


02-19-2003, 03:11 PM
In January, we were in room 465 at BCV - a 1BR with an Epcot (and highway) view. We could see the high fireworks of Illuminations from our balcony.

02-19-2003, 04:09 PM
No problem seeing the fireworks from 561 studio - a great view of Spaceship Earth (I really loved it) - but it is over the service road - so expect noise at strange times.

but being able to see the Spaceship Earth before I went to slept at night and being able to wake up to it - well I really liked it.

02-19-2003, 04:51 PM
We were on the fifth floor in a 1br bedroom, 557 I think. We had a great view of Canada, the upper parts of the Imagination and The Land and the top of Spadeship Earth and a restricted view of France. We could see most all of the fireworks from illumination. During the day we heard the British Invasion in the United Kingdom. We had a bit of road noise but only when the door was open. Great room!!
It is my understanding that all top floor rooms have a view of illumination.


02-19-2003, 05:13 PM
We had room 555 and the view was good. You're looking to the right at a pretty good angle, but it's not bad. Looking straight ahead is straight at the back of 'The Land' pavillion.

Looks like ourselves, JR, Spicycat, and Candace were all in the same basic area. Rooms: 465, 561, 557, and 555.

The 5th floor is probably just a little bit better than the 4th. and the higher numbers (eg 561) are probably a little bit better.

02-19-2003, 05:45 PM
Thank you all for posting .... but ....

Apart from views FROM ROOMS ... where would be the best place to view illuminations from around that general area (Outside the rooms!)

02-21-2003, 02:09 PM

See my earlier post in this thread.


02-21-2003, 04:20 PM
On NYE, we saw a family that had walked over to the International Gateway. They did not enter Epcot, but they sat on a concrete planter or ledge or bench (I forget what exactly) right outside the entry gates facing the direction of Illuminations. They said that it was the best place to enjoy Illuminations without actually entering the park. Now, we didn't hang around there to verify if it was really a good view without a lot of trees, etc. blocking the view. But THEY were convinced it was a great spot and had evidently been there before.

I would probably try the bridge between BCV and BWV, but more in the direction of BWV. Closer to ESPN Club, which I think Brian suggested already.

Good luck! :D

02-21-2003, 08:36 PM
Thank you all,

I appreciate your help!

Now the hard part .... waiting to get there.

02-22-2003, 12:35 PM
Also try viewing from the BCV parking lot, right near the building past the quiet pool. DH and I had a great view from there.

02-22-2003, 03:16 PM
Too bad they didn't put an observation deck on the top of BCV for fireworks viewing. Wouldn't have been hard to do when building the resort.