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Have you ever had one of those moments in your life, that it felt like no time had passed at all, yet it felt like a lifetime had gone by at the same time?

That’s how I felt a few weeks ago, as we were putting up our Christmas tree. My husband was unwrapping all the ornaments and he came across one he did not recognize and asked me where it had come from. He held up a glass peppermint Mickey head. I had completely forgotten about it. It was the ornament that I had bought on our Christmas trip last year. It was even hand painted with 2010. A keepsake ornament. An ornament meant to bring you back to a certain time and place in your life. It definitely achieved its goal.

It brought me back to a great trip. A trip full of memories. A trip that I had wanted to relive here on the DIS not just for those to follow along but for me. For the Disney lover in me that never wants to forget a trip. For the mom in me, that wants to cherish the memories I’m making with my children. For the planner in me, that is always jonesing for my next trip.

But something happened last March that derailed my TR. And as I was looking at that Christmas ornament, I felt a renewed energy and determination to relive our trip.

So here I am. Ready to start again. Ready to relive again. I hope that you’ll go on this journey with me. I hope that I am able to finish this time. I do have a few TRs under my belt:

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Last March, I went to what I thought was going to be another routine growth scan at 28 wks. We had already had the 20 week fetal anatomy scan and to our great surprise and delight we were told we were having a healthy baby girl. A wonderful completion to our family of two boys. We had just gotten back from a trip to visit my mother in law in Jacksonville, Florida and I went into the sonogram room by myself. Mr. Incredible and Jack Jack stayed in the car in the parking lot because children under 6 weren’t allowed in the exam rooms.

I made jokes with the sonogram tech about watching out for falling boy parts, just knowing that they were going to tell me “Just kidding. Return all that pink bedding, it’s really a boy!”

As the tech was doing all the measurements, I noticed something I had never seen on an ultrasound, black voids in the area of the baby’s brain. I had my fair share of ultrasounds between three pregnancies, two of which I had gestational diabetes and therefore a lot of scans, so I knew something didn’t look quite right to my been there a few times eye. I asked the tech and she mentioned the baby’s ventricles but said the doctor could answer any of my questions. The doctor, a man I had been seeing for nearly 9 years for all my ultrasounds, came in and began to go over the scans again. His words were “Aimee, there’s a problem.” A hot wash of emotion fell over me and I just stared at him. There I was, sitting in a room alone, getting the worse news I had ever been given. And then he said "It looks like the baby has hydrocephalus."

Those words began a journey I never thought I would go on. A journey that was both the hardest and best thing that has ever happened to me. A journey of pain and hope and faith and patience and perseverance and love. We went through many more sonograms. Many more doctor visits. We met with specialist after specialist, toured the hospital, the NICU, met with neurosurgeons. Our daughter had enlarged ventricles in her brain, ‘water on the brain’, fetal hydrocephalus. The spinal fluid that is made in her brain was not draining like it should and it was filling her head up like a balloon, squishing her brain as the fluid level grew and grew. Nothing to do but wait til we were full term to deliver. Wait and watch as the fluid grew and worry and pray. Her prognosis was unknown and there was a very wide spectrum of possibilities.

It was a whirlwind of 9 weeks. And in that nine weeks I posted here on the DIS what was going on and then left the DIS. It wasn’t a conscious decision, it was a byproduct of what was going on in my life. I went from posting on the DIS to researching ad nasuem about hydrocephalus. I went from reading TRs to reading blog after blog of parents with kids that had hydro.

I was doing good to put one foot in front of the other. I, honestly, still don’t know quite how I made it through those 9 weeks. Not only was I dealing with a life changing diagnosis for my daughter, but I was so so sick (the cough I mentioned back in the first few posts). And because of her condition I was measuring weeks ahead of where I should be. I measured 45 weeks when I was just 34 weeks. I was miserable. And worried sick.

For those that were on the TR back then, I want to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers! They meant so much!
For those that are medically minded and want to know more about Addie’s diagnosis, here is a great website www.fetalhydrocephalus.com that will explain this more in detail and here is a link to my blog that details all of the medical specifics of Addison http://youjustmightfindyougetwhatyouneed.blogspot.com

As far as this TR goes, we are going to be celebrating her life, not her condition!!!

