View Full Version : Indian Creek vs. Celebration or somewhere else?

12-20-2011, 10:29 AM
We are starting to plan our trip for early May. We stayed at the Blue Heron a couple of years ago - it was fine. This year, I'm looking at other rentals in addition to Blue Heron. I can find some homes with rental rates not much higher than the Blue Heron - and we can have our own pool at the homes.

We don't care about a "resort" feel. We just like to be close to the parks (but away from all the congestion), have a kitchen, washer/dryer, room for the DS7 and DD9 to play, and a private pool would be a plus.

I've found some homes in Indian Creek and Celebration that might fit the bill. Any feelings for one area over the other? Any other neighborhoods I should be looking at?

And do you think I would need a pool heater for late April/early may?

I'm also kinda surprised that so many of the rentals are already booked into May. I don't remember it being that way a couple of years ago. Is attendance up again? Is it going to be more crowded than I think it will be? :confused3


12-20-2011, 06:53 PM
Two things as far as Celebration goes:

Lots of people/places call themselves Celebration when they're actually not. So carefully map these homes to make sure you know where they are.

And if it actually is a rental in Celebration, I'd offer you this caution - short term rentals are against the HOA covenants and although they most certainly happen, you could have a problem.

If your owner gets found out, let's say a week or two or three before your visit, you could find yourself suddenly canceled out.

Edit to add: I'd be pretty leery of renting from someone who claims a home is in Celebration and it's not. That seems to me to be trouble waiting to happen.