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02-05-2012, 03:20 PM
We are planning on going on the Disney Fantasy for our 20th anniversary (with our kids...just no fun doing Dis without them, well at least until they're out of the house! :))...I have spent 2 hours uber searching which hotel would suit us best, I'm just going nanners over the details..I know what I DO want and what I don't but can't seem to find a fit...does this exist?

Just for a one night stay before our cruise, then we'll drive over to Port Canaveral.

1. Very tall building...something about taking an elevator up to the 10th or highest floor is a real treat for our kids...don't know why, but we all giggle going up those elevators! :)

2. More hotel like, we're just there for one night so we don't need a kitchenette and we would not like so much room that we're having to repack b/c kids left things in different areas....

3. AWESOME pool area! The ships just are too crowded to really enjoy the pool area, the kids would love to go down some slides and such....we'll probably spend all our time there...when we check in at 3 and check out at 9am...

I thought about Hyatt Grand Cypress? and Marriott World...am I missing any key ones? There are over 324 hotels on TripAdvisor, after I made it to number 89 I started seeing double and they all ran together.

There are five in our family, so usually an Embassy Suites fits us but usually not fun...and dare I ask this, but am I awful for thinking of just getting one room? My two girls sleep with me all the time at home when dh is out of town in our queen bed..my son could sleep with my dh..it's just one night....don't most hotels offer rollaways for a fifth anyhow? I just don't see the purpose in getting 2 rooms and us being separate from one another for just a one night stay....

Thanks for all your help!!

dancin Disney style
02-06-2012, 02:37 PM
Check out the Hilton Bonnet Creek. The DTD Wyndham has tower rooms and great pool area. The Peabody on I-drive has high floors but just a regular pool area. The Swan/Dolphin also have high floors and great pool.

You could also check Melbourne, FL...it's closer to the port and there are some nice hotels on the beach. I would probably go more in this direction because you said you want to spend time at the pool.

02-06-2012, 11:57 PM
Thanks! Don't know much about Florida other than the panhandle..so had not even thought of Melbourne! Will check that out! And the Wyndham, too! Thanks!!

02-08-2012, 05:43 AM
I think Marriott World Center most satisfies what you are looking for....especially the tall building with a great elevator. 28 story tower and a glass elevator that goes through the atrium...you can see a video here but beware of some of the language...


Also has a huge pool area!

Enjoy! :yay: