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01-01-2003, 07:40 AM
Assuming your cruise is near capacity, do you really have to rush out of your cabin to do things such as get a seat at the pool or a chair at Castaway? I don't want to feel absolutely rushed to get out of the cabin ASAP but I would be very disappointed to not have a place to sit down. Also, in any event can you usually find a single chaise somewhere or is that fairly difficult in the middle of the day? Will the cast members help you find a seat?

01-01-2003, 08:21 AM
We left the ship when we were allowed. We took the tram over and were able to get about 4 chairs for our party of 11. The problem is that people grab one chair for each person and then stay in the water the entire time. I never get a chair just for DS8. Even when we go to Six Flags in the summer we get two chairs, not three.

I'm not sure I recall seeing CM around that would help with a chair. It's best to just be patient - no matter what you do. Ocassionally I'll just ask someone if I can use a chair next to them. There are courteous people out there, you just have to find them. 'Cuz - IT'S JUST A CHAIR!

Kim šOš

01-01-2003, 09:08 AM
I would say "yes" is the answer to your question. Our cruise was not at full capacity last month, but we still got off as soon as we could and were one of the first on the beach. I would say within the hour all hammocks were taken. The layout of Castaway Key along the front row of the beach which is probably 30 or 40 ft at most from the water, is a few lounge chairs, then a hammock, then another few lounge chairs, plus some sand chairs stacked in front of the lounge chairs. What happens is that familes stake out a hammock between two lounge chairs and get the sand chairs in front...needless to say, hammocks do go fast. If you don't care about a hammock, go later, but expect to be further back off the water.

And don't get me started on the "seat saving" frenzy at the pools!

01-01-2003, 09:18 AM
We walked pretty far down the family beach and were able to grab a hammock and there were still some available when we went to lunch. You should walk all the way down by the Conked Out Bar, near the climbing structure. It's actually a beautiful spot where you can look back at the boat. We could see most of the family beach from that spot and it was sure crowded closer to the ship.

If you want good seats for the shows, particularly Disney Dreams, I would recommend getting there at least 20 minutes early. They do bring drink trays around which makes the wait more enjoyable! :D

01-01-2003, 10:15 AM
You are not supposed to save chairs at the pool, and this is clearly stated in the Navigator each day. Of course, that doesn't stop some rude people from tossing on a towel or a pair of shoes and then dissapearing for the next 12 hours. If you see a chair that has not been occupied in a long time (i.e. it's obvious that someone is not just in the pool or whirlpool), I would recommend moving the stuff and taking it. Bring a Navigator with you, and if they show up later and have enough brass to say something, politely but firmly point out the part about not saving chairs. I haven't run into this situation, but if I did, I would word it along the lines of, "I'm sure you just weren't aware of this rule because if you were, you wouldn't do something that is to rude and discourteous." That way, if they try to make a comeback, they imply that they ARE rude and discourteous!
On the beaches, there are plenty of chairs if you don't mind doing a little walking. When we stay on the family beach, we like to set up camp all the way down by the restrooms near Castaway Jo's. That area is rarely crowded, even late in the day, and very convenient to the restrooms and games.
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01-01-2003, 02:38 PM
Our Thanksgiving cruise was as full as full could be and we had no trouble getting chairs either on CC or at the pools. Bc of the increased vigilence for sanitary purposes, the CMs were being ruthless about picking up towels that were left unattended on the ship, so chair saving was just not being done. On CC, we spent the first half of the day (and we did not rush at all to get off the ship) at the adult beach. We found a little area above the main beach with 2 chairs & an umbrella no problem. It was nearly deserted. When DD had had enough of the children's programming, we went to the family beach which was very crowded. (It needs to be expanded!) I hated it. I know it's heresy to say that, but all those people, yuck. Anyway, we moved as far down the beach as we could, heading toward the teenager area, and finally found a peaceful spot, with chairs, no problem. It seems like everyone wants to be directly in the middle of the beach and they congregate there.

