View Full Version : Embossed Disney 3pc Luggage $120+ off!!!!

01-21-2012, 08:13 PM
Was looking at buying the hardsided Embossed Disney luggage for are Dream cruise. Finally has the money to purchase so looked around for the best price eventhough I have never seen them on sale.

Most stores were sold out or on back order which makes me think they are discontinuing this set. The price for the 3 pieces has always been 380. Now one store caught my eye had it for 379 but it was a shoe store...odd I know. Checked them out and they are BBB endorsed and have good customer ratings it was then that I noticed a January sale on EVERYTHING. So that brought the price to $303 Great I thought. :cool1::cool1:Then double checked Upromise and they give 10percent back.:cheer2::cheer2: Well then in check out I was asked to join the site for free. I thought ok, it should make traking the order easier. Upon checkout members got a 15% discount or another $15.20 off!!! :dance3: Oh and shipping is FREE:thumbsup2

In short Luggage was 379.95
BLOWOUT code -75.99
new member 15% -15.20
total 288.76
10% upromise -28.87

my cost 259.8:woohoo:

Here is link (dont know how long sale will be)

02-09-2012, 10:48 AM
I'm soooooo disapointed. Got email a week ago saying my order was canceled because manuacture was out of stock. Looks like they are no longer made :sad2: