View Full Version : Help!! Can't find a cheap flight!

05-07-2001, 07:01 PM
We're planning a trip to WDW for this October for 4 adults. I have looked at about 20 websites and the cheapest round-trip flights I can find are $315 each. Last year I paid $205 each! Does anyone know a way I can find a better rate? We'll be flying out of Toronto because my travelmates don't want to go to Buffalo. Time will be tight anyway and we wouldn't have time to drive to Buffalo the night before since two of us have to work that night. Thanks for any help! :jester: :jester:

05-07-2001, 08:38 PM
Try them they may have some seat sales coming up to I just got flights to Winnipeg for my cousins wedding and it was 99 dollars each way. Prior to this I was looking at around 275 and up to fly out there for his wedding in June. Just keep checking their site is royalairlines.com I believe. Hope this helps

05-08-2001, 08:29 AM
When I went in Sept 1999 from Toronto, I didn't book my tickets until beginning of August. I kept checking an internet site, belairtravel.com and the closer I got to the dates, the lower the prices. We flew Air Transat and didn't have any problems. Not sure if you feel comfortable waiting that long tho!

05-08-2001, 11:21 AM
I'm definitely keeping my eye on both websites. It's actually Belair travel who's offering the lowest fare of $315 right now. I think I'll keep waiting and keep searching. My only fear is that we're going to Florida for a wedding so we're not flexible on dates. Thanks for your help!!:earsgirl: :earsboy:

diz karen
05-16-2001, 07:27 PM
Please let us know if you find better rates. I am also looking for airfare for October. We are flying out of Montreal though.

05-17-2001, 02:16 PM
Sure. No news yet. $315 continues to be the cheapest. Will keep you posted though...

05-18-2001, 09:18 AM
I know that CJK is unble to fly out of Buffalo, but for those who can, there are some great prices for October. Southwest has schedules out unitl October 26, they have a special right now that is $66 US each way. I booked with USair, because I return in November, so SWA prices were unavailble. The cost per person was $148US, plus I leave at 7 am but do not have to return the last day until 6 pm, this gives us an extra day in the parks. I find even with the exchange rate that prices out of the US are still better, with many more choices. When I asked the travel agent about Toronto prices for that time, she said they weren't all out yet, and when they are, that doesn't mean any sales. Hope this helps someone.

05-29-2001, 03:44 PM
Hi All,

Has anybody heard of anything yet for Jan. 2002?
I am trying very hard to convince my DH, that a return trip to Disney is in order because the last one we took, I spent most of our two weeks sick! I know that I am going to have to find some real bargains in order to help the cause. I don't have a problem driving to Buffalo. Ok, so DH will be doing the driving! If anybody has any ideas or suggestions whatsoever, on being able to save money, please let me know.

Linda in Brampton

05-29-2001, 04:26 PM
That sounds pretty cheap already to me - and with summer months coming I don't think you will find a seat sale anymore. I would recommend booking your flight as we went at the end of August last year and everything was sold out - but I did book by June. We paid $350 for Air Transat. I heard Air Canada is going up in prices again. Good luck