View Full Version : Gifts of a Lifetime

02-01-2013, 01:02 AM
Have you heard about this company?

Wow!!! Amazing! I have used them several times now.

Once for my sisters graduation- all RN themed! Let's just say Mary Poppins had us busy all around Magic Kingdom! She even left a cake in our room! YUM!

Once for my Nana and Papa who had them hoping around the kingdom on their EVC's to find a present at the end!

And this last time, we used them to make our first Christmas Trip extra special by decorating our room. Christmas in Wonderland anyone?

I felt I needed to bring this up because they are amazing and go above and beyond and so many of you are looking for extra special things.

No I don't work for them in anyway, just wanted to put my review here so you know they are legit, WELL WORTH IT and you will be happy you did it!