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04-10-2012, 10:02 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm hoping to purchase some BWV points and was looking at another site doing some research on the resort. This other site's "Fact Sheet" on the Boardwalk Villas provides a full description of the Studio accommodations, and then has this:

Studio with Daybed: Includes everything in the Studio room plus a five-foot daybed. Per Disney, this Studio with Daybed will accommodate "four adults maximum, plus one child who will fit in the daybed, plus one child under the age of three in a crib".

Does anyone know whether this is accurate/current? If so, is it possible to request one of these studios with the daybed when making a DVC reservation on points? If so, does the online system accommodate this request (would it even let you enter info on the 5th person, since normally that isn't allowed in studios?), or would it be better to call MS and ask about it?

Any other information on these would be great (where are they located? what kind of view? how many of these studios are there? etc.!). Reviews/opinions from anyone who has stayed in one of these studios would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! :goodvibes

Chuck S
04-10-2012, 10:37 PM
That info is outdated.

These units used to be called a studio +. However, I would NOT put anyone what they call a daybed, it is basically a chest with a thin foam pad. These "daybeds" are in the dedicated studios (those studios not attached to a one bedroom unit) and occupy the space where the connecting door is normally located.

These studios can NOT be booked as a category, are not guaranteed and thus no longer allow 5 + a child under 3. They accommodate 4 + a child under 3.

Deb & Bill
04-10-2012, 11:32 PM
It looks like a Deacon's Bench with a thin pad on it. About crib size, but not as wide.

04-11-2012, 07:12 AM
Also be aware that a number of members have reported not finding the daybed in dedicated studios since the last major refurbishment of BWV that was completed in 2010. They thus took it out of at least many of the rooms.

04-11-2012, 09:20 AM
Darn! So that really won't work for us. Ok, well better to know now. See, the DIS is really the best resource for accurate, up-to-date info! :goodvibes
Thanks for the replies!

07-08-2012, 09:43 PM
Just fyi...

We just returned from a BWV stay (6-28 to 7-7) and the daybed was in our studio (2061). It was pretty small though. My 8 Yr old dtr fit on it (she didn't sleep there, we were just checking it out), but I would have been afraid that she would have rolled right off of it. We really just used it for extra seating.