View Full Version : Where would you stay for the Princess Half Marathon?-Wrong board sorry

04-20-2012, 08:20 PM
For the Princess Half it seems the host resorts are less than for the regular marathon weekend. It looks like last year the only DVC choices were SSR, AKL, BC and BWV. Now assuming all were available at 7 months (which I know won't happen), where would be the best 2 bedroom both for comfort of 2 couples and racing?

I am leaning towards BCV or BWV since they are so close to Epcot but having not stayed at any I want expert advice.

Also, any ideas on availability later in February (I know President's weekend/week is before and is busier)?

Sorry-I completely thought I was one the resort board. I am so sorry.

04-20-2012, 08:35 PM
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04-20-2012, 10:27 PM
I have done both the Princess and the full at Marathon weekend. For the Princess, we stayed at WL in the hotel since I was staying with 2 friends and not using points. We just grabbed a cab to the race start, and it worked out well since there was no race transportation from WL.

For the full, we stayed at SSR. This time, I took the bus and again it worked well. Buses were quick, and I was there in plenty of time. (Only downside is someone vomited on the bus prior to getting off. Pre race nerves:scared1:)

If I had my choice, I would stay at BWV or BCV. (originally had BWV booked for the full this year, but changed plans and moved to SSR as we needed a bigger room that wasn't available late at BWV).
It would be great to walk back to the resort through EPCOT after the race rather than having to take a bus back. Granted, you'll have to use a park ticket to get in. Plus it's my favorite area to stay in all of WDW.

The transportation to the races is quite good. After the full, I hoped on a bus to get back to SSR and it was very fast. The hardest part is getting off the bus....

No idea on availability as we stayed at WL and didn't try to book a DVC room for the Princess. I would think it wouldn't be too bad other than BLT since it's on the monorail if it's a race hotel.

Have fun and good luck. I loved the Princess last year. Such a fun race.