View Full Version : wanted info on one ocean pre show music!

06-11-2012, 12:31 PM
hello i'm Tyler i am not familiar with sea world orlando however i do need some help with finding some information for someone who emailed me requesting the One Ocean pre show songs.

i explained to him that i only every once in a while go to the park in san antonio texas so i have no clue what music is being played in orlando.

i did ask sea world orlando's guest services on email if they could tell me the artists and songs but all they mentioned was that they use many many cd's with a variety of music and that they will change what is being played periodically.

no list.

if anyone who knows a few of the songs played before one ocean show please tell me so i can help this person out.
i did try to use the iPhone application "shazam" to find the songs but no luck.

if anything can be figured out if there is a recording of the songs played that is available please let me know!

thanks for everyones help!:)