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Kathy Rittenhouse
01-23-2003, 08:39 AM
Does anyone know the room categories directly above the deluxe rooms at PBH? Do they offer Entertainment Rates on these rooms/suites? I know that they offer Kid's suites but I was more interested in like a jr. suite, etc. Also if you have appr. rates that would help.


01-23-2003, 11:04 AM
Kathy once you reach a deluxe level the kids' suite is the only true suite in a sense that your accustom to. By this I mean it's a one entry room with a door to the kids room sharing one bathroom. Now not talking about the Kid's Suite the level above the deluxes are priced out separatly. Your buying a Parlor room and conneecting that to one or two bedrooms which flank the side or sides of the Parlor you choose. The parlors range in size from 283 sq ft to1016 sq feet. All come with a refreshment pantry or bulters pantry which has a separate entry and then you have a living area with sofa's, chairs, t.v., vcr, there is also an eating area and chairs that range in sizes according to the level of the suite you choose... the rooms that flank either size of the suites come in a king on one side and two queens on the other side. Have I totally confused you yet? Hold on I'm not done.LOL Here are the various "parlors" and there sq footage then the total sq. footage if you bougth both bedrooms on each size.

Now on the Governor and Prediente suites the parlors are set up with office space and fireplaces and the King bed room is not a deluxe bedroom as we know it. They have a huge bathroom w/separate dressing area's and hugh walk in closets, jetting jazzuci tubs w/ t.v.s in the bath area and huge walk in shower for you and your closest friend.LOL There are bathrooms and showers in all of the suites in the parlor areas and they grow bigger the higher level of suite you choose. Now if I have you totally confused just pm me with a fax number and I will be happy to fax you room plans for the suites.

02-02-2003, 01:28 PM
You sure seem to know a lot party of 6. I got such a great rate at PB for April that I changes my $110 to 129 from the RP. I have read so much about your great deluxe pool villa rooms, I would like your advice. Should I just pay the difference (about $50) a night to get one of these or hope for an Upgrade. We are going 4/4 for 3 nights. I really want one of these. My husband only wants to be on the ground floor and does not like balconies exp. w/ the kids (3,8). We love the pool and also I would love the bathroom. Is it worth it? I do have a loews card that I used at the HR last fall. Your opinion please!

02-02-2003, 03:15 PM
If it were me I would stick with what you have at the moment and hope that a deluxe is available for an upgrade at time of check in. YES they are worth it to me. I love the amenties and that huge bathroom is just simply the best! My kids are 2.5,2.5,2.5, &10 the balcony's are wonder and they are high enough my kids don't worry me although that's a personal choice for you. I would just weight things out. To my knowledge there are no ground floor rooms of anykind on the beach pool view. Those rooms begin on the third floor I believe. The spa and resturants are located underneath that area. You may could get a villa pool view on the ground level you'd need to call and ask. If your husband is totally against the move though for the xtra $$ I'd just hope for an upgrade and it's very likely in my opinon you could get one. PBH seems to be the lost treasure of the onsite resorts. If you ever stay there you will be hooked, but most folks see those high rack rates and fear the worst. The resturants are very reasonable and very, very yummy too. You might consider mama della's for a wonderful supper. You can book that through star service in your room once you arrive and be on time they get extremely busy and will not hold your ressie if your late. I saw a family one trip get caught running late in the parks and the boat took longer than they had thought and ran over 15 minutes late and they turned them away! I felt so bad for them. I'm sure they enjoyed supper next door or at Sal's pizza but I sure did feel bad for them. If you have doubts and would like to see some of my pics of a deluxe room and our view from "our" room I'd be happy to sent them along to you just pm me with an email address.