Addison is here and is amazing. She is six months old already and as of now is developing normally. She is such a joy, and is our miracle. Our last two vacations have been to Duke University to have her cord blood infused back into her body in hopes of repairing any damage to her little brain from all the pressure. Quite a change from Disney trips, let me tell you. But so worth it. Disney can wait. And it will. Though I have just recently begin to believe that we might actually make it back there. With Addison. Oh the joy that fills my heart at that thought. I didn’t know if she would make it to this world breathing, I didn’t know if she would be able to leave the hospital, didn’t know if she would be able to travel five minutes from our house, much less 1000 miles. She does have a shunt in her head that drains the fluid away from her brain to her stomach. And we have to watch her all the time for shunt malfunctions. But I have talked to her neurosurgeon and he knows a surgeon in Orlando, in case we were to need one while we were there. So we are good to go whenever we are ready. Not yet, obviously. But it’s good to hope again. It’s amazing to hope again.

So here I am. Full circle. Back on the DIS. It feels so wonderful, so mundane, so normal. I had no idea when I bought that ornament what an important part it would play in my life a year later. I had no idea what a year later would be like in my life. How things have changed, how I have changed. But I look at that ornament, hanging on our tree and it just makes me smile. Disney World has been such a large part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was prepared for that to change. And the fact that it doesn’t have to, well that’s just gravy.

I do not know what my future holds. Truthfully, I never did. I assumed too much. But I do know that hope is a good thing. And planning is a good thing, as long as you know that they are plans…and not set in concrete. I do know that my life is so much better for what I have went through in the last year. I do know that the Christmas trip and the couple trip for my husband and I were two trips that I am so thankful we got to take, because of how much this year has changed our family.

I am ready to go back and finish these last two trip reports. I feel like it’s something I need to do. Close a chapter. The chapter of being a mom of two at Disney. The chapter of not having a daughter but wanting one desperately. The chapter of not having to have a neurosurgeon’s number on speed dial wherever we go. And then, I will be able to move forward with new Disney chapters. A PTR even. We have plans to return for the boys 10th and 5th birthday, before Addison is 2. Just typing that makes me a little giddy. I always get excited when a new trip begins to take seed in my brain, but this trip means so so much more than any trip has in the past. Our lives have changed so much, and to be at a point, already, that we are able to think about a vacation in the future with realistic hope of going… is an amazing thing.

For those that were reading the original Two Trips TR, I had promised pictures of the nursery. We had just painted the nursery shortly before we got her diagnosis. To be honest, we didn’t touch that room for awhile. It was just too hard, the not knowing. It was painted and the bedding was ordered. We started to pick up a few things here and there. Edna honestly finished most of it for me. We put the final touches on it shortly after she came home from the NICU.




And here are a few pictures of Addie while she was still in the NICU



And here are a few from 11/20… her half birthday. The day we put up the Christmas tree. Its our new tradition. Since the boys share a birthday, their half birthday is always a big deal. So I wanted to do something for her half birthday…. so from now on it will be our tree trimming day!





I will be back soon to update day 3. Thank goodness I took a ton of pictures that will help me remember!

So let’s go back to the beginning:
Here are the links to the original thread, including the post where I explained about Addie’s diagnosis and that I might not be on the boards for a while.

Chapter Links:
Day 1: Arrival day.... for some of us! (http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=39816744&postcount=15)
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Update on Baby Girl (http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=40451253&postcount=37)

I'll also repost Day 1 and Day 2 on this thread to keep things chronological.

I know it may be a no no to quote a non Disney movie here on the DIS but I hope you will forgive me just this once.

“I am waiting for you, Vizzini. You told me to go back to the beginning. So I have. This is where I am, and this is where I’ll stay. I will not be moved.”

I know someone can name that movie!!

Best Wishes!! pixiedust:

~Aimee aka gellybean

For now I will leave y'all with a repost of original intro:

:welcome: everyone to my fourth and fifth trip reports!

