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09-15-2012, 12:29 PM
We got back Tuesday night from a great 11 day trip to WDW. We spent 5 days at Pop and then moved over to WL for 5 days. We are now going to plan to go this time of year when possible. The lines for rides were short (a lot of the time walk on), weather was hot but not unbearable, and Halloween items were out.

Our Pop stay was great. We were in a preferred room in the 60's building, first floor, close to the food court and pool. The room was in a quiet area but a short walk to everything. This was my second stay at Pop and this is now my favorite value resort. The grounds are bright, colorful, and beautiful. The food court has a great variety of foods available and is big enough to serve everyone. Mousekeeping was great too. We always came back to a clean well stocked room. This is a wonderful value resort for our family.

This was our first stay at WL. WOW it is such a beautiful resort. We were upgraded to Woods View room on the 4th floor. The room had just been refurbished and was clean and very comfortable. The bathroom has the cutest chip N' Dale, Bambi, and Rabbit tile in the shower area, beds were comfortable, lots of dresser and bathroom space, and a flat screen TV. The wifi worked much better at WL than Pop. We loved the boat to MK and used it often. One night we boarded the boat back to our room and the fireworks had just started. We were able to view them from the boat, it was such a great way to watch them. The food court area has a very small variety of foods but we were fine with the variety and it was never crowded. We did eat breakfast twice at Whispering Canyon. It will be hard to decide between AKL and WL for us because we love both for different reasons.

We had one day that it rained in the morning and a couple days of afternoon showers but most days was nice.

There was one thing that did bother me though. My husband and I were at MK and decided to ride the People Mover. We were getting off and I smelled something really bad. I looked down and it was obvious that someone had gotten sick and there was diarrhea on the platform, ramp, and at the bottom of the ramp. I told the cast members at the top of the ride, told the employee at the bottom, and thought they would stop the ride immediately. We watched people continue to get on the ride. I found another employee and told them and of course they were concerned but not sure what they did. We did go to guest relations to let them know and hopefully they could follow up and make sure it was taken care of. I had really hoped they would have stopped the ride so they could clean it up. Maybe there is no protocol for this kind of thing.

Other than this we had a great time and enjoyed everything about our trip.

09-15-2012, 03:25 PM
Glad you had a great trip!

That is gross about the people mover!! Seeing it alone would have made me get sick'n:sick:

09-16-2012, 07:13 PM
Thanks for the informative review. We have been considering a WL stay one of these days ... hopefully sooner than later.

May I ask how you moved your luggage from one resort to the other? Did you have to take a taxi or does Disney accommodate resort changes and move luggage for you? I have read the answer to that question on other threads but cannot locate the information. Thanks!

09-16-2012, 09:27 PM
We had a car and took our own luggage but in years past we have had the resort move it for us without problems.

09-17-2012, 08:22 AM
Good to hear you had a great time. We stayed at WL last year for our very first trip and we loved it. My kids loved it so much that they begged us to stay there again for our next trip. We had to cut our budget some and are staying at POR but WL was still fantastic.

We had a similiar experience inisde "It's a small world". Someone vomited on the floor and we didn't realize it until we were standing in it. GROSS. We were in a tight line and couldn't tell someone until we finally got up to the ride. We told them but I'm not sure what they did about it.

**I had Lysol wipes with me and I wiped the entire ride down before we got on!!! We used water bottles to wash our shoes too.