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01-04-2012, 04:40 PM
Hello all,

I'm wondering logistically how the Neverland 5k will work. I see on the disneyland.com calender that "Remember..." fireworks are at 7:30 and the park closes at 8. I know the race starts at 10:30 and from the map on the rundisney site it looks like the race starts on Main Street in front of the castle. So, I guess these are my questions:

1) what time will they start letting racers into the park before the race?
2) should we expect a line to get in?
3) Do our race bibs work as our tickets to get us in the gate?

I'm mostly wondering because my DM is a HUGE fireworks fan, so we want to see the fireworks, but then we need to head back to the DLH to change into our race gear (and our wings of course!) for the race. Will we be able to do that or do I need to figure out another way (maybe put a bag with our stuff with the bell desk at the GCH and plan to change in the bathroom?) Any help would be appreciated. I know this is the first time they have done a nighttime run, but I'm hoping maybe a cast member will know and be kind enough to post.

Thanks a bunch,

01-04-2012, 05:02 PM
They haven't really announced the logistics of getting into the park that night for the race. My guess is that they will empty the park at 8 when it closes and then re-open the gates to runners b/w 9 and 9:30. So you'll have time to get back to the hotel and change! (I'm doing that too after the fireworks :goodvibes).

When our waivers come out, any day now, they'll also have race instructions for the races and it will have the info as for how to re-enter the parks. If they don't answer when we can get into the park in the instructions, they have that info at the expo Friday afternoon.

The bib will be our "ticket" into the park. You'll just show them your bib and you're in.

As for lining up, that's up to you. For the DL 5k's in Sept, I always try to get to the start about an hour early, I'm a little race OCD. This year is different, b/c we start in the park and not in the parking lot like years past, so can't really help you on how it'll go. My guess is around the hub and down Main Street or into a land. This past year they had time signs for you to line up based on how fast you think you'll run.

Hope this helps!

01-04-2012, 05:18 PM
Your bib won't get you in for fireworks. I think that's why they included the after 4 ticket to use if you wanted to go into the parks that evening (or another evening that weekend).

01-09-2012, 03:47 PM
Just wanted to let you know, they posted the race instructions on the race website this morning.

It says that Main Street will be open to runners at 9:30. They didn't mention how they are checking, but I'm assuming you just show your bib.