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11-04-2012, 08:25 AM
have a cup of coffee & introduce yourself!

I’m pretty sure this may have been done before and I feel like I already know many of you however in the spirit of the season I’d love to say :wave2:

My name is Christine ~ I’m a DW, we have 2 DDs and live in Rocky Mount, NC just 10 hours N of Disney straight up I-95. :drive:

We camped for the 1st time in a tent (that we actually had in the garage unused for about 3 years because I never thought we’d really enjoy it!) during the fall of 2010. Since that 1st camping trip we've been to the Fort 3 times; what an awesome combo Disney & Camping! :cloud9: Our 1st FW trip was in the tent (loop 1500) and the temps hit the low 30s! :scared1: Our 2nd FW tent trip was Easter (loop 2000) and temps were in the 80s but cooled off just enough at night to sleep comfortably. Our 3rd trip was last Thanksgiving with our extended family, where the 10 of us rented a Hybrid and put up our tent on a Premium site - only because that’s all that was available when we booked – but OMG it was Awesome and what an impression for my in-laws on their 1st ever camping trip!! :dance3:

Just 3 weeks ago we bought a 2002 R-Vision Hybrid to prepare for our Easter trip with 13 of our closest friends at the Fort -- their 1st time to Disney World!! pixiedust:

Have a magical day,:wizard:

11-04-2012, 11:20 AM
Good morning Christine!

What a nice write-up. I also enjoy camping at the Fort as part of a larger group.

Hybrid pictures? :rolleyes2

Bama ED

11-04-2012, 01:35 PM
Hello Christine

I am Sabrina wife to Shawn and mom to seven great kids. Chris 13, Gaby 10, Matthew 9, Shyannah 7, Mackenzie 5, Skyler 4 and Miranda 22 months tomorrow. We were planning our first tent camping trip to the Fort this Christmas but it didn't work out. I changed that to a annversary kid free trip in May. We will be staying at CBR that time. Now DH said he wanted to do AoA next Christmas but we last talked and since he knows I want to camp at the fort he said it would be ok for next Christmas. We will see what happens when I get ready to book that trip. I really do want to go to the Fort.

Forgot to add we live in PSL, FL. Its 2 hrs south of Disney.

11-05-2012, 07:12 AM
Hi Christine,

I am margaret- My husband and I have four wonderful kids- Sophie(17), Gillian(17), William(17), and Michael(13). We have been to Disney World many times but have never camped at Fort Wilderness. We are camping in our Hybrid Trailer next July and we are very excited to combine camping and Disney!! :cool1:

11-05-2012, 08:06 AM
Hi, I'm Kristina and I have 5 kids almost 11 down to almost 3. We've been to Disney several times since my first trip in 2004. Our first camping trip was in our PUP in 2007 and we bought a hybrid last year, a Rockwood Roo 233s. We enjoyed Christmas Day at the Fort last year and our stay was for 10 days.

We live in SE Michigan, approx. 1140 miles from the WDW. :sad: Our next trip will be for Halloween 2013 and a late celebration for my dd's 10th birthday which is in July but you'll never catch us in Florida in July.

11-05-2012, 02:17 PM
:disrocks: Hello All!!

Thanks so much for the notes -- I especially love reading about your large families!!

Kristina, did you see those awesome articles on the Fort @ Halloween? It looks almost like Christmas with the decoartions, I am so excited for you!!

Margaret, three 17 year olds -- oh how wonderful your family vacation will be! Just when you think you cannot enjoy Disney anymore you discover the Fort! I am so looking forward to hearing all about it!

Sabrina, OMG - I can only dream about an adults only trip to Disney. :rolleyes: however with 7 little ones I know you deserve it!!! I am sure your family would love the Fort! Truly, i am thinking it's the way to go when you'd need to rent more than 1 room. If you do decide to visit next Christmas and need to rent a camper be sure to post here. We loved the 1 we rented at Thanksgiving and 1 of the families coming with us at Easter is also renting.

Bama Ed, you are 1 I feel like already know! :goodvibes Thanks for all your help and kind replys...always!! I promise to get pictures up soon! :thumbsup2

11-05-2012, 06:54 PM
Thanks for the tip. I might have to look more into that next yr. Hadn't thought about it since I have wanted to do tent camping but with the cooler weather renting an rv or trailer might be the way to go.