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05-09-2001, 08:10 PM
Our trip is planned for July 6th. How far in advance should I book Tiffany Town Car? Is now too early? Thanks.

05-09-2001, 08:41 PM
When you have your airfares secured(Tickets Purchased).You could book TTC then.:bounce: :bounce:

05-10-2001, 12:46 AM
And I'm not going until the middle of august. Be sure to be very specific about what you want with them when you call, because the lady who took my ressie didn't ask hardly any questions at all. I asked for a grocery stop, but I forgot to request which driver I wanted. I guess I'll have to call back again. That's okay, though, 'cuz I'm thinking about changing my ressie to a Limo to pick us up to surprise my family. Hey, they left all of the planning up to me, so I can get a limo if I want, right?! LOL!! :smooth:

05-14-2001, 12:32 PM
I usually call as soon as I make my airline reservations - or at least know the flight I am goin on. They do book up fast sometimes