View Full Version : Snowbirds #1

01-11-2013, 01:23 PM
My bride of 43 years now winter in Fl. And buy AP. we are WDW geeks and drank the Kool- Aid eons ago. We go to some aspect of WDW apx. 3 times a week. We are never bored, but normally only spend around 4 hrs at a time. For reasons I have yet to figure out I have been encouraged to blurb about our visits.
Went to DTD to pick APs, couple of observations: yoga pants should not be worn by everyone, in fact only a select few should do so. :hyper:
Ditto for halter tops, everyone( all 3 sexes) should look in a mirror before going out in public. Ask yourself " would I wear this to Grammies, if the answer is no, don' t wear it.
Went to the Studios, got there about 9:30. Relativley uncrowned. Got our fast pass for TSM, then got inline. Sign said 45 min wait but it was only 20,rode 4 times , nearly a walk through. LW won 3 outta 4, I was glad to get the one. Did some people watching and watched some street theater. Jack Diamond is amazing, he is like a card shark guy and does some incredible close up tricks. Well worth it.
Went to see Fantsyland, I think it will be awesome when done. Perspective on Beasts castle is really cool. Reservations for BOG are filled for next 6 months!. :(