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01-05-2003, 11:50 AM
it seems as though we have lost some money and gained some children when we went in '98! LOL
I have really been wanting to sail with DCL again for about the past year and a half. When we first went we were only a family of 4, and one of us was under 2! Plus it was the inaugural year. needless to we got away with it for very cheap! But now, we can not travel in a Cat 12 room, and a cat 4 seems so expensive. I know this will not be a cheap trip, but I certainly dont want to pay close to $10,000 for a vacation? The only place I know to look for rate quotes is DCL's website. Please any help with deals or bargains would be much appreciated.

Also, we are expecting another child, does anyone know if an infant "counts" toward staeroom occupany? I tried to get a quote on line but it told me only 5 per stateroom. Is it like at the resorts where an under 2 infant doesn't count?

Thanks do much


MO Disney cruiser
01-05-2003, 11:54 AM
I would check with some of the on line TA. ie dreams unlimited, travelocity etc.

Also, think about adjoining cat 11s. Could be cheaper than cat 4 and more room.

We got upgraded to a cat 4 in Sept. I'd rather have the 2 cat 11s with the extra room. That way the kids can spread out. You can also be in one room watching TV or something, while the kids are napping in the other.

If cost is an issue (and it always is with us) try Sept/Oct. It's nearing end of hurricane season, but the weather is still nice mostly and the rates are considerably cheaper.

Good luck

01-05-2003, 12:24 PM
Unfortunately infant do count as head count on DCL.We had to get a cat4 room because of our 6 month old.You only have to pay port charges for them though.
I would definately go for 2 lower cat rooms if you don't care about the verandah.It will give a lot more room esp for storage.

01-05-2003, 12:34 PM
Ok, so I am playing around on DCL's site, and don't really see much of a savings between 2 cat 12 and 1 cat4. A cat 4 room for 2 adults 3 kids, 10/25-1/01/03 no air, 7 day Western I think, is 5823.83. That does have EBS built into it. With this opt we would have to leave the baby at home. (Just gives me another reason to go back!) However A cat 12 with 1 adult children is 2680.31x2 ie 5360.62, I see only a 463.21 difference. Is that worth it? Also does that price range seem about right? Is the no way or no where to get it for cheaper? What are the differences bewtween a cat 4 and cat 12? I need help from you DCL experts please :-) And pretty please.............

01-05-2003, 12:48 PM
You can't get connecting rooms in category11 or 12. If you want the internal door, which I would assume you''d want, the lowest category would be a 10. We got 2 10's instead of 1 category 4. The price was very close(but remember yuou pay full price for the fiirst 2 people in every room, even if one is an infant) but even though the savings were not great, we got the 2 because of the additional space, bathrooms and privacy. But yes, the price does increase disproportionally with a third child as opposed to just adding a second child! The travel industy is definately geared toward two parent/two child families.

01-05-2003, 01:00 PM
I also see on the DCL rate page that there is a sep rate page for Castaway Club members? Since it has been so long since we sailed, are we still considered members? And if we are, how do I get access to that page? Is there a big difference or savings in the rates?
Thanks for all your help

01-05-2003, 01:16 PM

Yes, you would still be considered members of the Castaway Club but there are no savings associated with that membership. So, although it is nice to have it noted in your ressie so that you can attend the returning cruisers reception etc., it won't save you any money.

You would most likely want to look at Cat 10 rooms that are CONNECTING versus ADJOINING. With smaller kids you probably want that door between the 2 rooms which you can leave open at all times so it feels sort of like 1 bigger room. There is not a significant amount of savings over a cat 4 but you do get 2 bathrooms, 2 tvs, more living space and more storage space. You do not, however, get a verandah which you would get with the cat 4. So, you would have to weigh which is more important to you - extra space or the verandah?

Just as a reference point, the cat 4 room is EXACTLY the same size as a cat 10 room except for a 3 foot extension as the end of the room where the murphy bed goes. You will have the same bathroom, storage etc. as you would have in one of your cat 10 rooms. So, with 2 rooms you really are getting almost twice the space. If you go the cat 10 route, be sure to check if either of the 2 sets of connecting cat 10 cabins on deck 5 are available - they have a porthole (which cat 10 cabins do not generally have) which is partially obstructed (but the view is still very good). This way you get a "free" porthole and a great location near the kids clubs etc.

If you get the 2 rooms you can also bring along your new baby. It will only cost abour $120 (although you may want to budget for some time for the baby in the nursery). We took our 13 month oldd dd last year and are planning to take our baby due in May when he is 13 months old also. DD has so much fun and we enjoyed sharing the vacation with the whole family.

Good luck with your decision and I hope you and your family will get to cruise soon!

01-05-2003, 01:26 PM
Also, infants must be at least 12 weeks old to sail so that may make a difference in your selection of dates.
We usually check some of the other travel sites after doing initial research on the DCL site - Expedia, Travelocity, etc.
After having 5 people (self, DW, DS9, DS7 & DD4) in a cat 4, we would ABSOLUTLY go for the 2 connecting rooms next time. Even though the split bathroom helps, getting 5 people thru 1 shower after a day playing takes too much time!

01-05-2003, 01:31 PM
When are you due? I am also due in May, on the 3rd! Congratulations. Do you know what you are having? We are having another boy. I just got off the phone with DCL and it does look to be better to go with 2 cat 10's. She said she could get us in deck 7 on the Eastern cruise, but the western cruise could only get deck 1 or 2, that doesnt sound so good. I do not like that DCL doesnt have a family deposit though, $1250 depo sure is alot. I liked the price she quoted me for the 7 day Western 2 cat 10 rooms, but don't and won't have $1250 in 7 days to pay depo :-( Any suggestions?

01-05-2003, 05:57 PM

Congratulations to you too!! We are due on May 4th - we are also having a boy - we have a daughter already so we will have one of each. Our dd will turn 3 just weeks before her brother arrives and for now she is very excited! That is pretty funny that we are both due so close together and both having boys -small world, huh?

When are you hoping to cruise? If it is not a super busy time you might can wait to book it until you have the deposit. I did not realize that other cruise lines had any kind of "family" deposit - that would be nice. We just put our $1,000 deposit down for our 6/04 cruise and it did hurt a bit knowing we aren't even going for another 18 months!! I do remember reading that DCL has been helpful with some cruisers in the past by extending the time they have to put down a deposit. Maybe you could call them and see if they would be willing to work with you on this - no harm done if they say no but it may help you out if they say yes.

From what I have read, the differences between decks is not really that big of a deal. Yes, the higher decks are closer to the pools etc. but everything is really just an elevator ride away even from deck 1 or 2. You could also keep checking back in case connecting rooms on another deck open up and switch without a problem - better to lock in a good price than worry too much about deck location.

Good luck booking your cruise!!

01-05-2003, 06:39 PM
Thank you. WE are trying to go in October 2003. I would like to be either on the cruise or in a park for halloween. THe baby will be roughly 5 months old by then. Have you picked out a name? We can not think of one! LOL I swear I woke up this morning and just got it in my mind that we MUST go on a cruise this year! I have been researching all day,and I wanna go NOW! LOL Big ole baby, arent I? My kids and I are all big Disney nuts, and my eldest 2 kinds remember when we went on the Magic, but not really. I think we are burnt out on the parks, since we went 4 times this year! Plus I am thinking with 4 kids around in May, by the time October comes around I will really be in need for this!