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02-08-2003, 09:08 AM
Curious to know what the prices were for the DVC member cruise? (I just joined DVC in December, so I missed out on the first announcements of this.) I'd be interested in a cat. 6 for next time if there is a next time. Any idea of where I can find the prices on the DVC site for a cat. 6 (points or cash)? Thanks!

02-08-2003, 09:18 AM
Depending on what season you go (page 68 of Members Guide book)for a 4 day cruise, catagory 6, during ""Regular Season" it would be 160 pts for each adult.

02-08-2003, 10:32 AM

Here are the points for some categories of the recent SS Member Cruise. This was a 4-day cruise.

Category 6 - 131 points each
Catgeory 7 - 124 points each
Category 8 - 116 points each
Category 10- 96 points each
Category 11- 88 points each

These were slightly higher than the normal 4 day sailing in the same time frame. We were Category 8 and would have paid 110 each, but the extra 6 points were more than worth it in my opinion.

Don't know if these points would be much help for the future. General feeling at the farewell party was the next one should be a 7 day!

02-08-2003, 07:04 PM
thanks :)

02-08-2003, 07:54 PM
Do you have to pay for the Member cruise with points?

02-08-2003, 08:03 PM
You could pay for the cruise with points or cash, but any cash reservations at to be paid in full (with a credit card) on the day the reservation was made.