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08-10-2012, 06:43 PM
So the good bad and ugly!

The good talking to you all we desided to upgrade to the monorail! So i made the call a couple of time first time i asked if there was any FREE upgrade! DO NOT ASK FOR FREE found out the hard way!!!! the CM was not nice and just wanted me off the phone. I was told by a friend that is how he was upgrade to poly wasnt free but he asked that way. (his upgrade from PORTFQ was like $550)

So next day i called got my prices asked the lovely lady CM she gave me prices on Contemp and Poly. poly was 500 less price of con but no view. cont was TP view in the artium. i asked her if i can reserve till i spoke with wife. She said that wasnt needed no way i would lose that price with the code she gave me. So i wasnt worried.(OPPS) spoke to DW and she said ok yea it is more but location fits our needs.

so i called back the next day spoke with CM and well the rate went though the roof. like extra 3000. needless to day i keep my cool. I know my own biz and if i would of treated a customer poorly with raising my price like that i would not be in biz long for sure.(35 yrs biz owner family) But i did remember what you all said about be nice be nice..... So we chatted and i found that lady i spoke with was mixing up price and the rate was going up more. at that pt. i ask very nicely for a manager. She fully understood and passed me off.

The CM i spoke to this time worked with me and basicly said i was confused with what the CM the day before told me about room rates! I wasnt pleased but still kept my cool even though he said i wasnt correct. i do have my hand written notes to prove i wasnt crazy the lady before just made a mistake and well now it was going to cost us more if we stayed there.

So I ended up upgrading to Cont Artuim Park view club lvl with contigue service. They said this was the only room left and it ended up being $1100 more than quote to me day before. (CM before i got main guy had this at like $3500 more) So i said book it since i spoke to dw and already told her we was staying at contemp and hard her heart set on it.

anyways long i know but whole pt i want to make is THEY WILL NOT HOLD ANY THING AT DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont find out hard way like i did and cost your another $1100. If you get a price you think is good book i and get refund later.

So that is my story and im sticking to it lol. We r very excited to go dont realy care about club lvl etc. is it worth the extra $. witha 4 yr old and 2 yr old we r going back to room in day for naps etc. and doing off park eating chef mickeys etc.

Thanks Aaron

PS im happy i upgraded for monorail but said it cost me extra grand to do so.

08-10-2012, 06:50 PM
The first CM you spoke with was incorrect. You can place a 7 day hold on a reservation. If you have detailed notes from your phone call you should call back. Try to get a guest relations manager and tell them the time, day and CM that you spoke with. Because Disney records phone calls they should be able to find the call and figure out what went wrong.

Glad you're happy but I hope you get the rate you were quoted.

08-10-2012, 06:54 PM
I did that when last CM that i booked with. one that told me i was wrong. i said well can u at least let the lady konw so know one else ends up like im right now. i said you can see her notes in your CRM that u are using now. he basicly changed the subject. after sayign that room was no longer available.