This was an extraordinary year of Disney trips for us, me especially. I have never gone to Disney more than once a year, and between January 2010 and 2011 I went FOUR times! Somebody pinch me! I still can't believe it. Two of the trips were planned all along and two kinda landed in my lap. This trip report will include one of each. And let me tell y'all the two trips couldn't have been more different. I can't wait to share both experiences with you all!

To keep things straight, however, I will be going in order of trips taken and writing about the December trip first.

Christmas time at Disney World!
A little background info:

I'm the youngest of four children. My oldest sister is nearly 20 years older than I am and is mostly responsible for my love of Disney. She would pay half my way to Disney as a child to get my mom to go with her to Disney World. She started my obsession and continued my mom's.

She turned the big 5 0 last November and had always said she wanted to wake up the morning of her birthday in Paris and call us all and let us know where she was. The real Paris wasn't an option for any of us monetarily or time wise so being the Disney minded person that I am, Epcot was my next immediate thought! I just had to convince her!

I talked Mom and my sister into it back in April 2010 (not that it took a lot of convincing), early enough that my mom was able to buy an annual pass for herself as she was going with a girlfriend last May! We took advantage of mom's annual pass and got a great deal at the Wilderness Lodge for 7 nights! Wilderness Lodge was the perfect hotel for Christmas time as for as we were all concerned. We had in fact visited it for the first time, just the three of us back in 1993 -- the only other time we had been there at Christmas.

If anyone would like more back ground info, please click the Three for the Price of One PTR link in my signature!

Now that you know why the trip came to be, let me introduce us all!

me aka Momma, gellybean, and Elastigirl - 31 , mom to two boys and wife to Mr. Incredible (who will never be able to travel in December and thus was unable to go this time). Planner of all things Disney. I am currently planning two trips for family members even though I'm not going with them!

We found out last October that I was expecting another child and found out last week that I'm having a little girl!! To say that I am happy to be adding a Violet to our little Incredible family would be a major understatement!!

Being pregnant in Disney was not something I would have planned on but I was determined to still go and make the most of what was available to me! I was 15 weeks along at the time of the December trip.

Dash - 8 as of last week. My oldest son that loves it as much as I do if that's possible. He not only gets to go to WDW in Florida with us but Disneyland in California with his dad and step mother! He loves the rides but is still too chicken to ride the 'big' coasters.

Jack Jack - 3 as of last week. He was finally old enough to get 'it' this trip. I loved watching his reaction and awe this trip. He recognized the characters, and the castle and the 'monowail'. I tried my best to soak his reactions up this trip!

My mom aka Fairy God Mother - 68 years young. She went the first time in the early 50s to Disneyland and has loved it ever since. Already has her next trip planned to eek one more trip out of her hot little AP.

My oldest sister aka Edna - celebrating her 50th birthday. This was her 14th trip and she hadn't been since 07 so it was time!! She works in the education field and lives about 10 mins from me!

When :
December 14th-December 21st

So there you have it! All the important details to get this show on the road!

Thank you all for reading and commenting along!! Can't wait to share all the wonderful, and COLD memories with you all!

Up Next: Arrival day.... for some of us!

12-13-2011, 03:19 AM
How things chance so fast is still amazing. Reading your update about your daughter was very emotional to read(brought goosebumps and tears), I could only imagine you writing it. Enjoy your little bundle of joy she is beautiful, as is your entire family. Thanks for all your TR! Disney is a very special place. Looking forward to your next TR to WDW:) God bless you and your family!

12-13-2011, 01:21 PM
How things chance so fast is still amazing. Reading your update about your daughter was very emotional to read(brought goosebumps and tears), I could only imagine you writing it. Enjoy your little bundle of joy she is beautiful, as is your entire family. Thanks for all your TR! Disney is a very special place. Looking forward to your next TR to WDW:) God bless you and your family!

Thank you so much!! :goodvibes and thanks for reading!! Uploading pics for day 3 now!! :woohoo:

12-13-2011, 01:23 PM
Reposting Day 1 here:

When we originally booked this trip we were all leaving the same day, but as plans progressed and I starting shopping around for airfare, it was considerably cheaper for mom, the boys and I to fly out Tuesday than Wednesday. Plus we would be able to take a non-stop flight. Even better. Unfortunately my sister couldn't take that many days off before a holiday so she would be joining us a day and half later.

