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08-13-2012, 06:06 AM
We are in the early stages of planning ourselves a big 50th birthday trip to WDW! It will probably be three of us, all turning 50 together, no husbands invited and certainly no kids:cool1:! What kind of a room should we look at? I don't see any of us sleeping in the same bed together, or on a roll-away cot for that matter. Ideas????? We want to splurge, but this means "not Value", rather than "suite/concierge".... THANKS DISsers:goodvibes

08-13-2012, 06:39 AM
I'd say based on what you mentioned, Beach Club, Poly, Contemporary, or GF would meet your needs. They all have 2 beds plus a day bed. The rom sizes are good and any of those locations are good.

08-13-2012, 06:49 AM
That's a tough one. Suites are the only rooms that offer more then two beds. If you really dont want to stay in a suite, and you really dont whant to share a bed you will either have to spring for two rooms or get creative. If you want to stay at Jambo house they do have rooms with bunk beds, but they aren't the most comfortable things to sleep in. I am sure that other hotels have bunk beds or trundle beds as well. However given those specificics I'd say go for two rooms, or spring for a suite.

08-13-2012, 08:13 AM
I'd say based on what you mentioned, Beach Club, Poly, Contemporary, or GF would meet your needs. They all have 2 beds plus a day bed. The rom sizes are good and any of those locations are good.
Two beds - that's good! What kind of day beds? Maybe a sleep chair - those are usually ok, too. How do you know which resorts have 2 beds in a standard room and which have 1 ?

08-13-2012, 08:20 AM
Im heading down to Disney in a few weeks for my 50th birthday celebration as well.... a gift from my hubby (we havent been on a vacation without our children and grandchild in 27 years) We are staying at the Beach Club so I can relax at the pool and I will also be getting a pedicure and manicure at there salon there by the pool... I CANT WAIT!!!!!

08-13-2012, 08:24 AM
Mostly all the rooms have 2 beds - the Poly I believe (and possibly GF) are the only resorts where you can be guaranteed to get 2 beds and a daybed. The BC does offer some rooms like this, but from what i understand they are usually given to groups of 5.

08-13-2012, 08:45 AM
All of the deluxe resorts (with the exception of WL and AKL) come with daybeds. With that said, the Poly and CR are the only 2 resorts that have them in all rooms, therefore being guaranteed to get one if you booked at either one of those resorts. The GF has them in most rooms, but not all as some of the dormer rooms don't come with one. As the pp said, the BC & YC only have daybeds in some rooms, which would have to be requested and is not guaranteed. I'm not sure if BWI has them in all rooms or just some rooms.

08-13-2012, 12:00 PM
Thanks All! This is really helpful! Three of us in a Deluxe Resort - now THAT would be a real celebration!
CinderKeli - Can I send my husband to you for gift-giving lessons?!! Have a great time! Will you write a TR? I'd love to hear how you celebrate:cake:!

08-13-2012, 12:11 PM
My vote would be Grand Floridian, if you are going after construction is finished.

Second choice is Boardwalk.

If you aren't going to do pool time, the Yacht Club would be 3rd choice. While I love YC/BC, I don't think StormAlong is the best choice for an adult only pool.

08-13-2012, 12:45 PM
I would say CR or the Swan. Both offer 2 queens and an additional bed per room. Both are super convenient to Epcot/Boardwalk which you may go to multiple times if you're like my friends! I'd give an edge to the Swan (depending on when you are staying and cost) but the gf is great too. I don't think it has an additional bed it in though. Although honestly, I haven't checked it out from that perspective...

