View Full Version : Where to stay for onl 2 nights (condo type place)

12-18-2011, 05:14 PM
I am looking for a condo type place (like Bonnet Creek, etc). But Im only looking for 2 nights. The only other palce I am familiar with is Palisades.

We are going to be at Sea World and Universal so closer to those areas is preferred. If I cant find anything closer, Ill just sta at Palisades again.

But thought I would see what other places offer this sort of space. I know Bonnet does but you need to be there for mroe than 2 days really.

12-18-2011, 05:37 PM
This is a link to the place we are staying next trip. It is a Quality Suites but each room has a bedroom, living room and a full size kitchen. With a Moose lodge discount we are booking it for $67 a night. I think the normal rate is 80 something a night.


Man that's a big link LOL. It is the link to the resort picture I was just looking at. Hope the link works. Ok the link does work.

Quality Suites Lake Buena Vista
8200 Palm Parkway , Orlando, FL, US, 32836
Phone: (407) 465-8200

12-23-2011, 10:15 PM
If you want basic and clean, The Enclave isn't bad. It's very near Universal. http://www.enclavesuites.com/

We stayed in a 2 bedroom last February. We rented through an owner on VRBO, though, so our rate was much less than is quoted on their site.

12-23-2011, 10:22 PM

We ended up getting 2 rooms per night at the Omni through Priceline. Everywhere else I tried was booked. Oh well...it was kinda pricey but should be fun :D