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09-15-2012, 01:52 PM
Next big trip DS will be 10. He noticed on the planning video the pirate league and asked if he could do this for his bday. Taking this idea as a jumping off point I would like to plan a pirate filled day. I read about the pirate and pal wishes cruise and think that would be a special add on for our pirate day.

Here are my questions:

1) Has anyone done the Pirate and Pal cruise in Feb. I am wondering if it would be just too cold once the sun goes down being on the water? Did the temp deter from the experience? Also roughly what time do you have to arrive at CR for this? Any feedback would be great. We have been in Feb before so we know it can get sweatshirt and pants cold.

2) What would you do to fill your day with pirate experiences? He has stated he does not want to do the kids pirate cruise at some of the resorts because he wants to be together as a family.

3) I read a few pages of the pirate league thread and wanted to know if I could effectively plan the day so after lunch do pirates league,POTC, the pirate parade and the Jack Sparrow little performance outside of POTC I forget what it's called, have dinner(Where would you go?) and then the cruise to end the evening?

4) I want to know everything pirate there is to do to give myself options to make this day as special as I possibly can for him. Tell me any and all your pirate plans and ideas.

5) The MK tour for all ages....I know you see Peter Pan do you ever see Hook?

09-15-2012, 02:38 PM
There is also the Pirate's Adventure Cruise that leaves from some of the resorts. It's a 2-hour excursion with various "ports of call" at other nearby resorts. The kids go on a hunt looking for the "buried treasure" using the map. At the end, they find the treasure and all the little pirates split the loot! They all get a special pirate bandana to keep, loot bag, and arcade card. Sometimes there is a photo pass photographer on board too so you can see their adventure once they get back on land!

My DD8 has done it twice and loved it both times! She took it from the GF both times!

09-15-2012, 02:40 PM
I see you mentioned the Pirate's cruise so just wanted to give you some details about it above. We haven't done the Pirate's League but the show with Jack Sparrow outside of the Pirate's League is really cute! They call the kids up on stage for participation too!

09-16-2012, 10:28 AM
Pirates and Pals is GREAT! We loved it. You go check in at CR about an hour and a half before Wishes. They have lots of snacks, cake, drinks. The first 30 minutes or so you eat and meet/greet with Smee and Capt Hook. Then you march down to the marina with Hook and Smee and board the boats (two of them for full nights). Hook and Smee don't ride with you, but you have a "pirate" tour guide. The guides are hilarious and do a great job. They take you out by WL to see the water pageant and then move into position in Seven Seas Lagoon to watch Wishes. The guide plays games and sings songs while waiting. All of the kids on board will end up "winning" a pirate prize for answering pirate trivia questions (e.g. "What's the name of Jack Sparrow's ship?") The music for Wishes is played on the boat, so it's a great experience. Once you get back to CR, Peter Pan is waiting for another meet/greet. The CMs do a great job and you can tell they have this event down to a science with the timing of everything. As long as you plan for Feb weather, it shouldn't be too bad. During that time of year, Wishes is earlier, so shouldn't be late at night and very cold. However, we live in South GA and I never feel like it gets too cold down here. Many times by Feb it's already warm and you might even get to swim. Not unusual to be wearing shorts on Valentine's Day, you know.

As for Pirates League, it's very cute, too. It takes a while from start to finish, so factor that into your plans for the day. I will say that most of the time, the PL kids will get to do the Capt Jack show and they will get a lot of attention on the Pirates and Pals cruise. Actually that goes for the entire day at Disney. My ds was stopped and oohed and aahhed over the whole day. He felt very special. Capt Jack made a big deal over him, too. It's definitely worth it.

As for dinner plans after Pirates League...I would try Liberty Tree. Since it's colonial and kind of old fashioned, it might go with your Pirate themed day better than somewhere like CRT or Tony's! Or maybe go over to 'Ohana for an "At World's End" dinner? Grasping at straws here, ha.