View Full Version : NYC to Bahamas boarding question

08-11-2012, 05:30 PM
I have never boarded DCL without using the DCL transportation service (they usual deal with the luggage)

So can someone please explain to me what happens to my luggage when I get to port at NYC? Do I have to lug it around until the staterooms open up at 130? Or does DCL collect it? When do they collect it? This is going to change how I pack and what I bring ~ any info would be great!!!!!

Melissa S
08-11-2012, 05:42 PM
Our experience in June was that there was a porter inside the terminal before the waiting room area. We arrived so early (10am due to lack of traffic) that we went to the seated area with our luggage and a CM directed us back to the porter. It wasn't as organized as PC but it may have changed since then because when we went they had just started cruising from NYC.