View Full Version : Thank you, CM Jasmine at Tinker Bell's Treasures!

11-06-2002, 03:10 PM
I just had to post my thanks to a special CM named Jasmine. She was working on Halloween night at MK in the Tinker Bell's Treasures shop.

My 6 year old DD got sick and threw up all over her beautiful Christmas Belle costume around 9:00p. She was so upset and embarrassed and wanted out of that dress. I ran in to the shop while my husband cleaned her up.

Well, they mostly had costumes and pajamas. I had to ask for help because I couldn't find any normal clothes in size 6x. I explained what happened and why I needed the clothes and not a costume or pajamas and she helped me find a tee shirt and sweatpants in her size.

Then when I went to pay, she said no need cause there's "no strings attached" she would let me pay. She arranged it so I wouldn't have to pay.

I thanked her and I was off. We changed and cleaned her up and then I went back in to have my DH and DD thank her but she was gone. So I asked for her name.

Now I need to send a note to WDW so they know how helpful she was to us when we were in need!

Thanks for reading!

11-15-2002, 09:21 AM

I got a call from Disney Executive Offices last night regarding CM Jasmine.

They thanked me for my email and told me that her boss will find out and so will she and they thanked me for taking the time to write a note about her help and kindness and she said it would go in her permanent record.

She thanked me very much for doing this (the note) and I told her it was my pleasure.

She also told me how sad our story was and that she's glad it all worked out.

Just thought I'd pass this along!

PS...I didn't include my phone number! They must keep records of emails/phone calls so they have my number from a previous email.