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hockey mom
01-18-2003, 09:36 AM
I just noticed that last years first party was during our thanksgiving and my mind went into overdrive. With 4 days off, leftover tickets from this trip, and 3 kids who would love to give this a try whats a girl to do.? Has anyone been to this event and if so how did you like it.?

01-18-2003, 12:36 PM
Best $27 US I ever spent...

Very nice atmosphere, low crowds during the day and lots of special things to do...

If ny stuff wasn't all in boxes from having just moved...I could list all 15 rides we did in the 4 1/2 hours we were there and the free family photo and the parade.

Very worth it...
We loved it

01-18-2003, 12:52 PM
Here is a post I did a while back...Hope it helps...

The MNSSHP was a highlight..... We loved it!!!!!
Here is what we got done:

We went last year on the Sunday night and the crowds were minimal except at Haunted Mansion.

We did tons of rides got our picture taken 3 times and saw the parade.

Do the Diamond Horseshoe Review. It has a special show with the "CADAVER DANS" it was really good.

We walked on to BTM and Splash.

Here is a list of what was open:

Main St*
Pirates( no lines)*
Jungle Cruise( no lines)*
MC OF Alladin( no lines)*
Splash( 5 minutes tops)*
Big Thunder (3 minutes tops)*
Riverboat (special Halloween cruise)*
Haunted Mansion (did it the night before)
Diamond Horseshoe Review (special Halloween show)*
Peter Pan
It's a small world
Snow White
Tea Cups
Alien Encounter
Astro Orbiter
Buzz (our last ride and no waiting, did it twice in a row)*
Tomorrowland Arcade
Space Mountain
Trick or treat stations (lots)*
Characters greets( not in toontown)
Parades *
Family Photos ( got 3 done at different locations)*
Fortune tellers
Face painters*

We did all the ones with stars****

It was the best $27.50 per person I have ever spent!!!!

I would recommend this time of year to anyone.

We had a great time.

hockey mom
01-18-2003, 01:07 PM
Great , thanks for all the info. We are going to give this years a try and my kids are so excited. I see you are leaving soon, have a great vacation.

Cam Fam luvs Dsny
01-19-2003, 07:37 PM
We did MNSSHP this past fall. It was a surprise trip for the kids.We found it busy! That is not to say that we did not thoroughly enjoy the trip. It was really neat to see how they change the park from day to night...

However, I found that dry ice fog was piped in around Liberty Square and it was very crowded and almost dis-orientiening. I am very familiar with the Magic Kingdom Layout, but found that even in some of the "normal" lesser crowded areas it was busy.

I read a few other posts (not in the Canadian area) and it seems that more tickets were sold this year.

Even with all my complaining above, we are contimplating the MVMCP this year! I guess we just can't get enough...

I also learned that the complimentary picture that we had taken - we did one for the family - could actually have been one per person, so keep that in mind rather than buying extra copies.

Go, have Fun, you won't regret it!

01-20-2003, 09:22 AM
We were at MNSSHP on Oct 17 this past year. Our group was me, DW, DS (7), DD (5), my dad and his wife. All of us enjoyed it very much.

The kids dressed up (DS was Buzz, DD was a Cinderella ballerina) and this added to their fun. All of us had fun going to the Trick or Treat stations - the kids thought it was a lot of fun that the adults were collecting candy too (more for them, of course!).

I felt it was crowded, but I am crowd-averse so we usually plan a trip doing everything to avoid crowds (arrive early, leave mid-day, etc). The park 'felt' busier than during the day - there were more people 'milling about', if you know what I mean. But, the rides weren't really that busy. Fastpass was closed, and we had to go on Buzz several times - and there was only about a 10 minute wait.

The kids thought it was great fun - for them one of the highlights was to try and stay awake until midnight. They almost made it!

I strongly recommend being well-rested on the day of the party. We all had a mid-afternoon nap! Also, the advice on the pictures is a good one - we had 6 people so we could get 6 prints in as many as 6 poses (we did 2 - kids and grandparents, and the whole group).

Also, the party officially started at 7, I think. But, we arrived at the park at 5:30, and they let us in and gave us our wristband and candy bag. This was great, since we got in, got some character pictures and autographs, had a counter service supper, then were ready to go! They never actually 'closed' the park or stopped the rides, but at 6 sharp they only let you on a ride if you had a wristband.

We had a lot of fun and I would definitely do it again.

HTH, Jeff

hockey mom
01-20-2003, 06:16 PM
Thanks for the replies everyone and I am glad to hear that so far everyone has enjoyed it. The more I read about this event and tell the kids about the more excited they get.