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10-11-2012, 09:40 PM
Disclaimer... My grammar and spelling went on vacation as well. sorry if things get a little fuzzy or disconnected.

Hello Disboarders and junkies!

Where to begin! We arrived to FW on Sunday afternoon. The route suggestion of taking I-81, I-77, I-26, I95, and finally onto I-4, was a great ride down. We met friends in Charlotte on the way down which helped break up the trip. We budgeted 3 days on the road well because we could and didn't want to over do it with the pets and most of all the DD. We also wanted to have some time after the hours of driving so the DD could run around at the campground and the walk the dogs for a bit. Overall, the two KoAs we stayed at where awesome! The ride down went better than expected!

Sunday arrival was a blast. Since the DW did early on line check in, we basically were in and out of registration at the front check point. We are in the 500 loop! We are in the front but the road noise or even any noise for that matter we felt wasn't noticeable. The DGP's trailer was on site and ready to go. the DA had beaten us in by a few hours. She called as we were crossing the GA/FL border. It took about 3 hours it felt to set up camp. When you are on such a long trip, getting things set up was rough. I was ready it sit down but many things needed to done. We managed to get things together and then a trip to the Trail's End. Turned out our hostess was from a town not too far from us back home in NJ. The food was good mainly because we didn't really stop on the road since we were close to FW.

Now here is a trip tip. If your trailer has a far back waste tank connection and is 30 feet long, bring extra sewer hose. The sewers are located in the middle of the sites but in front of the water/electrical/cable hook ups. I wound up driving to the Meadow trading post a couple of times to get something built because the hoses didn't match or wasn't long enough to make it work. This was probably due to being on the road and not thinking straight with people asking when will it be done. In the end, I have something that worked. I got the tanks dumped and the waste water line working well.

We were not able to get a cable modem so limited internet checking to the phone. :(

Monday was an MK day. Boat transportation was slow from FW. The family decided to try to just park at the park and take the monorail or the big boat over since it may be faster. However once through the gates, my DD got to meet her first princess, Snow White. DW got the photo pass just in time as my DD was going to meet SW. We did a few rides and then lunch. DW got reservations to the lunch at the Crystal Palace with Pooh and Friends. Very cool. The food was great. The atmosphere was wonderful. After lunch a bunch more rides and it was time to go as the whole crew was tired. Back on to the boat to FW. Note to self, probably a better idea to just drive to the transportation hub and go to the park from there.

Tuesday was a huge day. Breakfast with the princesses at Anskurhaus (sorry for the spelling) in Norway. First was a stop for the royal treatment at Downtown Disney's Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. She got all dolled up and the experience is wonderful. The whole family has a big smile seeing the DD all made up for the princesses. Her Fairy godmother in training did a wonderful job with my DD. Now Epcot was a different story. Long story short, we could have planned better since there is limited number of things for the DD to do between our breakfast in Norway and dinner in Germany. We managed but everyone was super tired at the end of the day. Norway the breakfast was worth it. Germany for dinner not so much. It wasnt for our group but might be for someone else.

Bigger news of the day, I secured a cable modem from the front office. I got lucky when I went down to the office after a long day and there was a camper returning theirs. I got back to the trailer and my DW asked if they had called about the modem since they took our info the other night we were there. I said no but I just took a cart right down and see if anything came in. In the end, I got the internet set up. Nothing fancy but it is allowing me to make this post easier J

Wednesday, we had planned Seaworld but after Tuesday we all decided it would be better to take a day off. The DD was bit spent from the ride and the last couple of days. We made a real breakfast for the first time at the camp site. It was great. We planned our day as quick shopping trip and back to FW for the pool. Well, of course, by the time we got going and went to Downtown Disney, then to Walmart for some supplies and back to the Fort it was close to 5 PM. We shot to the pool for a few hours of enjoyment. Yes the pool is nice. Its pretty much the same depth throughout the main pool. The slide was fun for the whole family and the DD liked the small kids area. DW and I enjoyed the hot tub for a few minutes. We got back to the trailer in time for a quick change and run back down for the Chip N Dales campfire lighting. We didnt stay for the sign along or movie since we finally got around to making dinner.

After dinner, we made our way down to the dock for the Wishes fireworks display. From the dock the show was spectacular. I could only imagine what it looked like in the park! We also finally got the chance to see the electric boat parade. Everyone enjoyed it.