My mom showed up that morning around 9:30am right as the boys and I were waking up. She made breakfast for the boys and I while I finished packing and getting ready. I had taken the dogs to my friend the night before and Mr. I had already said his goodbyes to us earlier that day before he went to work. All that was left was to pack up and leave!

I was unable to get any breakfast down. Still fighting morning sickness at that point but thankfully was able to avoid getting sick.

My sister arrived around 10:15am to drive us to the airport. She was going to keep my Mimi Mobile and bring it back the next day and long term park it when she flew out to join us! That way we only had one vehicle in long term parking the whole week but it was the one vehicle large enough for us to all get home in when we returned the following week.

We made it the airport in plenty of time! A quick curbside drop off and a short see ya tomorrow goodbye and the boys, mom and I were off to check our luggage at the Southwest counter.

I had left the stroller behind this trip, knowing without Mr. I, handling that huge stroller and the boys by myself would be a near impossibility. It was great to have Jack Jack on his harness and go through security without that stinking stroller!

Jack Jack was so good! He stood right where I told him and didn't try to run off, took his own shoes off, followed instructions from the TSA agent, etc. He's such a big boy!!

We made it through security with no hassle and stopped at the food court. I knew I had to eat something or I'd be in trouble on a plane for two hours with no protein. I nibbled on a Schlotzsky's sandwich and jalapeno potato chips. The boys ended up finished the chips and I threw away half the sandwich but was feeling better!

Love this picture! It's become a trip to Disney traditional!

The boys really enjoyed the kid size tables at the airport!

Kinda like that this one turned out fuzzy!

Our boarding pass order was all kinds of crazy since we each had a separate confirmation number. Checking in online had been fun! We decided instead of having the kids spaced between strangers in line, we'd just wait and board with the family group.

We managed to get four seats all together, with mom and the boys on one side and me all by myself.

It was luxury! I could do whatever I wanted and not worry about entertaining the kids. Until the guy came and sat next to me. Maybe it was because I have the nose of a hound dog when I'm pregnant but the guy was in serious need of a shower. I tried to keep my nose averted and toward the aisle but the dude stunk. Seriously.

The two hour flight was uneventful thankfully. The flight attendant told mom that my kids would not work as deterrents for teenage pregnancy. :lmao: I thought it was pretty funny and a backwards way of saying they were well behaved on the flight but hey, I'll take it.

We finally landed and were off the plane soon enough. A quick stop at the restroom and Mom wanted a smoothie, then a short faux monorail ride later we were taking the elevator down to the ME area. I have to say I like knowing my way around the Orlando airport now!

We caught a bus rather quickly and WL was the second stop!



It was about this time that I had to have a little talk with Dash about interrupting adults, contradicting and arguing. We worked on it the whole trip! Lots of opportunities in Disney World for a kid to argue. :laughing:




We arrived at WL after one quick stop at SS (is it just me or is SS always the first stop on the ME??) and a few quick photos and we were inside the beautifully decorated resort.





We left the boys in the TV area while mom and I went to check in. The online check in desk had a line and the regular line did not. Finally a regular desk CM called me over to get my folder. Mom asked if we could switch the CC on file and the CM said yes, let me hurry and try to get that done now, our systems are about to go down. She hurried over to the one computer that seemed to still be up and got it switched out.

We had gotten our room request... I knew that as soon as they showed me on the map. A room directly over the lobby!

The CM told me we were above the check in desk on the fifth floor. I knew this meant no possibility of MK fireworks view but since I had only requested lobby location I was happy. We walked over to the lobby, eager to see our room and took the elevator right across from the little bridge up to the fifth floor. I turned left as soon as we got to the area above the lobby and walked and walked. Didn't even bother looking at the room # direction signs since the CM had told me that we were above the check in desk. We walked, and walked and walked some more. The further down we got the more excited I became. I think mom thought I was crazy. Sure enough our room was not on that side! We crossed in front of the windows at the front of the lodge, noticing the cute little seating areas and gawking at the lobby the whole time. Turned the corner back on the MK side and sure enough, our room was the fifth door down!

