View Full Version : Por murphy bed rooms accessible ??

04-11-2012, 02:19 PM
Can anyone tell me if any of the newly rennovated Alligator Bayou Murphy bed rooms are roll in shower? We have a reservation for 5 of in a "preferred room" for a roll in shower room and are really hoping it is one of these new rooms with 2 queen beds. but they will not tell us when we call!! Ive called Special Services... and I need to know if it is a Murphy Bed room b/c I need a railing for it or my daughter is going to roll off and if it is 2 queen or a full and a King b/c I will bring a blow up matress for the full. Both times we have called we have gotten 2 different answers.. 1st one. A king bed and a full second time (today) "typically the trundle bed rooms have 2 full size beds.." rrr just tell me my room set up!

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