Thursday. Typhoon Lagoon! Nothing like a relaxing time in the wave pool. When DW was making the plans for the vacation, she came across the Beachcomber Shack cabanas. She told my mother about it and what was about. My mother said she would pay for it. Simply put, it was money well spent. The personal service was awesome. There was a nice list of amenities that were included with the shack including cold bottle water and fresh towels for all the guests in the shack. Food was actually some of the best food we had so far at any of the parks. The price was reasonable as well. Needless to say, we had a great time at Typhoon Lagoon. Added bonus, got to use one of our plus options from our trip in 2002! We have some old school tickets dated July 2002 when the DW and I went on a trip to Florida that October. I showed the ticket to the entry people and the one said they had seen one of those in awhile. Back in the days before no expiration was included. I think we got something like another 4 days worth of stuff we could use them for but no main park admissions.

When we got back from the Lagoon, we had to hurry to Mickeys BBQ. It was good. However, I felt the music was loud. The character interaction was good. However, Minnie didnt seem as friendly as the others. The goofy CM really interacted with the whole crowd and even danced with my Disney Aunt. We left and a very tired DD fell asleep quickly. One last note, we did the Trails End breakfast buffet. We liked it better than the dinner buffet. But to each his own though.

Tomorrow it will Animal Kingdom and breakfast with Donald duck at the Tusker House. Possible MK trip for the afternoon for some rides and character interactions.

My thoughts on Fort Wilderness. The 500 Loop is really nice. I have yet to travel through the other loops. However, the closeness to the dog park and the playground is a plus in my book. We are camping closer to the main road than what we were hoping for but the traffic is not all that bad. The loop itself seems to be a pretty friendly bunch. There is a few internet forum members located within the loop. The size of the loop is nice for taking a quick walk with the dog. I like the fact there are poop bags all over the loop for the dog as well as a large number of garbage cans. The bathrooms so far have been clean, well maintained, and relatively empty. I have run into a couple of the cleaning staff while making my way there.

The dog park has plenty of space to let the Disney pet their legs for a bit while you have been at the park. The water bowls are nice touches plus it is very clean. Most of the dogs in the park are very friendly. A good conversation could be struck up by anyone in the park as well. Fortunately, our dog is OK with the fireworks and electric boat music. He also has been ok with the traffic and long stays in the trailer. He has plenty of toys to keep him occupied for the time. Most of all he does enjoy his runs within the dog park. It gets him wore out and more mellow for the trailer.
I look forward to the next 6 days here at the Fort. The whole family is going to do more meals at the site when possible. We are planning some charcoal cooking a few nights. Added bonus since the weather has been nice, cooking out and eating at the table is enjoyable. We still have to make it to Mickeys NSSHP one night. We know our DD will enjoy that. There is also going to be a day at Seaworld as my DD likes sea creatures and would enjoy that as well.

Thats all for now. Will report when some new comes about.

10-12-2012, 06:04 AM
Enjoying your trip report.....looking forward to hearing more.
The travel route you brought down is a nice route. I go that way when I go back home to PA to visit. As far as transportation from FW to the MK I personally believe the boat from FW is the best option. If your drive over then you have to wait for a boat or monorail & that can take twice as long. Last time we drove to MK just for a day it took us about 45 min to get from the trans center over to MK.
The Trails End does have good food, but we agree we like the breakfast the best.
The MNSSHP is a lot of fun. We go every year. You will get loads of candy.
We also like the 500 loop depending where you are at. The back 1/2 is a little more crowded between sites. The dog park is wonderful. I take the dog there every day & it wears him out enough to sleep all day. It is greŕt & the people there are so friendly.

Have a wonderful trip & enjoy the gorgeous weather we are having.


10-12-2012, 06:25 AM
Sounds like a great trip, enjoy, and thanks for sharing. I will stay tuned for more. popcorn::

10-12-2012, 10:19 AM
Sounds like fun. And yes the weather is really nice this week. You guys will really enjoy SW our kids love it so do we. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

10-12-2012, 08:52 PM
Friday. Animal Kingdom. A pleasant surprise. I have never been to AK before. My DW has been there before and before we met. I have heard the stories about Everest and the ride through the Grasslands of Africa. The Disney family started the day off with a breakfast at the Tusker House. The service was excellent. The buffet had a god selection of breakfast items. The pastries were very tasty! Most importantly, the character interaction was excellent. Goofy, Micky, Daisy, and Donald were great. They did a great job engaging the children in our area. My DD was so excited interacting with the characters which brought a good end result, a smile on our faces.

