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04-06-2012, 07:27 PM
So we were originally planning on going to Ohana for dinner one night on our trip coming up in November.... well my MIL has decided she thinks it would be fun to do the Spirit of Aloha instead.

How is it in November? I know it would depend on the weather but is it terrible if it is a little cool?

What about going to the show with small toddlers? Our son will be days away from being 2.

What is the deal about the story of an Aunt and her niece going away to college? I am a little confused but this.

Bottom line - Is it worth the $67/pp with a small child in November?


04-08-2012, 12:56 PM
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04-08-2012, 01:57 PM
There are two seatings for the show. With a very little one, you would likely do better at the early seating. The seating is divided into 3 different price ranges. The most expensive seats have the best view of the stage. There is family-style food service, with platters of food delivered to each table. There's a lot of meat served--neither my DH nor I could deal with the amount of meat (you really need two or three teenaged boys at your table to get through it all). The Chocolate Volcano dessert is not very good--think Jello chocolate pudding with more cornstarch in it, with raspberry sauce over it.
The show is cute, the plotline is quite thin, most of the performers are of the usual WDW quality, but the fire dancer was very good. There is an opportunity for young children to go up and dance near the stage if they want to.
If the weather is bad, the show will be cancelled. You are seated in an outdoor dinner theatre that doesn't have a full roof over it, so they must cancel if there's a lot of rain.
The show is, as I recall, about 2 hours long.
I would not take a young child to the luau. The noise level of the music might frighten a little child, and the bathrooms are not very convenient to get to, IMHO.

04-08-2012, 03:46 PM
Thank you! This is exactly the info I was looking for!!! We will just do O'hana for dinner.

04-08-2012, 03:58 PM
We did this in June with kids ages 9, 7, and 4. 9yo DS LOVED, 7yo DD liked, and 4yo DS was interested only in the fire dancer.
Not sure about November weather... we went in June. It was SUPER hot until a storm blew through. After that, it was fine, but during the rain we got wet from the wind blowing it in.

Where are you staying? If it's convenient to get to, and the adults in your party REALLY would like to see it, I think you would be fine at the early show.
That being said, it sounds like not everyone is gung ho about it. If this trip is about your son, I would skip it until he's older. I've heard mixed things about Ohana... we couldn't get ADR, so we didn't go, even though we were staying at the Poly. That's one of the reasons we did the Aloha.
The character breakfast at Ohana is really nice though. Sit down meal, good food, relaxed time with Mickey.