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05-04-2012, 11:51 AM
They finally replied to my inquiry about getting a list of GF foods that weren't specifically Publix brand, which is what they provide on their website.

Here is what they said:

The following shows a list of brands that produce gluten-free products. The asterisk(*) indicates a brand that is exclusively gluten-free. All others produce both conventional and gluten-free products. While most of these brands are primarily located in the GreenWise sections of the store, some are in the regular sets.

Please check the labels of all of these products before you buy to ensure they say 'gluten-free' as ingredients often change.

Almond Dream - almond milk
Amy's - frozen foods, soups
Ancient Harvest - pasta
Annie's - rice pasta dinner
Arrowhead Mills - pasta, mixes, grains
Bakery on Main - granola
Betty Crocker - cake, brownie mixes
Blue Diamond - crackers, almond milks
Bob's Red Mill - mixes, grains
DeBoles - pasta
Eco Planet - cereals
Ener-g Foods - shelf-stable bread
Enjoy Life - cookies, cereals, bars
Enrico's - rice
Envirokidz - cereals, bars
Erewhon - cereals
Fantastic Foods - rice dishes
Food for Life - frozen breads
Glenny's - snacks
Gluten-Free Pantry*
Glutino* - mixes, frozen foods
GoGo - rice bowl
Hol-Grain* - bread crumbs, crackers
Hot Kids crackers
Ians - frozen foods
Imagine - soups, milks
Kinnikinnick* - frozen breads, muffins, cookies
Kohinoor - Indian foods
Lundberg - rices
Maranatha - nut butters
Mary's Gone Crackers* - crackers
McDougalls - soup
Mi-del - cookies
Mrs. Leepers - dinner mixes
Namaste Foods* - cake, brownie mixes
Nature's Path - cereal, bars
Nueva Cocina - dinner mixes
Pacific - broths
Pamelas* - cookies, mixes
Peanut Wonder - nut butter
Rice Crisps - crackers
Rice Dream - milks
Seeds of Change - pasta sauce
Shelton - broth
Soy Wonder - nut butter
Sun Butter - nut butter
Tambo Mambo - rices
Texmati - rices
Tinkyada* - pasta
Van's - frozen foods

We hope we have answered your question to your satisfaction. Should you have additional follow up, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care specialist at 1-800-242-1227. You may also contact us via email at www.publix.com/contact or write us at Publix Super Markets, Inc., P.O. Box 407, Lakeland, FL 33802, ATTN: Customer Care. Please be sure to reference your case identification number noted above. We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Just thought this information might be useful to those looking to purchase GF foods locally for use during their WDW trip.

05-04-2012, 02:37 PM

We have found the Publix gf items to be $2-$3 more expensive per item than at home, but at least they're available!!