Since we were all in Africa, the family made our way to the Kilimanjaro Safari Tour Ride. The wait was worth it since we went early enough in the morning in which the animals did in fact showed life. We had several Giraffes cross the road in front of us! The lions were stirring about. Other animals looked like they might have just eaten some food. Afterwards, we did the walking tour of the rain forest and aviary. At this point, the DD was tired from all the activity we decided to rent a stroller. I had to walk back to the park entrance but things got better.

The family hung out in the African side until I got back. When I did we started walking over to the Asian side. We wound up hanging around for the Birds of Flight show. It was very interesting show to watch and was enjoyed by the whole family. Before the show began, I got FPs for Everest and Killa River Rapids since only my DW and I were going on Everest. It worked out perfect since after the show was rides. The river rapids first and then Everest! Everest simply put, rocked! It was just a really awesome ride for a roller coaster. We also used our Photo Pass once again to great effect. We got some family pictures with the tree of life and Mt Everest. While the other family members waited near Everest an ice cream was the afternoon treat.

Now in my opinion, the Tree of Life was a small let down. I expected something more or larger from it. In fact, it was quite small in person and that shocked me. Everest was the opposite. I was shocked how big it is and how many places you can see or view it from. I loved the details in the landscaping to the construction of the mountain.

After Everest, we started to head towards the front of the park for a possible early exit since the DD was getting pretty tired. However, we passed the Finding Nemo musical theater. We managed to get a cranky 4 year old settle and went in. The show was literally an OMG moment. Without giving too much of the show away, it was condensed version of the movie. The choreography was amazing and well done. My father who doesn’t like watching shows was impressed as well as the whole family. If you go to AK, this is a must see show.

Since we were going to pass Dinoland USA, we figured a plan of action. My DW and I got one of the DGPs in the shade on a bench with a cold bottle of water. The DA and other DGP took the DD on the Triceratops kids ride and to the Dig pit or bones pit. You know the area with activities and slides. Everything went smoothly. DW and I got through the line quickly at Dinosaur for a great ride. When we came out of the ride, my wife and I are walked around in the shops. She winds up bumping into one of her co workers! He was there with his family enjoying Dinoland as well. Shortly after, Goofy and Pluto had an interaction session. The 2 CMs who were playing them, were really great with the kids and really interacted with everyone there in the area. My DD got pictures with both and together with the family. It really capped off a nice day.

Back at FW, we had a little dinner, ran out the Disney Dog at the dog park. Then followed up with a trip to the pool before “closing”. DD got to take 2 trips down the water slide before the life guards shut it down at 8 PM. Tomorrow it will be to Seaworld. DW and I have been to SW many a time when we come down to Florida. About 8 years ago we planned our whole trip around Sea World. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn near the park. We did the Trainer for the Day program at Discovery Cove. At the time, there was a 14 day admission pass included which could be use before the actual program date. We were able to do the park at our own pace.

Daily notes. Photo Pass. Do it! I have noticed the photographers will take additional pictures and make separate pictures of the DD at various points. I know they generally take about 2 shots but with Photo Pass, it’s like 4 or 5. So far my DW and I have felt it has been the best money we spent to on the trip.

10-13-2012, 08:46 AM
Great update so far!

I agree that a day at Typhoon Lagoon is very relaxing. I'd almost rather hang out there that at a theme park. ;)

I'm looking forward to reading the rest. :surfweb:

Bama ED

10-14-2012, 08:23 AM
Saturday. Sea World. SW was a definite trip hit for us. DW and I have not been to SW in over 5 years. We were excited to see the changes of the park. Of course, Manta has a towering presence as you walk into the park. It was a must for myself and not so much for my wife since she is not into those type of roller coasters. BTW, Manta rocked! If the line was not as long as it was, I would have ridden it again! While I did that attraction, my family did other sites. Well due to the construction of the new Antarctic themed attraction, the park felt claustrophobic and hard to get around in. Several of the exhibits have been moved or replaced with an updated look. Quite frankly, it felt really different.

