View Full Version : Trade for DCL Pin Cruise Peter Pan Pins

11-06-2002, 05:59 PM
I would like to trade for the five Peter Pan Pins from the Disney Cruise Pin event next week.

I would like to have:

16456 Kidnapped (Tiger Lilly) LE 1000 (Pin Acquired)
16457 Trapped (Tinker Bell) LE 1000 (Trade Pending)
16458 All Tied Up (Wendy and the Boys) LE 1000 (Pin Acquired)
16459 Rescued (Peter Pan and Wendy) LE 1000 (Pin Acquired)
16460 Hook (Captain Hook with Tick Tock) LE 1000

I have the following limited edition pins for trade:

15421 DLRP - Halloween Maleficent LE 1000 (trade pending)
16625 Disney Auction Cheshire Cat LE 100
16627 Disney Auction Lucifer LE 100
16629 Disney Auction Lady LE 100
16630 Disney Auction Tramp LE 100

Thanks to everyone who replied. I'm sorry I had to disappoint several of you.