View Full Version : Breakfast ADR & EMH dilemma

04-07-2012, 09:18 PM
SO here's my dilemma...It's our forst trip to WDW, and we are only doing one character meal. We have 2 days in MK, and I mistakenly booked 1900 PF breakfast on a the morning that MK has EMH. So I'm wondering, is taking advantage of the EMH important enough to change the ADR? The only other options that day are Ohana's and Cape May, both at 7:30. MK opens at 8:00.

If we do it on the 1st MK day, we will still miss RD, but no EMH. What would you do?

04-07-2012, 09:23 PM
I wouldn't change it but then again I'm not a fan of morning EMH. I much prefer evening EMH

04-07-2012, 10:15 PM
Keep the day but move the time BACK, not forward. Take advantage of the morning EMH. Have a granola bar in the room before you head to the park, then schedule CP for a late breakfast or move it to a lunch since CP is one of the few locations with characters all day long.

04-08-2012, 08:42 AM
Take advantage of EMH in the morning. You can do so much by 10am.

Start out in Fantasyland or Tomorrowland at 7am and do everything that's open there, then move on to Adventureland when it opens at 8am. Do the rest of the rides you missed as they open up.

You will be ready to have a late breakfast or lunch at 11am and be able to relax and enjoy your meal before you head back to your hotel for a rest.

btw keep checking for ADR openings, even on the day you want to eat there. We saw so much availability this past week for all restaurants, at various times, and it was the week before Easter!

04-08-2012, 09:23 AM
Personally, we don't find the morning EMH necessary. We prefer evening EMH. We absolutely LOVE 1900 Park and would definitely keep the ADR. If you switched to Cape May or Ohana you would still not EMH. I would keep checking to see if anything opens up. I don't know when you are going but you can also look at the ADR Cancellation Thread to the month you are traveling.