Some familiar faces were still there. Clyde and Seamour were still there. The act has not changed much but the miscues and corny jokes are still there. I still found myself as well as the family laughing at them. The sea lions, otters and Walruses still rock in my book. My DW, DD, and DA went onto the Atlantis ride while my father and I found a great deal of humor and fun with a squirter that had magical powers. I will feel the Atlantis gods shined down on him. He loves trying to squirt us on log flume type rides. It is amazing how many people do not realize there is a user controlled external feature to log flumes.

We had lunch at the Voyager Inn. The food was excellent. Everyone in the party had something different and all had the same reaction. DD enjoyed her chicken nuggets too! The downside was it was a later lunch like around 1PM and there were very few seats. It was a packed house to say the least. When I did finally get a table, it was definitely used and I had to fend off other table dwellers for the table. Sometimes travelling as a party of 6, can be a pain. At least the food was good.

After lunch we ventured over to the other side of the park for Shamu‘s show. We missed it so we did the other rides over there. My DW and I knew about the Happy Harbor for the little ones. Now we had a little one, we partook in what it had to offer. It worked out great since we got the new show and the DD got to ride on some more rides. There were some interaction spots in which the actors were very good.

The Shamu show is different since the trainers who passed away from the actions the show. Not going to get to political about that. These people died doing something they truly loved. Due to changes in policy, the trainers are not in the water. However, the show seems to rely on more visual and audio effects and rely less on the talents of the animals. It was a letdown.
We hustled our way over to the last show at the Dolphin show. The show was very good. There was a nice mix of animals and aerobatics. The aviary section of the show was intense with flyovers at literally head level! I am not going to spoil the show with more details. The only thing I will say it would be worth it to take the time and then interact with the performers after the show. A bunch of them come out including the lead trainers and many of the other performers. They will take pictures and answer questions after the show.

DW, DA, and I did the Turtle Trek after the show. At this point, we were all beat. We wanted to return to the fort. In hindsight, we should have returned due to a very tired DD. The above water viewing stations kept her entertained while we did the attraction. The attraction itself was in 3 parts. A Manatee underwater viewing room, a turtle viewing room, and the 360 deg, 3D room in which this was awesome. After the movie, I said this could be the future of gaming and movies. The tech was a one up over Disney.
After the attraction, we made our way to the exit. DD and the whole family were pretty tired. We got back to the fort and made an early night.

Today will be a hybrid down day. The girls in the family are going to visit Mary Poppins and Alice on Sunday morning for breakfast. After that, back to the fort for some down time. Tonight will be a trip to MK for MNSSHP. Today might a good day to get some housekeeping done around the trailer before going over.

10-14-2012, 08:32 AM
I LOVE the Clyde and Seamour show! :lmao:

Bama ED

10-15-2012, 06:02 AM
I am glad to hear SW is doing some remodeling. Last time I was there the place was so run down.
Loving your trip report. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!!


10-16-2012, 08:15 AM
There was a bit of a delay in this report. We had a few late nights at the park which left great memories for the little one. I also forgot to mention we rode a few rides at the circus. I love the way the Dumbo ride was redone. The playroom is great for the little ones to not be bored with long lines.

Sunday. Rest and relaxation? DW reported the 1900 Park Faire at the Grand Floridian was excellent. There was a wide variety of breakfast foods from eggs your way station to a nice selection of fruits. DW mentioned there was French toast, waffles, and pancakes. This was worth mentioning since a number of the character breakfasts didn’t have that assortment. As for the characters, all advertised were there for interaction and very much into the part.

After breakfast, it was some downtime to do some chores like laundry and clean up of the trailer. We spent some time once again at the pool and had some dinner. After a quick dinner, we got into costume for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party.

We got to the gate and did the check in thing. We went over to Tomorrowland for a quick ride on the people mover. We headed into Frontierland for the start of the parade. DD did pretty well for the most of the parade. She did get a little scared at some of the more “darker” floats. She spooks easily when it comes to the villains. We are working on that though. My daughter is a 4 year old with a pretty active mind. Sometimes little things spoke her. After that, the DGPs and DA went onto the Haunted Mansion. They enjoyed themselves. My DW, DD and I hung out and got some candy at the stations. There was plenty of candy at the stations we went too.

Next the whole crew made our way over to the front of the castle for Hallow Wishes fireworks show. We sat pretty much right up front and had a descent view of the show. As for the display, it was quite spectacular. The show was very intense and I liked the audio used for the presentation. DD held her ears for the bang of the fireworks but more so due to the audio. Otherwise she liked them very much.

