View Full Version : What can you tell me about the Marriott World Center?

02-23-2012, 03:37 PM
DH has a conference at the Marriott World Center next month and I am tagging along as are our 3 DS's (ages 2, 5, and 8). It has been a long time since we've stayed OP. Just wondering what to expect at this hotel. We will be going to WDW for a couple of days but also Sea World and Universal. Thanks!

02-24-2012, 04:27 PM
Its a great location to get to all three of the parks you plan to visit. Farthest from Universal, not far from SeaWorld, and very close to the entrance to The World.

It is more of a business resort, but the kids will absolutely love the pool!

It is a beautiful property and I love to stay there (be there on March 8!). But, the on site dining options, and everything else, are very expensive. Valet parking is expensive, and self parking is so far away that there is a shuttle that takes you from the garage to the lobby!

There are some food court type options downstairs by the entrance to the pool, and there are some expensive food options at the cantina at the pool.

Overall, I think it is great resort. Not exactly built for kids, but I have never seen a kid not have a good time there.

02-25-2012, 05:36 PM
when you check in, make sure you are in a renovated (tower) room. the wings are very old and in need of serious updating.

my kids love the pool area, depending on the time of year they have activities for kids scheduled, arts & crafts, dj, inflatables, etc.

they also love the indoor pool, living in FL that's a realy novelty for them!!