WE had MK side!! :cool1: Just how well we could see the fireworks I had no clue, but we had hope!

Dash was geeking out at the bunk beds. I swore I had told him but it's not like the child ever listens to me anyway. :rolleyes:

Jack Jack wanted on top of the bunk bed immediately. *sigh*

So we did what any good parent/grandparent would do and ignored the warning sign on the bed and put him up there with his brother and strict instructions. Lemme tell y'all, I held my breath the entire trip. In fact, since we've come home we've moved the office out of the fourth bedroom and are turning it into a nursery specifically because after a week with a bunk bed at WL I decided I did NOT want the boys to have bunk beds anytime soon!

Towel animals to greet us!


Bathroom shot

I was hungry! We had a reservation at WCC at 7:45pm and it was about 5:30 at this point. I knew I couldn't wait that long but also knew I really needed something more substantial than burgers and pizza that night. Especially after my botched breakfast and minimal lunch. The solution, in my eyes, was a light snack from Roaring Forks and then share something at WCC so we weren't eating a big meal there either!

I left mom and the boys with ABCfamily on (25 days of Christmas saved our bacon all week with shows for the boys to watch) and I walked down to Roaring Forks.

View as you stepped out of our door.

And looking down into the lobby from our door.

Loved coming out of the elevator and crossing the bridge to get there! I took two flat breads, a bottle of water and a diet coke back up to the room and we all shared the pizza. This worked out really well. It curbed our starvation so we were able to eat less at WCC that night!

We took our time relaxing in the room and texting various people. I pulled up the WCC menu on my phone and read it to mom. She called my dad. I read through all the materials that came with the room. We peeked out on the balcony and FROZE our tushes off so we quickly closed that door back. We definitely had tall pine trees in front of us so I wasn't too optimistic about our viewing possibilities.

Soon enough it was time to freshen up and head the short walk over and down to WCC.

I had been emailing back and forth with Dug and Dugette, hoping to run into them in the lobby that night as they were heading over to WL to check out the Christmas decorations that night. We thought the timing was gonna work out great. We had time to finish our meal and explore some while they were making their way to WL.

Rubbing Humfrey's nose!

We checked into WCC and I requested the 'quiet' area. Jack Jack had not had a nap and I could tell he was getting ornery. (there's no other word for it!) I didn't want to take a chance with a over the top server and a cranky soon-to-be 3 yr old!

It was pleasant back in the little corner of the restaurant and opened right onto the lobby, directly behind the fire place. I kept my eyes peeled for Dug and Dugette to walk through the lobby.

Dash and Jack Jack shared a kids hamburger plate and a kids milkshake. Dash ordered the bubblegum flavor one and it was NASTY. Even he wouldn't touch it, so we swapped out for vanilla. MUCH better!

I ordered the pork loin with chorizo cheddar grits and seasonal veggies. Mom had a bowl of soup. I shared my pork and grits with mom. The grits were AWESOME! The pork was a little over cooked... but I ate nearly all of it. I was starving! We skipped dessert except for a few sips of Dash's milk shake!

We enjoyed our meal and I would definitely eat there again for dinner. Would love to try the skillet at some point! However, I knew an ALL you could eat skillet was not the best route for us that night. We were trying to order 'light' and it worked out well! It was just enough food for all of us. I think the total with tip came to $60.00 for all four of us. I felt so much better after getting some real food! We headed out of the restaurant and walked around the lobby and into the mercantile, trying to kill some time in the lobby so we could meet up with Dug and Dugette!


Jack Jack posed with this and said "Take picture!" I've created a monster!

Jack Jack was starting to melt down and mom and the boys were tired. It had been a long day for mom especially, having driven in 2 hrs from her home to get to my house at 9:30am that morning.

We headed back up to the room. We were ready to unwind. I kept hoping I'd see Dugette and Dug around the lobby but never did.

