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03-21-2012, 09:51 AM
My first post on the boards for a while - so bare with me!!

Basically we're DVC members (me and my wonderful guy), so the trips to Orlando every year were great for us. We had a HUGE vacation in Sept 2011, banked our left over points for that year and hoped to get back in 2011. That didn't happen as we bought a house -Yay - somewhere to put all our Disney stuff!! But also :( as it meant no Disney in 2011. Economy being the way it is and me being suddenly unemployed for a few months when the store I managed closed down at Christmas 2011, and all the house expenses etc meant we were looking at No WDW trip in 2012 either :sad:

Loooong story short - we've looked at the finances and although we can't do WDW for our usual 2 week stay, we have 2 choices to get in our Disney fix - we have enough points to do:
2 nights at DLRP (which neither of us particularly like anyway)
5 nights at the Disney Hollywood hotel in DLHK :banana:

We're still looking at flights, and of course we'd need to check availability but we're really really looking into this being our vacation for this year! We are limited to going in November because of restrictions on DBFs holiday availablity with the London Olympics, is that a good or a bad time to be in HK/DLHK?

We know the park is smaller from everything we have read so far (only been looking into this for a week or so...), but we wondered if this trip was worth it from other peoples point of view.

It's a long flight (12 or so hours) but we don't mind that. Our park tickets are included with our DVC booking so we don't have to factor that in. Means we don't have to do everything in a day and can really have a relaxing time at Disney for a change!!

Is it easy to get from the Disney area to other parts of HK to do some sightseeing etc - how easy is the transport system to use/navigate?

What are recommended must see and do's - both at Disney and outside?

Thank you in advance to everyone who can help and advise - bare with me on my replies as my internet connection is limited as we have none at the new house still!! So I have to rely on wifi, my phone and visits to Dad's house to borrow his lol!!

05-09-2012, 08:07 AM
You won't need anywhere near 5 days to see everything at HKDL. The public transportation system is very, very easy to use. I was able to get from Ocean Terminal (cruise ship dock) in Victoria Harbor on my own with no problems at all.

05-10-2012, 09:41 AM
As pjupton noted, there is no way you need to go to stay at DLHK for 5 nights. The park is tiny! Seriously, one day should more than suffice. I suggest staying in the city and using public transportation to get to the park and back. Very simple.

Or just stay 1 night at the park and then move into the city.

05-11-2012, 05:04 AM
DH and I spent 4 nights at the Disneyland resort in HK recently. I had a silver magic access pass and went into the park every day except one (which was a block-out day for me, otherwise I would have!). Some days we only went in for a couple of hours, but I enjoyed all the time I spent there. DH had definitely had enough after 1 day, and it was definitely enough for him to experience all the attractions including the parade and the fireworks, as well as all the rides and shows. We just spread it out a bit more since we were there for so long.

Not sure which hotel you're thinking of staying at, but DH really enjoyed just hanging out in the lobby of the Disneyland Hotel. It was such a nice atmosphere. We also spent a bit of time checking out the Hollywood Hotel, and spent an afternoon just wandering around the grounds of both hotels. We actually didn't get to Inspiration Lake.

Although the Disneyland area is a fair distance from the city, the MTR was super easy to use and trains were frequent. We only went into the city on 2 days, and hadn't really done enough research to know what to do there or how to find it! But check out PIO's TR - looks like she had a great time in the city! If you want to use your DVC points for accommodation, I would definitely say that staying on Disney property and commuting to the city is feasible, and you would want to spend at least a couple of days in the city if you're there for 5 nights.

November looks like a nice time of year weather wise, but I'm not sure about crowds, or HK holidays or anything.

05-11-2012, 07:37 AM
I will be starting up a PTR at some point -this thread I started when we were just thinking about going....

Now we've booked and we're at the Disneyland Hollywood Hotel for 10 nights :)

We have no intention of being at the park for all that time of course, there is a lot of Hong Kong we want to see, and we realise the park is smaller....but we have DVC points to use or lose, and we've decided to use them in Hong Kong :) As we'll get park passes for the duration of our stay we can dip in and out of the park as we need to around the rest of our vacation!!

05-11-2012, 09:17 AM
As we'll get park passes for the duration of our stay we can dip in and out of the park as we need to around the rest of our vacation!!

Sounds like a good way to do it :thumbsup2

How exciting! Looking forward to your PTR :goodvibes

05-11-2012, 09:29 AM
Sounds like a good way to do it :thumbsup2

How exciting! Looking forward to your PTR :goodvibes

Thank you :) Just started it on my other thread in this forum - very rusty but I'm sure it will get better as it goes along!