After the fireworks show, we returned to the back of the castle to do some attractions in Fantasyland. We stopped again since the DD say the Mad Hatter with Alice and said we need to talk to them. Alice was nice to me. While on our way, we took a detour into preview of new section. Let me say this. Disney, I feel hit the nail on the head for one. We all went on to the Little Mermaid ride, the ride went perfect. The audio was synced to the movement. DD did get scared at Ursula though which is no surprise with a tired 4 year old. After the ride, we went to Ariel’s Grotto. This was an excellent character interaction. The CM performing the role of the character got my DD to perk up for the experience.

Next we all headed to Be Our Guest restaurant. All I can is wow! DW and I stated we have to plan on take a trip down again when the place opens. The details of the ball room are just stunning. However, the restaurant is slated to open well after our departure.

On to the last attraction which is Enchanted Tales with Belle. I will say this OMG! This is going to be a huge hit! This had to be the best Disney attraction I have ever been on/ part of. The concept is amazing. I love the way the whole story line goes. You have a good opportunity to become part of the story line as well. I was along with my DD. I really do not want to spoil the attraction because I believe there is something special about it being very new and in “preview”. I was told this from the CMs I spoke with about the attraction; this is a direction in which the park wants to go with for the Fantasy Land.

After the excitement of the new Fantasy Land expansion, we headed out for one more attraction; the DD was now on her last bits of energy. We went on the Pooh ride again and when she came out, Pooh and friends had a meet and greet. We carried a sleepy DD back to the boat for the Fort. It was well after 12 AM. She enjoyed the beautiful evening of characters, parades, rides and fireworks.

Monday, we all felt a bit tired. Since nothing was planned, my DW and I had to go out and get more supplies. Unfortunately, our dog got freaked out his soft shelled crate that he managed to get himself out of it the previous night. Things happen for a reason. Off find some stores to get a new crate and other various items needed for the last couple of day at the fort.

When we got back, the DGPs, the DA, and the DD went down to the pool for awhile to cool off. My DD loves the pool at the Fort. She thinks who she is on the slide and in the water. My DW and I got things settled and enjoyed the pool for awhile. We decided on dinner and had it the whole family headed to an evening at the park.

We got to the got to the park and did a few rides for the DD before the Wishes fireworks. DD finally got to go on It's a Small World. She went crazy. She thought it was the next best thing since ETWB. There are no dark parts or super loud noises. Her face was lit up the whole ride.

Since I am tired this is going to be short. It was a great show in the park. It was awesome as well from the docks at the Fort. DD lit up seeing Tinkerbell come down from the castle waving to the crowd below. My DD wanted to speak with Belle again so it was off to the expansion for some more amazement.

As previously stated about my positive yet vague on the details not to spoil it for others statement, we did ETWB again! I really do like this interaction attraction. Yet once again, trying to remain anonymous in the crowd, my DD, DW, and I were picked for parts in the story. We had a blast. Back over to the TLM ride and the grotto for the DD. We headed out to get some ice cream. A once again tired DD was heading back to boats with the DGPs as my DW and I took advantage of the EMH for Space Mountain. It was the shortest line I have been on for that ride which is a favorite of mine. Then we made our way to the boats. Tomorrow is another day and I’m tired. We have 2 full days of WDW left.

10-16-2012, 05:33 PM
Wow sirenia88! I feel tired just reading your report! :eek:

Maybe you can take these last few days a little easier on me? ;)

Thanks for the updates.

Bama ED

10-18-2012, 05:37 AM
The next installment of my TR will be rerlease probably in a few days after I get home. There has been so much going on in the past 48 hours, the TR was placed on the back burner. Stay tuned!

10-18-2012, 05:49 AM

10-20-2012, 01:48 PM
The last update. We rolled into NJ around 10:30 Friday Night. It was a long trip in 2 days. The worst part was smoking the rear brakes on my truck in Washington. In hindsight, should have just reversed course from the route we took going down. Otherwise, it was a wonderful 2400 mile round trip that I hope to do it again in a 3/4 ton. Tentatively, we are looking at going down in the fall of 2014.