A quick elevator ride back upstairs and we were greeted with the lovely sight of our luggage waiting for us! I was eager to unpack and get settled. Biggest Loser finale was that night so I tortured the kids with it while I worked on settling us into the drawers and cubbies under the sink.

Just about the time I finally decided to change into pj's, my cell rang and it was Dug! They were in the lobby!

I felt awful to change plans on them, but at that point I knew it would not have been a very magical DIS meet. Jack Jack and Dash were climbing up the walls, and Mom was in her night gown already and I was about ready to get comfy myself. I really wanted them to meet the boys too and not just me, so I regrettably told Dug that we were all wiped out from our day of travel and that I was really sorry but we'd have to skip on meeting them that night. By a random set of circumstances (Check out Dugette's TR!) their original last night had been our first night but that had changed and I knew we had more overlapping days with them, specifically our DHS day. So we agreed to keep in touch via email and phone calls and try to meet up again later in the week! :goodvibes

After I had unpacked, and gotten settled in bed to watch the rest of the finale, we heard this crazy booming noise. At first I was concerned it was neighbor noise and though what on earth are those people doing?!

It took me about 30 secs to realize what I was hearing! FIREWORKS!

We quickly threw back the drapes and WOW! I was amazed how much we could see up above the trees and Contemporary resort. We turned out all the lights, and pulled chairs up to the window and all sat there and watched the fireworks. It was a truly magical surprise moment. I was grinning from ear to ear, mom was too. Even the boys I think got that this was a extra special surprise that we weren't expecting. We watched the whole thing. It was a VMCP night so this was a little preview of the Holiday Wishes show and it was awesome! The ending was amazing. I was even more excited to see them in person!

As soon as they were over, we turned Biggest Loser back on and I called my sister to let her know that not only had we gotten the lobby room request but we could see the fireworks from our room!

She was super excited! She was flying out the next day at 6:00pm to join us around 11pm at night.

We were all so tired! We turned in early... the boys crashed almost immediately. Jack Jack in the queen with me, mom on the bottom bunk and Dash on the top bunk. I took a hot bath after Jack Jack fell asleep and talked to Mr. I on the phone from the bathroom so I wouldn't wake anyone.

I think I finally fell asleep around 11pm that night. We had a 8am wake up call the next morning and plans to take on Epcot!!

Up Next: Would we wake up?? Would I be able to eat breakfast? Would I regret not bringing my own stroller? Would we FREEZE to death? Would my sister make her flight out of Austin?


12-14-2011, 11:23 PM
We woke up to an 8:00 am wake up call. I had not slept well that night, which is par for the course for all my first nights of vacation. Too excited!
I got out of bed first, thankfully nausea free, and started getting ready! Then I started working on getting the boys ready. It was our coldest forecasted day so we were rocking the layers!



We all got ready quickly enough and decided we'd go down and eat breakfast at Roaring Forks this morning.




We shared a deluxe breakfast platter with a kids egg and bacon to add more protein! I think the total was $16 for all four of us and we didn't finish all the food! I discovered that you could sub one pancake for the apple sauce on the kid's breakfast so that's what I did most mornings! Worked great!

We bundled up and headed to the bus stop. We waited forever for a bus, trying to stand in the sun to stay warm. It was in the mid 30s so cold for us Texans!

I had tried to buy mine and Dash's tickets that morning at the front desk and had been told that the computer systems were still down. I really wanted my ticket on my KTTW card and the CM at the desk said to try guest services at the front gate of Epcot.

Making our way to the entrance!

When we finally arrived at Epcot, the line was crazy for guest services. I parked mom and the boys on a bench and headed to wait. Thankfully there was a CM standing at the beginning of the line asking everyone what they needed help with. I was told that their systems were down too and they couldn't help me. So off I went to buy my separate ticket from the regular ticket line. 30 mins later I finally had our tickets. UGH!

We headed to the left side of Spaceship Earth to pick up Jack Jack's Disney stroller, a first for us. He seemed to like it!


I left Mom and the boys at the bottom of the hill and I went into The Land to get our fast passes. They were for later that afternoon after our lunch ressie. I was just happy that we had FPs! I asked the CM how Jack Jack would ride without a ticket to get a FP. He said to just explain that he was under 3 and it shouldn't be a problem.