08-13-2012, 03:05 PM
Besides the Poly and CR that include a third "day bed", You really have limited choices at WDW with 3 beds in the same room. If you are open to having one of your party staying on a sofabed, the Coronado Springs Resort has a limited number of Jr. Suites that offers 2 queen beds in 1 room, plus a sofa sleeper in the living room and are the equivilent size of two mod rooms. These suites also have 2 bathrooms. It would be similar in price to the one room at the Poly or CR and may even be a bit less expensive, however the trade off would be having Monorail access. The monorail would give you easy access to GF, Poly and CR for dining plus access to both MK and Epcot. Will you have a car? CSR does have a spa, and a bar/disco, and is a beautiful resort - which appeals to adults, since it is a convention resort. The next step up would be to rent a 1 or 2 bedroom villa, which indeed would be a splurge - unless you consider renting points from an Agency or an Individual that is a DVC Owner - but that is a whole nother topic. Another idea would be to stay concierge at CR. Again, a splurge but something I would definately consider. You would have nightly appetizers, beer, wine and cordials available as concierge level guests. Plus you would get reservation planning assistance and other benefits. I think your choice depends on how much you are willing to spend. If it were me and I could afford it, I would go with the Contemporary and do the Concierge level!!!

08-13-2012, 03:18 PM
I'm taking DH and DD (for DH's 50th) in February and staying at the CR. Other than it being his "dream resort", we're going to love the convenience of being so close to the MK. So I say, whatever park you're going to spend the most time at, go to a resort close to it. :)

08-13-2012, 03:45 PM
OK, I got online to see how much a nightly room for 3 adults would run on a random night in Sept. Don't know your dates, so the prices below may not apply, but it will give you an idea of the general room night costs. If you want to go "value suite" you might consider the new Art of Animation suites. You would get 3 beds, but only one would be a real bed, the other 2 beds are an innova bed and a sofa bed. This would be your cheapest option. Here is a list of pricing per night, not including meals or park tix:
AOA Suite $249
CSR Jr. Suite $370
CR Standard $390
Poly Standard $430
Poly Club Garden $570
CR Club $605
GF Outer Club $658

I did check the Villas, but all the ones I saw had a king bed in the master. The tree-house Villas had 3 bedrooms, but it was over $900 a night:confused3.

Yikes, $605 for the CR Club room I previously recommended is a bit pricey:scared1:.

Well since you are just investigating options, and you did say "splurge" why not look into a Premium package? You do pay rack rate at a deluxe WDW hotel and you need to buy 3 nights, but it includes deluxe dining, plus unlimited tours + tix to Cirque, etc. The Platinum package also includes the just mentioned items + spa treatments and includes dinner at Victoria and Alberts! That would be my idea of celebrating 50 in-style! Keep us posted on what you decide!

08-14-2012, 01:06 PM
WoW! So now my mind is full great possiblities! Liking Deluxe, one room 2 Queens and one "day bed". Liking Deluxe Resort, on the Monorail.... somewhere! And big ????? Club level, standard, hmmmmmmm. Really, my dream is, as of this moment, sitting in the Club lounge at the Polynesian watching fireworks and sipping cordials!!
(Now we just need to think of the $$ - oh that?!?)
Still welcome more ideas! You're only 50 once:yay:!

08-14-2012, 06:03 PM
I am planning the very same thing for the same milestone birthday in 2014 with my 2 BFF's.

I am considering either VWL in a 2 bedroom if I can afford it, or a 1 bedroom but someone needs to sleep in the living room. Downside to the 1 bedroom is only 1 bathroom - not the best option with 3 women. Also thinking of AKL Kidani in a 1 or 2 bedroom as both have 1 more bathroom than bedrooms. Fort Wilderness Cabins also a possibility though that is a 1 bathroom place - but there are 3 bedding options. The cabins have a full kitchen and a nice deck to hang out and have cocktails.

1 room at Poly or CR would work with the day bed. At Poly not all longhouses have rooms with 2 sinks. That is important to me. Google tikiman - he is the Poly expert, and find out which longhouses have 2 sinks. However I think the Poly is doing a refurbishment soon so maybe that will change.

Also consider Wyndham Bonnet Creek. It is not a Disney property but it iis within Disney's gates - next to Caribbean Beach. There you can get 2 or 3 bedroom condos for short money. That would give you the bedding you need, an extra bathroom, a balcony and a kitchen. Don't have to cook but good for happy hour needs and even quick breakfasts. Head over to the Orlando hotels board for a wealth of info on it.

