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01-21-2003, 09:54 AM
How about sharing a moment that happened here, at home, but reminded you of WDW.

Here is mine:

A couple of months ago, dd had half a day off of school (new professional day for the teachers ~ 3 half days a year). I took dd and ds to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. It was almost empty. The kids played in the tunnels and played games until the pizza arrived. We moved into the showroom to eat. We were the only people in the showroom. For those who have not seen Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, it has three areas (1) tunnels, slides, ball pits with booths to enjoy a meal (2) the games area, like a kiddy casino (3) the showroom ~ lots of booths and tables to watch the Chuck E. Cheese animatronic show. HUGE characters doing a show, plus TV's all around with Chuck E. Cheese music videos, like Chuck E. does MTV. The animatronics always remind me of WDW. The kids beamed and dd said, "This is like Disney World!" And it was! It truly felt like WDW. AAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Good news! Another half day today! We are off the Chuck E. Cheese for lunch again! S

01-29-2003, 04:15 PM
Well.. I don't know if this qualifies... but our power went out while we were at work and the fridge/freezer was defrosting big time by the tme we got home...

When I was scrambling to salvage what I could... I came across the icecubes that had melted together... three of them in a perfect mickey.

My daughter and I both went... Awwwwwww look it's a hidden mickey. We kept it!


01-29-2003, 04:19 PM
That counts! :D

02-03-2003, 01:51 AM
Driving home from my wifes sisters place in Sarnia and just the drive along the 402 at points reminded us of driving to WDW and we had the music from the theme parks in the cd player and were playing the liscence plate game ahhh I miss WDW

02-09-2003, 12:21 PM
We went to the Ontario Science Centre this past Friday, with the 3 boys we went to WDW with. They have a Rain Forest "display" that you actually walk through. As we were walking through I asked them what it reminded them of...they all said FLORIDA. All the humidity in there was just like when we were there this past Sept.

03-08-2003, 03:50 PM
I usually go to the Weston Bakery Outlet by us to buy our bread and whatnot for the week and since next week is March Break, they usually have certain treats to add to the lunches.

Well while I was looking around, guess what DD found?

WALT DISNEY WORLD SUCKERS!LOL The big ones with Mickey on them! It took awhile before I could walk away. All is I could picutre was the Candy Store in MK!

It's a small world, after all!


03-09-2003, 04:12 PM
I made the Potatoe Au Gratin from Cinderella's Royal Table breakky twice recently. We all commented on how it reminded us of WDW!

I had a really weird Magic Moment. I was roasting red peppers and got the strangest craving to run to RnR. It must have been the RED pepper and and RED guitar that sparked the feeling.