Next up was Nemo and Friends. Dash rode with mom and Jack Jack rode with me. I was dying in the heated indoors with all my layers on! I spent more time taking my coat on and off, as we walked in and out of doors.


We waited and caught Crush this time. The boys both enjoyed the show! Next we walked over to Journey into Imagination!

Dash hadn't ridden this since 07 and Jack Jack had never been on it. They really liked it. Thankfully I remembered to cover my nose in the smell lab. Still sensitive to smells!

Dash especially like the 'backwards' fountain.



We walked the back way/short cut to the Canada side of WS and made our way around to Japan for our lunch reservation.

We all enjoyed our lunch, though the chef was better in January 09. Food was delicious.






Jack Jack was starting to get a little restless. I couldn't get him to leave his tongue in his mouth long enough to take a picture! Thankfully he didn't reach full on melt down but he was antsy in that chair!

The only issue I have eating here is that you don't get your protein until you're already full on all the veggies and carbs! :laughing: I understand why it has to work that way, but I was trying to wait for my steak and shrimp so I didn't fill up on carbs! We weren't able to share as easily at this type of sit down restaurant. Jack Jack ate off my plate and Dash had the child's children. Mom ordered the pork loin. I think our bill was $80 after tip.

We headed back around the same way we came, knowing 1) that we'd have plenty of time to explore WS that week with my sister and 2) that I didn't need the temptation of the caramel place in Germany! :rotfl:

Our fast pass window was open so we all headed to California !

Jack Jack was just tall enough and we had no problems getting him on without a FP.

He enjoyed the ride and I enjoyed the ride through his eyes. The only issue he had was at the end with the loud fireworks. He clung to my arm a little bit. But seemed nonplussed about being high up in the air. If he even realized it. We lucked out and got row A without asking. :thumbsup2

Jack Jack on his first Soarin' ride! I couldn't get him to take the hat off!!

We took a spin on Spaceship Earth on our way out and made an early-ish day of it. I think we were leaving the park at 5:30pm.

A quick bus ride back to the resort... I took one for the team and sat down on the cement knowing as soon as I sat down a bus would come and sure enough, it did! So we didn't have to wait long for a WL bus despite the late afternoon time!

I went down and got us dinner around 7pm, brought it back to the room. A cup of corn chowder for mom that I ate most of, a huge Wilderness Salad for me, that was really yummy and that I couldn't finish, an adult chicken nuggets for the boys to share and a bowl of grapes! We all shared. Mom had a little bit of everything. Around $27 dollars for all of us.

We watched ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas and waited for the fireworks to start at 8pm, which that night were the regular Wishes.

Gave the boys a bath and got them into pjs by 10pm. I took a bubble bath and we were all asleep by 11pm.

I had been texting back and forth with my sister all evening and her plane had been delayed out of Austin, with a very short layover in Houston. She made it thankfully but they held the plane for her and the others that were connecting. She arrived about 45 mins later than scheduled but she made it right around midnight!

She just texted me when she arrived at the hotel and I gave her the directions to the room. We had her room key and she was already checked in the day earlier.

She loved the room location as well! She and I talked quietly amongst ourselves for a while, finally going back to sleep around 1:30am!

We had plans for Hollywood studios the next day and had to be up early-ish to make sure we got TSM fast passes!

Up next:
Would we get everyone up and out of the room in time to get FPs for TSM or would Edna's late arrival prove too much to wake up from?

Would I get a second chance at a DIS meet with Dug and Dugette?

Would our lunch ressie at Mama Melrose's be a good choice or a bust?


12-15-2011, 12:39 AM
Edna got up before everyone this morning, despite her getting in so late. She was still in work mode and is just not one to sleep late. She got ready first and went down to Roarin Forks while the rest of us got ready. We shared a few breakfast croissants and a kids breakfast sub pancake for apple sauce in the room and then headed to the bus stop.


