View Full Version : sea world san diego discounts

05-25-2012, 12:18 PM
I'm curious to know if anybody has purchased Sea World tixs on line using the discounts code from www.retailmenot.com. They're showing a discount code for $20 off (SWCMcDonaldsLA2012). Sea World's website is showing that if you buy a one day pass online, you get $20 off an adult price. Does anybody know if you can buy it online at the discounted price and then use the $20 discount code on top of that?

I went to the website and went through the motions of adding it to the cart and filling out the information but I didn't see a space for any additional codes. It also didn't say if the next screen would allow you to confirm the transaction and/or add any promotional codes so I didn't proceed because I didn't necessarily want to purchase the tixs just yet. Curious to know, otherwise, we'll keep looking to see if we can find some bigger discounts over the next few days.

I heard Safeway/Vons might have a deal so we'll check there as well.