View Full Version : CM Parties & Candlelight Processional?

Beck & the Beast
05-13-2012, 06:27 PM
We are trying to finalize our December dates and know that the CM Parties and Candlelight Processional take place in the first bit of the month. At this point, our dates are flexible, and know that we will most likely encounter at least one of these, but would like to avoid both falling within our dates if possible. We are looking at December 1-8 or 8-15. Our last trip was December 13-19, 2009. We were happy with the crowd levels at that time and didn't encounter the CM parties.

With World of Colour now open, we would likely try it on a CM party night and because we'll also have our DD2 this trip, probably wouldn't mind an early night back at the hotel another night. Just trying to avod 4 days of craziness if we can, although I know CP dates at this point are speculation.

Thanks in advance for your help.

05-13-2012, 06:58 PM
Don't worry about the CP. 500 extra people on a weekend night when there is already attedance of 50K doesn't make a big difference. Just don't plan to walk Main Street when they are going on, it's like entering when a Parade is taking place. Not as easy as any other part of the day. CP usually takes place the first weekend of December.

The CM parties can be dissapointing because they cut short the park hours two night in a row. DCA will probably feel busy those evenings now that it has expaned hours. These are usually during the first or second week of December. I think last year it was a Tuesday and Wednesday and the year before a Monday and Tuesday.