Buckaroo's Dad
01-01-2003, 04:14 PM
Our August cruise was filled to capacity. My DS9 and I took our time getting to the beach, stopping along the way to take out a paddle boat for a half-hour and then kayak for yet another hour. When we finally made our way to the "chaired" sections of beach, there was nothing left. We eventually ambled across two empties. As we were placing our belongings under the chairs so that we could go swimming, a woman sitting amongst a circular grouping of chairs spoke up with abrupt non-humor. We were welcome to make use of the chairs as her group had originally "claimed" the chairs but no longer required them. Ok. I thought that was the end of our involvement, turned the two chairs toward the water and said, "Thank you." Then the woman proceeds to inform my son and I that the area we were sitting in, which was partially shaded, was part of "their claimed land." Not ok. I told her we were leaving our things under the chairs and anyone in her party was welcome to sit in the chairs while we were gone. When she continued that "THAT" wasn't the issue, I advised her to locate a CM who could remove us from their "claimed property." It was one of the only glitches in an otherwise carefree, amicable vacation.

The woman looked like she might have even tried to bite Toto...

01-01-2003, 05:09 PM
"Claimed Property"???? She really said that! ROTFL!!! You know what I really hate? When someone shakes out their sand covered towel upwind. I doubt I would have been able to resist!

01-01-2003, 06:47 PM
Reserving pool seats is a definite no-no.

About CC, I'd say the time of day has a lot to do with it. We left the ship with the initial group when they cleared the ship for departure(between 8-9), took our time walking to the far end of the family beach and settled in. It really didn't even get near full there until about 12:30 or so. And even then there were still chairs left. I would say you don't have to absolutely 'rush' but you should get out there before noon, at least. We could see the beach very slowly fill up, with, of course the closest to the ship filling the heaviest and first. I would also recommend walking out a bit from the ship as well. Close by in this case is not better.

01-01-2003, 07:07 PM
I shouldn't have used the word "save". I know it is a no-no. I should have said "get seats". I picture lounging by the pool and on the beach. Ahhhh, less than three months!

By the way, is there shade on the ship? If so are those the seats that get taken first?

Also, if you want to just lay by the pool while the kids swim what time do you need to get out there to get a chair?

01-01-2003, 08:54 PM
By the way, is there shade on the ship? If so are those the seats that get taken first?

There is shade, but you won't be really close to the pool. You'll be along the sides of the ship.

If you want a lovely shady spot, go to the nice comfy padded chairs on Deck 4. They were my favorite reading spot.

My pet peeve with the Goofy pool was that its construction prevents you from seeing into it unless you are literally sitting up on the edge. No matter which row of chairs I got, I could not see DD in the water. This made me nervous, thankfully, she knew it and really limited her time in the pool. I did go over to the adult pool when she was otherwise occupied, and there was an abundance of chairs over there.

On the sea days on the Western, it could get quite crowded by the pool, but as I said before, I always found a chair.

01-01-2003, 09:19 PM
The "claimed land" story reminds me of the flight out to our last Disney cruise. We flew out of Midway, where seats in the food court are scarce. I have a sixth sense about locating people who are about to leave, so hubby and I were sitting down, eating, and people watching. There was a family who noticed a group leaving and were just about to sit at the table when a woman yelled from the other end of the food court, "No! That's our table!" The family was obviously from out of town--a Chicago native would have told her to blow it out her ear, but the family backed off! This woman and her friend nearly vaulted over five rows of tables to get there. I don't understand why people are so territorial. We have shared our table at Midway and ended up chatting with one woman for nearly an hour while we each waited for our respective plans. On Castaway Cay, we have shared our hammock on the adult beach and again, we met some really nice people that way. Maybe the lunatic on the beach was a relative of Christopher Columbus.
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01-01-2003, 09:36 PM
I noticed there seem to be varying answers here. Just out of curiosity, for those who know, could this have something to do with the time of year you go? I know CC can be cooler in the winter months. Is the tempo then slower with people rushing to get to the island?

Kpgclark, I am glad you posted this thread as I hadn't really thought about that. We live close to the beach and never have chairs with us, so we are used to just "sitting on the sand." For you past cruisers -- will there will be space to do this? And can you just sit on a towel on the pool deck? I don't mind doing this, but sure am glad I was alerted in advance, or I might have been disappointed.

01-01-2003, 09:44 PM
I don't know about the pool deck, but I have seen people do it on the family beach at Castaway Cay. The only thing I would be a little concerned with is people trampling your stuff...sometimes the little ones (and the big ones!) don't watch where they're going to well...the beach can be crowded, and they get all caught up in the excitement.
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