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03-22-2012, 10:33 AM
Please share your experiences with wait time and overall bus experience at AKL. We have stayed twice at POP, and both times the bus transportation was horrible. Although we arrived to the bus stop an hour prior to park opening, there were always mobs of people ahead of us. We always waited a long time for a bus only to see it filled and have to wait for another. We never arrived late to a park opening, but I always stressed that we would. On our last trip, we stayed at POFQ. It was the polar opposite experience. We never waited more than 10 min. for a bus to arrive, usually less. It was calm and relaxing, and only one time was there around 10 people in line with us. Usually only around 5 people. All three of our trips were in June, so the only variable that was different was the resort. We loved the experience we had at POFQ. This time we're considering upgrading from POFQ to AKL, however, I'm concerned about the transportation. I realize there's only one mode of transportation; no problem because we're only used to the buses. I also know that it takes longer to get to MK and Epcot. That's not really a problem. 10 more min. isn't a deal breaker. However, I've read on reviews that people wait forever for a bus to arrive at AKL to take them to the parks. I don't want to lose a lot of time waiting forever for a bus, especially to only find it full from the people first picked up at Kidani. Please share your experience to help me make a decision. I posted a similar thread a month or two ago on the resort board, but thought I could get a different perspective here on the transportation board. Thank you for your help!

03-22-2012, 10:52 AM
I have made two September visits to AKL and wait times for a park bus were never unreasonable. Buses to Downtown Disney, however, seemed far and few between and I did experience long waits both at AKL and Downtown Disney.

03-22-2012, 11:02 AM
Good to know you had a good experience, other than DTD. That gives me relief. I hope everyone has a similar story to share. As far as DTD, I think that's the norm with traveling to/from there unless you're at POR or POFQ and can use the boat service.

03-22-2012, 06:30 PM
We stayed at Kidani last November the week before Thanksgiving. We never had to wait more than 20 minutes to go to a park, and the bus could accommodate those waiting at Kidani and Jambo. On the way back, we left MK and Epcot about an hour before closing and had to wait for a second bus due to the crowds. Total wait time was about half an hour.

One day we transferred to Pop trying to go between DTD and a park mid-day. We had just missed the bus at Pop, and it was about a 40 minute wait for the next.

The buses at AKL seemed to be running efficiently, but when you combine a 20 minute wait with a 30 minute ride to the park (travel time and stops at other resorts), I'm seriously considering a monorail resort for our next trip. HTH

03-22-2012, 06:45 PM
we never had an issue with the bus service at AKL in Sept '10. never waited more than 15 minutes, never had a long line at the parks to get the bus back to the resort.

03-23-2012, 06:44 AM
In short? The best transportation I have had at WDW was at Pop..never waited more than 15 mins for a bus in the morning....usually get to the stop about 15 mins prior to park opening though...so a lot of the crowd has already left. Have had to wait 45 mins at park closing though...but had close to the same at almost every other resort.
AKL has okay transportation. I have longish waits there as well. Nothing out of the ordinary...either good or bad. Pretty much the same as all the other resorts.

03-24-2012, 07:09 AM
I have made two September visits to AKL and wait times for a park bus were never unreasonable. Buses to Downtown Disney, however, seemed far and few between and I did experience long waits both at AKL and Downtown Disney.
We just returned from AKL yesterday and we experienced the samething. The parks were actually excellent, but Downtown Disney was horrible.

03-24-2012, 07:29 AM
Havent had any issues at AKL that would cause me to be disappointed. Except one thing... One bus driver didnt follow protocol and one of my relatives wound up heading to DTD when the bus SHOULD have stopped at kidani before heading to DTD. I even asked him if he got on the wrong bus. Wasnt real fun time for him and his young daughter.. They werent expecting that kinda of trip :).

I've stayed at POP, AKL, CSR, Music, SSR, and none have been bad, CSR IMO was about the best.

03-24-2012, 09:15 AM
There are only so many buses. For a morning rush hour, induced or exacerbated by rope drop or whatever, you will have to be prepared to leave even earlier.

I actually haven't ridden the newest Disney "low floor" buses. But comparing low floor buses in Boston to earlier models (RTS, etc.) the low floors hold less. I guess that typically nowadays Disney buses carry 60 people including strollers (the older ones, packed, held 75).

The sweet spot for rope drop is arriving at the park about 15 minutes before. This means that the sweet spot for boarding the bus at your resort is 30 minutes before rope drop. Your arrival at the bus stop 60 minutes before rope drop does not leave that much wiggle room.