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NOT ONE MORE BITE: A trip of magically deluxe proPORTIONS!

Beienvenue, Aloha, Howdy, hello, and Hi-there! Welcome to my first ever Trip Report!
I am so excited to finally be writing this, and I hope you will all enjoy my account of my family's Disney & Universal Christmas Extravaganza!
Let me start out by explaining the circumstances of this trip: It is my very first year of college and so the summer before starting this school year I asked my parents if we could go to disney one last time as a family. I knew that this would not be our very LAST Disney trip, but i also knew that my family wanted to try out other places during their limited vacation time (clearly they are not as disney obsessed as I am, because I couldn't imagine vacationing anywhere better than Disney!). So, after much persistence on my part we decided that we would go to disney. YAY! :worship: We also decided that we would drive for the very first time from the northern midwest to orlando... :joker: crazy, i know... but being that i am now adult, and my little brother is 14, there really didn't seem to be an issue there. The good news was that since we were saving money by driving... we could stay at a deluxe hotel and use the deluxe dining plan!!!!!! HURAY! After this long story I think it is time to move on to the who, what, and when (since the where and why have already been covered).
Without further rambling, I would like to introduce the lovely roster of characters for this story:

Ariel (Me)- 18 year old disney enthusiast, and the person who truly pushed to make the trip happen. I am the planner, but I tried to plan with my family in mind... did I do well?:confused3 You will soon see... :rotfl:
Obviously I was born to be a total DISnerd... I was named after a disney princess for Pan's sake!
Favorite Princess: Tiana, but Ariel is a close second
Favorite Character: Pooh, Peter Pan, Hercules, Flounder, and Lady from Lady and the Tramp!
Favorite Movie: Peter Pan:lovestruc
Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom, but Animal is a VERY close second
Favorite Restaurant: Jikos, but the Hoop-Dee-Doo-Revue is my favorite dinner experience!
Favorite thing to do in Disney World: Walk down main street, explore the Oasis, tour the world showcase, or ride Tower of Terror! (And eat of course!:thumbsup2)

Derek (14)- My partner in crime and the best brother in the world, derek is without question the best sibling a girl could ask for. He is super smart and a real engineer at heart (unlike his creative sister), who always brings enthusiasm to whatever he is studying. His favorite things to do include video games, video games, and more video games... so basically he is a teenage boy. I am such a proud big sister... :lovestruc
Favorite Character: Donald, Stich, or possibly Peter Pan
Favorite Movie: Atlantis, and Pirates of the Caribbean!
Favorite Park: EPCOT, but Animal is a close second
Favorite Restaurant: Hoop-Dee-Doo-Revue
Favorite thing to do in Disney World: Ride Mission Space, Space Mountain, and Splash Mountain as many times as possible.

Dad- Definately not a disney fan... but not a hater either. Dad was just along for the ride this trip. He is usually flexible about plans, but he likes to get things done... so don't expect to see him sitting around waiting for others to take charge. As long as there is a plan, he will follow it.
Favorite Character: Mickey! and Jimeny Cricket!
Favorite Movie: Mickey cartoons from his youth.
Favorite Park: EPCOT or Magic Kingdom
Favorite Restaurant: Artist Point or Jikos
Favorite thing to do in Disney World: Walk around the Wilderness Campgrounds with Mom.

Mom- Likes Disney but claims that she is "getting tired" of disney... because we "go there to often" so she really just went because she knows I love it so very much. With that said, mom never eats red meat so she really doesn't eat a lot of food at once and insisted that we have a maximum of two meals a day.
Favorite Princess: Ariel.... duh!
Favorite Character: Tiger, Eyore, and the whole Pooh gang!
Favorite Movie: The Little Mermaid
Favorite Park: EPCOT or Magic Kingdom
Favorite Restaurant: Artist Point
Favorite thing to do in Disney World: Walk around the Wilderness Campgrounds with Dad.

So... here we are again, all four of us:
One big, beautiful, happy, family!

Driving: 12/19/12- 12/20/12 (one night at a best western)
Universal: 12/20/12-12/22/12 (two nights at the Loews Royal Pacific Hotel at Universal)
Disney: 12/22/12-12/28/12 (six nights at Disney's Wilderness Lodge)

Yay! This trip was extremely awesome, and overall it went very smoothly. We ate our weight in Disney food, stayed out past our "bed-times," and bonded as a family. I cannot wait to recount our trip with the DIS!

Excited too?
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