If you do WBC but don't have a car, they do have scheduled shuttle service to the parks. They don't transfer from the airport but you could get town car service. What better way to start off your special vacation than to have a town car waiting for you at the airport. Most services are only about $120 round trip - not bad if you split it 3 ways. And if the shuttle does not work for you taxi cabs around the world are plentiful and not too costly.

When are you going, what kind of itinerary do you have in mind - hitting the parks hard, lots of down time, what kind of dining, maybe drinking around the World etc.

And what kind of budget for accomodations do you have. With that we are better able to make suggestions. Spurging means different things to different people.

Looking forward to hearing your plans and perhaps sharing ideas.

08-14-2012, 06:21 PM
I have stayed Club level at the Poly and you can't beat the location. However when we went, we got a great deal (buy 4 get 3 free a few years ago), so the price was part of the allure. Not sure I would want to pay close to $600 per night just for the club - but many do. Another idea would be to stay AKL or WL Club. These two offer the least expensive club rooms, and if you have a car, then AKL is the way to go. You could consider renting a 1 bedroom at Kidani (gives you 2 bathrooms) but 2 of you would need to share the master bedroom (king bed). You can rent DVC points with this option and still get club level, which might be your best splurge option, since it's still expensive, but not $600 per night expensive - more like $350-450 per night again, depending on where you rent your points from. I have also stayed at Kidani and it is beautiful. Lots of great choices for you to consider. I think I would talk to your BFFs and find out if there is a theme, they dont want, so that you can start eliminating resorts. Then make a list of what you would like and work your way down. If the monorail is important - then go with that. You will have a wonderful time, just being together celebrating and being at WDW - happy birthday to you all.

08-14-2012, 07:27 PM
My vote is for Grand Floridian!
I was there for a 40th birthday and it was fantastic! Loved the monorail, having lunch outside by the marina overlooking Cinderella's castle, and the beautiful rooms.
There are great shops right in the lobby of the mainbuilding, not to mention afternoon tea!
Wishes fireworks right from the dock - oh and the boat to take back from Magic Kingdom at night!
Excellent restaurants right on site-
And if you are there any time near Christmas the enormous gingerbread house in the lobby!
If you can do club level, the appetizers and drinks are great.When is your trip?

08-15-2012, 01:07 AM
I am planning the very same thing for the same milestone birthday in 2014 with my 2 BFF's.
When are you going, what kind of itinerary do you have in mind - hitting the parks hard, lots of down time, what kind of dining, maybe drinking around the World etc.

And what kind of budget for accomodations do you have. With that we are better able to make suggestions. Spurging means different things to different people.

Looking forward to hearing your plans and perhaps sharing ideas.

We are also planning for 2014! The group of BFFs date back to middle school and high school. Two of us left the school after 10th grade, in various combinations we stayed in touch, and then in recent years due to "social media" we have all found each other again! There is a group of 5, but I think that probably only 3 of us will make the trip. We'll see who gets on board.
So far, our thinking is this. We won't have a car, and therefore would prefer to stay on property. We might want to each have "solo" time sometimes, so being near transportation is a plus, i.e. monorail access. Not that buses are a problem:rolleyes:. Some are drinkers others are not, but a nice cocktail before dinner is always a good plan. Could be at "home", in a Club lounge, or out in a restaurant. We'd like to be park intensive, with some good Downtown Disney/shopping time, and MAYBE a day at the outlets. Pool breaks midday a strong concept, and we like the idea of a nice pool, but don't want a crazy little kid wild pool. We don't mind kids in general, as long as they are well behaved, like OUR kids/teens would SURELY be if they were there:rotfl:! We love to have a good time, want to be crazy and yell a lot and be silly and eat great food and enjoy girl time to the max!
That's the concept!
Budget: one BFF is a GF fan. one BFF is a single woman on a budget. I've been to the World once with the family and was happy to stay Value, but dreamed of better. So we want to be good to ourselves, but a $600/night isn't going to happen. Thinking more in the 350 - 450$/night, split between us.
We have no set plan for a date - we are open to "Value Season" and want to do this trip when the prices are best and when the crowds are least. Maybe we'll even get a "deal"!?? Will start watching for PIN numbers etc.

