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01-28-2003, 05:42 AM
I had a reservation for one room for six days. Sunday I added another room and requested it be adjoining. I found out that my daughters friend has pet allergies so I called last night to request a pet free room. Well you can imagine my shock when I was told I has 6 room reservations. The girl who modified the reservation made two resevations for me ,one for my husband, one for my eight year old son. one for my teenage daughter and one for her friend. The man I spoke to could not believe she did it or that she got it under one cinfirmation number. I asked him to change it and he told me he could not and that I would have to talk with the hotel {RP} today and see what they could do. The resevations were made with the ent rate and he told me he was not sure it would still be available. Wish me luck!

Disney Debbie
01-28-2003, 09:14 AM
I'll wish you more then luck - I'll wish you a friendly but firm insistence on them fixing their error! How on earth could they reserve a room for an eight year old??? This is most certainly their fault and they need to honor the rate and correct it!

01-28-2003, 09:31 AM
I totally agree with Disney Debbie! It should not even be an option for you to lose this rate! Hope it all gets straightened out smoothly for you:)

01-28-2003, 09:54 AM
What number did you call for this reservation?

I agree with DD and JR, be insistent that this was THEIR error and that your reservation be corrected according to your original order. This is unacceptable but nonetheless, human error.

Ask to speak to a manager. These calls are supposed to be recorded and can be checked into.

Let us know what happens!

01-28-2003, 03:01 PM
I just got off with reservations , I called the hotel and they gave me central reservations and the man who answered assured me I only had two rooms reserved. I then called the hotel back and talked to the front desk and they confirmed I had just 2 rooms reserved. They said what must of happened was the person {Andrew] that I talked to last night must of pulled up the reservation and read it wrong. They now list everyone in the room and he got mixed up and thought we all had our own room. I can not tell you how relieved I am. Thanks for your support. Marybeth

01-28-2003, 03:38 PM
Check your credit card to make sure the correct deposits were made. They are posted a day or two after the reservation. For six rooms they would have charged your card 6x. It wouldnt hurt to check.

Disney Debbie
01-28-2003, 04:39 PM
Glad to hear that! Hope you have a great time.

01-28-2003, 10:56 PM
I've had several mix-ups with my reservation, including someone at the hotel cancelling it altogether (good thing I just happened to phone to request a balcony!). It's been straightened out since, and I requested, and got, a faxed copy of the reservation that same day just to ease my mind.

But do check your visa bill. I thought everything was ok, but 2 weeks later, a bunch of debits/credits went through and it took several phone calls to clear it up. This happened twice, 2 months apart. I had them fax me a copy of my account as I was beginning to loose track of what was paid, refunded, and charged several times over.