View Full Version : Changing Airtran passenger contact information?

04-04-2012, 11:36 AM
We booked Airtran for an upcoming WDW trip. The confirmation came in to my wife's email address. I want to surprise her by buying pre-chosen seats, but I'm afraid that the surprise will be ruined if she get the confirmation email from that purchase. There's no field on the seat purchase form to enter a different email address.

Whether I look up the reservation using me or her as the passenger name I don't have the option to change the email address. I understand TSA rules and business rules etc. about not changing passenger addresses or names but I just want to get the confirmation of the seat purchase to my email address.

Anyone know if that's possible? Or if it can be done without a $500 you-dared-to-call-our-1800-number-to-ask-a-question fee?

Thanks in advance.