View Full Version : Got into OKW at the 7 month window today!

02-18-2003, 01:09 PM
Next month is our first trip 'home', and we are going to HH first for two days, and then to BCVs for 3 days (BCV is our home resort).

I am also planning a surprise birthday trip in September for our twin daughters. I have a 3 day Disney Cruise booked (with points) and just today I was able to get us into OKW for a 1 bedroom for 4 nights before the cruise! (I wasn't sure how hard it was to get what you wanted at another resort since OKW isn't our home resort---but there was no problem at all!)

So within our first years a DVC members we will get to try out HH, BCV and OKW. Also, we are trying a studio (BCV), a 1 bedroom (OKW) and a 2 bedroom (HH). I told DH that next year we need to go back and try out VWL.....I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to stay there next!

Now if I can only keep this a secret for the next months!

02-18-2003, 04:02 PM
Congratulations. You will find that OKW can be the easiest resort to get into because of the large number of rooms at the resort. Have a great time traveling from resort, to resort, to resort. :wave:

02-18-2003, 05:51 PM
Yesterday I called and got a 1 BR at VWL for a week in July. This was less than 5 months. They did tell me it was the last 1BR available for that time. I couldn't believe my luck as VWL (our Home) was our first choice.

02-18-2003, 06:43 PM
I called yesterday because I'm thinking of changing my mid-May OKW visit to the last week of April. They still had 1 bedrooms for April 27-May 2. I willn't know until next Tuesday if I have to change it (medical tests), MS said I should be OK waiting until then.

02-18-2003, 08:01 PM
It is nice to know that it isn't too hard to get into OKW. With the lower points and larger rooms it looks like a nice place to 'relax' on vacation. I think we will love our home resort (BCV), but I had to borrow points for this trip, so the 1 bedrooms at OKW meant less points from next year's points (we are hoping to visit VWL next year).

I showed my husband the room 'layout' and all he could say was, "We're not worthy." :D You have to understand that the last time we were at WDW we camped at FW in a tent! And prior to that we stayed in low priced hotels offsite (although we did slurge once for an All Star Resort). We are just not use to this kind of accommadations! (My daughter said she feels like royalty! And she can't wait to check out the room!).

I have a feeling that even our studio at BCV next month is going to seem great to us! I can't believe we are actually going to stay in such a nice place! And do it over and over again for the next 40 years!!!!!!


Simba's Mom
02-18-2003, 08:42 PM
LOL, westjones-wait til you see the 2-BR at OKW! On our first trip to OKW, we stayed in a studio, but asked to see a 2-BR for our upcoming family trip. For the several minutes we looked around inside, DH didn't close his mouth-he was in awe! When we got outside, he found his voice, turned to me and said "THIS is where we're staying next year."
But for my solo trips, I think BCV studios are so beautiful-sitting on the balcony drinking tea from the cup I bought in the Twinings shop in England listening to the faint strains of the music from WS. When can I go back?