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02-15-2003, 07:31 PM
Okay, after reading what an absolutely wonderful time everyone had on the DVC cruise, I'm tempted to try to fit it in next year. (I probably could have this year since I think it left the day I came home from our first visit to WLV as DVC members)

However, I would want to pay cash....we only have 150 points and if I don't get my Disney World fix people who work with me and know me won't be able to stand me.:mad:

So I'm so sorry if this has been asked and answeree, but can anyone tell me what the cash price of this past members cruise was? I understand if they change it to a 7 day cruise, it's anybody's guess....:rolleyes:

Thanks!:) :) :)

02-15-2003, 11:12 PM
Here ya go!!


Below are the charts for the Member Cruise:
Reservation Point Chart for Member Sailing February 2, 2003 - Disney Wonder - 4
Day Cruise.

Category 3-One bedroom suite with verandah- 283
Category 4-Deluxe family stateroom with verandah-166
Category 5-Deluxe stateroom with verandah- 139
Category 6-Deluxe stateroom with verandah- 131
Category 7-Deluxe stateroom w/ Navigator verandah- 124
Category 8-Deluxe oceanview stateroom- 116
Category 9-Deluxe oceanview stateroom- 106
Category 10-Deluxe inside stateroom- 96
Category 11-Standard inside stateroom- 88
Category 12-Standard inside stateroom- 88

Reservation Points are per person for 1st and 2nd passenger based on double

Additional adult age 13 and up - 56
Additional Child age 3-12 - 49
Additional Child age 2 and under - 15

One Reservation Point is equivalent to one allotted Vacation Point. Reservation
Points per person are based on double occupancy and apply to 1st/2nd Passenger.
All travel packages are subject to availability.

The full terms and conditions of The Disney Collection program are located in
the Disney Vacation Club travel program section of the Member Benefits
Guidebook. They are an integral part of the program and govern the information
found in these Reservation Point Charts. Please review them carefully before
booking any of these travel packages.

Cash would be:
Category 3-One bedroom suite with verandah- $2249
Category 4-Deluxe family stateroom with verandah-$1353
Category 5-Deluxe stateroom with verandah- $1143
Category 6-Deluxe stateroom with verandah- $1091
Category 7-Deluxe stateroom w/ Navigator verandah- $1033
Category 8-Deluxe oceanview stateroom- $970
Category 9-Deluxe oceanview stateroom- $865
Category 10-Deluxe inside stateroom- $813
Category 11-Standard inside stateroom- $760
Category 12-Standard inside stateroom- $760

Additional adult age 13 and up - $429
Additional Child age 3-12 - $377
Additional Child age 2 and under - $114

02-16-2003, 06:58 AM
Having never been on a 4 day cruise, I'm wondering if those cash prices seem very high for a 4 day cruise? (Or am I wrong?)

02-16-2003, 07:14 AM
Does anyone have any info about the cash price of the DCL cruises when you do points for the first person? I'm trying to compare for a 2004 or 2005 cruise which would likely occur in the summer. My benchmark would be compared to the regular price with the early booking discount and Florida Resident rates. Does DCL tend to offer a FL resident discount for summer or is it only for off season?

An additional question is how far out does DCL book with cash, looks like it might be around 14 months looking at availability on icruise.com or does it fluctuate. TIA for any info.

02-16-2003, 07:40 AM

Do you have the cash prices for the 7 night Magic. I am wondering if I convert my cash resv to to points/cash how much it would be.


02-16-2003, 11:25 AM
These prices I listed were specifically only for the February 2, 2003 DVC Member Only Cruise.

When I have booked a cruise with points for one and cash for the rest, I have found the prices to be a tad higher than the Early Booking Discounts that you can receive when booking strictly with cash through a TA, but not as high as some cash prices booking at a closer window. These prices for cash combined with points can be obtained for your cruise only through Member Services, however.

I thought I would mention that last July I cruised the 3 Day Wonder, category 11 for $799 per person. That was certainly a higher price for a shorter cruise than the DVC Member Cruise prices. However, keep in mind I booked that cash room only two months prior to the cruise.

Dean, I believe we had a thread on the Cruise Board just this past week regarding FL Resident Cruise discounts. I cannot recall exactly, but I think they do just offer select cruises and times of year for these but they are great discounts.

You can often book even further out than 14 months with cash on DCL but sometimes when they are considering or anticipating a change in itinerary, they may hold back bookings for a while. This was the case while they were entertaining the idea of a Mediterranean Cruise for the summer of 2004 but that idea was dissolved. The Official Disney website can give you instant quotes on the DCL portion of it too. These prices may not always be your "best" price however and I recommend checking with Dreams Unlimited Travel online as well as a couple more quotes. Dreams is the only agency that does monitor the prices and in case of any reduction or sale will automatically lower your pricing. They also offer rebates on the cruise too. I have used them in the past and highly recommend them, at least to get some quotes to start off.

02-16-2003, 03:10 PM
Thanks Carol, that gave me a lot of the info I was looking for.