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07-23-2012, 01:16 PM
Hi I am going to SW for the first time with a 2 and 7 year old. Can anyone offer suggestions on what we should do (shows, exhibits etc) or does anybody have any special hints that the general public may not know about? Thanks for everyones help. BTW we are going the first week in August.

07-23-2012, 04:20 PM
Elmo show a must. sit low and to the right in the theater, if u can. firstly, the show is GREAT. as show completes dart 4 exit on your right. leave the theater, and double back to your right at the small sign that reads "meet elmo here." you should be first in line to see the characters... usually at least 3 come out about 5 min after show ends. elmo is ALWAYS one, and often grover and rosita.

pets ahoy show in the same theater. again, sit low and either on left or right. after the show belly up to the stage, do not leave. they will bring the dog stars of the show to the rail to pet.

assuming u are not coaster folks, i think a top priority is dolphin feeding. i suggest u do the first feeding of teh day. dolphins are active, hungry, playful, energized. this is an extra charge activity... $7 a person maybe? I forget. But, do it first and it is well worth the charge.

When your kids start to run low on energy, shamu happy harbor has what u need. kiddie rides, slashing area to cool and get wet, slides, rope climbs. we literally spent one whole vacation day here last trip (kids 2 and 4 at the time). nice baby change station back there.

remember your 1 day ticket is always good for a 2nd day free. just validate inside the park. dont wait in line at the cust serv right inside the gate, though. do it at the smaller kiosk in the middle of the park, the one that also doubles as a breast feeding area for nursing mothers on map. usually NO line. no parking included on 2nd day.

many of the carnival games at seaworld have signs that read WINNER every time. these, like some back at shamu happy harbor, are onlt $2 and you will win a small stuffed animal. it is for the tots. they just pick out a floating rubber ducky, ir a popsicle stick, or fish with a magnet.. and are assured at least the small one. my kids loved "winning" and being so "good" at the games. they still sleep with their octopus animals they won.

"believe" show is amazing, but i think every seat in house is good. i'd not try to get there too early to get a great seat.

aqaurium inside the manta ride area is sometimes missed by non riders. take teh time to see it!

if your 7 year old loves video games, the game outside turtle trek is fun, but each game takes some time (several minutes) and it gets packed when the show just let out... but is empty the rest of teh time. double back to it when the show has not just let out

07-24-2012, 09:16 AM
Wow seems like you covered everything. Thanks so much for the tips!!!