Tuesday. More fun at MK! Today, we went to MK just as DW, DH, and DD. Just the 3 of us as the rest wanted to lounge around for a bit at the Fort. One of the DGPs and DA went to the pool for most of the day. The other DGP took some time and slept. I don’t blame him 

DW , DD, and I made our way around the park. DD wanted to go on to the tea cups in which it was my responsibility to make that cup go as fast as possible. My daughter’s new “ride” is “It’s a Small World”. We did that twice! I like that song just in doses. DD likes it because nothing is scary or too dark. She got freaked in Winnie the Pooh ride during the “flood” nightmare scenes. Then it was another trip to the Philharmagic show. We like it. I am quite taken by the 3D in the show.

DD got to see the Fairy Godmother and just got all excited as we were making our way from Fantasy land to Liberty Sq. Whoever the CM was who played FGM, she was excellent. I did notice some of the characters seemed to take more time with the children than others. Once over to the Liberty Sq we decided to look for place to eat. My wife want to get quick service so we could get over to Adventureland for the fairies. After realizing there was going to be no quick service, I walked into the LS Tavern and managed to get seated in 10 minutes! My DW was shocked as well. In short, we ate very well and the LST didn’t disappoint.

After our meal, we headed over to the fairies. My DD got excited to meet Tink and Periwinkle! . One last stop at storybook princesses at the front of the park. DD got really excited to finally meet Rapunzel! They both have really long blonde hair. At this point we needed to make our way out of the park and back to the fort. My mother, aunt, my wife and I had dinner reservations at California Grill.

Dinner at CG was, as always, excellent. My mother and I had the Oak fired fillet of beef. My wife had a seafood dish. My aunt had a salad. We had all partook in the flatbread appetizers. Everything was cooked to perfection and most of all very tasty. My mother and my aunt wanted to make their way over to Epcot for the nightlife. She managed to get my wife and I to come along. We took the monorail over. Man is that a bumpy ride! Since my wife and I were not going to partake in the drinking, we headed over to Soarin’. What an awesome experience that was. Too bad we were not able to FP it but it was worth the wait in line. By the time we got out, the Epcot fireworks were going off. We tried to get back to the Comtemprary for Hallow Wishes. Sadly we didn’t make it back in time but got to see most of them from the monorail ride back.

We took the boat back to the fort and got to see the ELS in front of the fort but from the water side. Same show just from a different PoV. Very cool. As we got back to my parent’s site, the DD was sleeping. My dad gave a rundown of what the night’s happenings were. There was playground time, bike riding, and a trip to one of the stores. They were going to go down to the campfire and movie but my daughter was getting bitten up bad by the bugs.

Wednesday. The final day. As a group we made our way back into the park. DD wore a princess themed dress for the day. She thought who she was with that dress. We got fast pass tickets for the princesses again. DD wanted to have her pictures redone since she now had a dress on. While waiting, we got a bite to eat and then back to the FP line.

After the princesses, we took the train to the back side of the park to storybook circus area/ fantasyland. We rode the barnstormer again. We were going to do Dumbo but our FP bonuses were up by about 5 minutes! The line for standby was pretty long. DW and my mom went shopping for gifts in the big top. While all that was going on, I went over to Big Thunder to get some fast passes as my daughter wanted and was able to go on. By the time I got back from there, the group was off small world ride one last time. We found a spot for my parents and my aunt to sit and relax for a few. We got a quick bite and then off to big thunder with my DD and DW. DD had a blast on BT. After that, we took in the Tiki Room one last time as well. As we were walking over, who should appear, Jasmin! DD got in line and met her within 15 minutes. Back to where my parents and aunt were and walked towards the exit. It was time to go back to the fort and start packing up.

Packing up is always the hardest part. There is always something to remember or some little interruption. I started getting everything outside packed up. My mom and aunt took the DD down to the pool. DD had a fun time in the pool. My wife and I got some more of the stuff packed up for the ride home. We stopped and made our way to the pool as well. We had a pleasant time wishing we could stay longer. My mom and aunt went back to the trailer. My dad got the last of the charcoal going for the BBQ. We ordered a family size of fries from Trail’s End go with the burgers and dogs being cooked. DW, DD and I got back from the pool in time for the meal. We continued packing and did our checks for the last time making sure we had everything. Thursday and Friday is the long ride back to New Jersey.

Simply put, we are now home. I hope this TR helped whoever is making their way to the Fort and destinations on WDW property. It was a fun trip. We are looking towards Fall 2014 as possible date for the next trip.