If we can do Poly or GF with a PIN at club level, I think that would be my ideal. I'm not sure I want to start renting DVC points... maybe that's not a reasonable fear though.

Lots to think about over the next months - will keep the thread up to date as small decisions get made! Dadschum, I'd be thrilled to hear more about your plans!!!!:woohoo:

08-15-2012, 01:37 PM
1. Go to Mousesavers.com a great resource. She has all the rack rates for 2012 and 2013 so you can check out various rates for various times of year

2. Don't think Pins are that prevalent anymore and noone knows how you get them. Mousesavers also has a list of historical discounts - when they came out and what they were. Never guaranteed to be the same but might give you an idea of what discount you might get in the future. Not sure if suites are ever discounted.

3. You say you have known each other since miidddle/high school but it sounds like you fell out of contact for a bit and social media brought you back together. That's great but how well do you REALLY know these women? Will you travel well together? Have you travelled together in the past? If not, you might want to do a few trial runs if you can, long weekends etc, to see how your personalities and styles mesh, or not.

I've done lots of long weekends and even 5 night trips with my two BFF"s. We have been in each others lives for 20 years so we know one another very well. However, 2 years ago, we spent 10 days in Disney in a 3 bedroom 2 bath condo with one another and the boyfriend and daughter of 1 of them. There was tension off and on from about mid week onwards. Some of that was brought on by boyfriend and kiddos presence.

Some things that created tension included early risers vs the ones that like to sleep in, getting everyone out the door on time, and touring the parks - commando style or not. Plus just people stopping for bathroom breaks or browsing in shops.

For all those reasons, I would seriously consider your ability to stay in one room for the trip together - ie the Poly or GF or whatever. Are there early birds vs night owls? Some who can get ready in 20 minutes flat in the morning vs the one who spends an hour on makeup and hair? Is someone a slob and someone else organized with their belongings?

How long are you going for? I'd seriously consider getting a place where everyone can have some space. Try DVC - you can rent points either through someone on the Dis boards Rent/Trade board or through a broker. Pros and Cons to renting DVC.

Or, as I suggested before, Wyndham Bonnet Creek which is within Disney gate next to Carribbean Beach Resort. I was quoted a 2 bedroom through 1 of the more popular brokers at $839 for 2013 rates for 7 nights. Or you could do a 3 bedroom for $1200 or there abouts. You don't lose much in terms of distance to the parks as it is right within Disney property. Downsides are no airport transfers and a scheduled shuttle service, but it runs somewhat frequently. And its way cheaper than DVC so paying for taxis now and again shouldn't set you back much. It also has several pools and a pool bar. And it is next door the the Wyndham Grand and Hilton with other dining and nightlife establishments.

4. The Beach Club I think has the day bed and also has DVC units but the pool = Stormalong Bay is great for kids but there are kids everywhere. So it might not be the best spot for an adult pool break. The Beach Club does have a quiet pool however.

Those are my thoughts for now. Hope it helps,

08-15-2012, 02:19 PM
I vote for either dolphin, swan, or rent points at villa . I also think WBC would be great too.. If you want the extra room go with villa or WBC.. I would stay away for YC, BC and Poly.. Reason being.....when you turn 50 you want to enjoy your friends free of hubbies and kids..

Granted we all love our kiddies but this is your time, with adults....

When I turned 50 I went to New Orleans.. Had a blast.. And so will you!!

08-16-2012, 12:55 AM
Thanks all! I do need to really think of some extra "space" so that we don't get in each other's way. We all want to enjoy the trip in our own personal way... I think I'll re-visit all the possiblities and then let it sit on a simmer for a few weeks to see what "feels best". THANK YOU for the ideas!:goodvibes