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goofy kc
06-09-2012, 06:56 PM
Just back from first visit as a DVC Member! (June 3-8)

Our home resort is AKL but we decided to visit two resorts in order to see what's out there. Initially, I had planned to do a live trip report but sadly the wifi at Jambo was not reliable. I was able to answer one email from work while we were there and that was it. This is probably good luck since I was supposed to be on vacation.

This trip was me, my DW and my DM. A perfect threesome since we all seem to agree on what to do and when to do it.

Unfortunately, DM's flight was delayed from Los Angeles due to a medical emergency on board. This was very odd since last summer when we met for summer break her flight was delayed due to the plane needing to refuel (I know, right?!). No worries, we had champagne at the Hyatt bar and waited it out. We were lucky enough to be able to push back our Jiko reservations to 9pm! Good thing too since we didn't arrive until 8:55. But with online check in our room package was ready to go - so all's well that ends well.

We had a 1 br value room and got a pool view (5502). Actually, more of a roof of Jiko view but that was only an issue if you were on the balcony. from inside the room it was all trees and pool. Awesome use of points!!

DM slept on the pull out couch and it was terrific!! Big, thick memory foam mattress. The only "ding" we could give the room was the climb into the tub/shower. It was a tricky maneuver getting in and out. And , though the room sleeps 4 there are no towel bars, just 2 hooks near the tub. 2 sinks though so that was good!

Dinner at Jiko was good. I don't know if it will top my list next visit but the service was great and the food interesting and tasty. When we were finished the server let us take our half full wine glasses back to our room - bonus!! :dance3:

This brings me to another discovery - the wine for sale at Mara is top notch and very reasonable. We bought a lovely red for less than $15 while we were there. We were thinking about a trip to the store via taxi to buy a few bottles for the stay but found great choices for good prices at both resorts. Our basics from Garden Grocers plus what we found in the resorts was more than enough. AND once we found the zebra domes we didn't want any "real" food :worship:

We were chased by rain the entire trip but managed fit in a lot of park adventures anyway - and the rain made us relax and spend time visiting. Will report more later!!:flower3:

maybe I can figure out how to add pictures before then....

goofy kc
06-11-2012, 01:02 PM
Still don't know how to upload pics :confused3

Couple of things from the second day:
The fitness center at Jambo is great - or so I was told. I slept in.

Late start so we hit the MK at 10:30 or so and it was pretty full by then. BUT we managed to get in Splash Mtn and a few other faves. Wait for BT was over 100 minutes and that's my limit. Also, we weren't sure what the wait area was like since the renovations and didn't want to risk it. So...off to Haunted Mansion and PoC!

We had reservations for tea at GF but didn't quite make it there so we went to HS for a late lunch. Big mistake - it was packed! had to eat at the Commissary but since we had FPs for RR we were not too worried about what we ate. My mom loves Star Tours so we rode that 3 times - still cannot figure out if the order is random or related to which 'ship' you are on??? Still, we had a blast!! What a great improvement - it had been a long time since we experienced it and it was a hoot!

Late start and early finish day. Headed back to Jambo and had flatbreads from Mara. Very tasty!! Afterwards we went outside to say goodnight to the animals - there were 5 or 6 girraffes waiting for us!

Magical first day!!!!!:wizard:

06-11-2012, 04:51 PM
:)I'm onboard. Thanks for posting and looking forward to hearing more!

06-11-2012, 06:42 PM
Glad to see the rain did not hamper your trip. We are going down on Saturday and we've been concerned by watching 10 day forecasts.

I use ImageShack.com to post pictures for the forum. After you upload you pictures, they give you the html to add to forum posts. It's easy and free. Sign up for an account and let's see those pictures. :banana:

goofy kc
06-12-2012, 09:11 AM
Before heading back to AKL we decided to stroll over to BWV and take a look around.


The walk was terrific - neat view of ToT and a beautiful path...and the visit made us excited for Tuesday when we were changing resorts. :jumping3:

goofy kc
06-12-2012, 09:12 AM
Glad to see the rain did not hamper your trip. We are going down on Saturday and we've been concerned by watching 10 day forecasts.

I use ImageShack.com to post pictures for the forum. After you upload you pictures, they give you the html to add to forum posts. It's easy and free. Sign up for an account and let's see those pictures. :banana:

Thanks!!! It worked and it was easy - feeling smarter today :cool1:

goofy kc
06-12-2012, 09:35 AM
Tuesday was a big day - we changed resorts! Originally, we planned to get up early and get going but no, we slept in and were moving a bit slower than we planned. We thought we were being smart and keeping everything organized to repack and make the move but it seemed like we were starting over.

Luckily I saved the Garden Grocer bags and put all the food in the bags that were already labeled with my name and one with a note to be refrigerated.

The folks at the luggage desk told us to call an hour in advance when we were ready to go, so at 9 I called...and they were there in 5 minutes. We ran around wildly tossing things into the cloth grocery bags I had brought along while the bellman loaded the stuff that was ready. He was super patient and so nice :yay:

Not until everything was on the cart did I realize my tip stash was packed away somewhere in the pile. He said not to worry about it, he was happy to help. After he left my mom arrived with a treasure from Zawadi - a rather large giraffe. So I ran to the lobby (ATM first!) and was thrilled when they allowed me back into the storage room to put my package into our luggage. Wow! What an operation back there!!! It's like 5 luggage stores exploded - but everything is organized. So, I got a fun peak!
I ran into my bellman on the way out and was able to tip! :goodvibes

we spent the first part of the day at HS - got on TS this time! and had lunch at Mama Melrose's. We all loved the gnocchi and there was a pasta with cheese sauce and shrimp (forgot the name) that was out of this world!!!
And, the sangria was great - has pomegranate juice so we felt justified in getting our antioxidants

Walked to BWV to check in around 2 and the room was ready and the bags were there! Great room - way at the end of the hall with a view of swan and the canal. But we were so excited to go to Epcot we didn't stick around!

Epcot is my fave - so much food and drink! It started to rain while we were there but not until we were able to visit a few nations and sample a few treats. I love the back of Morocco and mom had never been. She agreed it is the best kept secret at Epcot.

Unfortunately - the rain picked up and we forgot our ponchos so we ran back to the boat (but stopped in France for some pastries to go first :thumbsup2)

Soaked but excited to have a new resort to explore - the pastries were gone before bedtime!

06-12-2012, 11:21 AM
Sounds like a great time! Looking forward to your views on staying at BWV.

06-12-2012, 12:05 PM
More More More

06-17-2012, 03:51 PM
We were at Kidani Village the same week. In all our years visiting WDW, we've never had so much rain!! Don't get me wrong, when it's summer, I fully expect the late afternoon storms. However, it was cloudy/rainy even in several of the mornings we were there. I always bring a small backpack to the parks, but actually purchased a larger one at the North Face outlet, so I'd have room for 4 ponchos!!

Our internet was hit or miss too. We cook many dinners at our room, but love the flatbreads at Mara too. We ate there one night, and I'm always impressed with the selection of both meals, and little things, like fruit bowls, etc in the fridge cases. Truly something for everyone.

I've always been curious about the Epcot resorts, but have never stayed at either. I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions. Thanks for the report!!!

07-09-2012, 09:35 PM
I'm happy to know the pull out was comfy in the value villa! My son is always the one stuck sleeping it! Nice review and TR..:thumbsup2