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The DVC Moderators
03-25-2012, 09:00 PM
The moderators have been discussing the threads asking about availability. The team has come to the decision that questions about specific resorts and specific dates will no longer be permitted, as availability truly changes minute by minute. Specific questions also have the potential for contact by someone that is not a DVC Member, or that really has the intent of scamming the poster.

While it might be nice to have an idea of availability at a non-home resort 8 - 10 months before, the information is not really pertinent since so much can change prior to the 7 month opportunity to make a reservation. Availability at 7 months is the only thing that really matters and that can change even inside 7 months.

Generic questions are still welcome (like whether a particular season is a busy season for DVC) as well as questions that do not give enough specific info to be considered a rental request. "What are my chances of getting a reservation at 7 months for early December" is fine - but "What are my chances of getting a MK View BLT GV for December 2- 7, 2012" provides too much specific information.

There have been numerous instances in the past couple of months where posters have been contacted by others soliciting rentals because of a post asking about availability for specific dates/resorts/villa types. In all cases, the contact has been initiated by posters trying to bypass the Rent/Trade Board and in at least one case a failed rental is the result where the poster has paid for a reservation, was able to "see" it online and later "saw" it disappear. To date, no refund has been received by the renter and the person soliciting the rental did not have a Rent/Trade thread and has not even been logged into the DIS in over a month. In this case, there are lots of issues of failure to do any due diligence prior to sending money. Hopefully they will still find some recourse.

At this time we ask that there be no more posts asking about specific availability.


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