We made our way fairly quickly to the entrance, snapping a pic of the DHS tree on our way in,


and then Edna and I booked it to Toy Story Mania in hopes that we could get fast passes. It was around 10am by this point. Thankfully there were some left. I believe our return time was between 3:30 and 4:30.
We headed back to Hollywood Blvd to meet up with mom and the boys and they were nowhere to be found. We walked all around, up and down. I didn’t panic… which was amazing really. I mean how far could they have gone… and I knew they would end up back at the hotel at some point, worst case scenario. We tried calling mom’s cell phone and she didn’t answer. About 30 mins later, Edna found them and texted me that she had them. Whew. Thankfully we already had the fast passes so time wasn’t an issue!
We decided to do Little Mermaid first and on our way to get in line, we saw the Playhouse Disney characters lining up in their little autograph areas. We were first in line and Jack Jack’s face was amazing. It was the first time he had really recognized a character that he had seen on TV and he was glowing! He ran right up and hugged the stuffing out of Handy Manny.


We headed from there to Voyage of the Little Mermaid and loved it! I hadn’t been on it in years, which meant the boys hadn’t been on it at all. So it was new to them. After VOLM we headed to Playhouse Disney. Getting up and down off the floor was FUN! lol Dash kept rolling his eyes at me, in jest. He felt like he was too big of a boy for this show but he suffered it gladly for his little brother. Jack Jack was in heaven!!

“Really mom?”

After playhouse Disney, we took some pictures in the Pixar area.



Then decided since we were right there, we’d do One Man’s Dream. The kids actually sat through the movie which was amazing.

After we gathered our stroller from the stroller park area, we made our way all the way back to Mama Melrose’s, taking pictures along the way



and checked in a little early for our lunch reservation.

Mom was so excited about her lunch she asked me to take a picture to rub it in to her sister that loves Caprese salad as much as mom does.


The boys enjoyed their lunch as well. And Jack Jack wore most of it, true to his Disney Italian food tradition.


I enjoyed our lunch as well. It was nice to sit down for lunch after our already busy morning. I was trying to take it easy!
After lunch we grabbed some pictures




and then walked right into Muppets 3D. This was Jack Jack’s first 3D that he actually left the glasses on. I spent most of the show watching him instead of the screen. He laughed and laughed. And reached out for things. It was great!

As we were exiting the Muppets, Mom passed a cart that had the Mickey Mouse ears Santa hats on it. We had been seeing them on people all over the park but hadn’t seen any to buy. So mom grabbed on! And she did look very cute it in!

We made our way back to the front of the park and down Sunset Blvd so Edna could ride single rider on Rockin Roller Coaster. Mom and the boys and I sat on the ledge and decided we were thirsty. I left mom with the kids and walked over to a kiosk to buy a diet coke. And who did I run into?? But Dug and Dugette! They had met up with some friends and were touring DHS that morning with their friends. We talked in the middle of Sunset Blvd and renewed our plans to meet up that evening for Osbourne Lights!

A short diet drink later, Edna was done with her single rider ride… and I was only slightly jealous. Slightly. I stared longingly at Tower of Terror as we walked by.

As we made our way back up Sunset Blvd. we stopped in a few shops and grabbed a quick snack for the boys to share.



Back down by the Pixar area,


We decided to kill some time at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground until our fast pass window opened. I was a little nervous, knowing I couldn’t get to Jack Jack up in those high parts if I needed to. He wasn’t even three yet and was just getting brave enough to try baby slides. I remember he wouldn’t go down the Kodak film slide the first time with his brother, but Dash eventually talked him into going down it.

I snapped several pictures of Jack Jack but could never get Dash to hold still long enough to get any of him. Mom and I found a place to sit to watch the boys. We killed over an hour in there.




After a five minute warning to the boys that it was time to go, we made our way back out, our party intact thankfully! And leisurely walked over to TSM.



The ride was fabulous. This was Edna’s first time to DHS since TSM opened and Mom had not made it into the park soon enough to get a fast pass to ride it on her previous trips. It was great seeing it through their eyes for the first time. Jack Jack rode with me.

I’ll let y’all figure out whose score is whose. ;)


After our ride, we hung out on some benches as I texted back and forth with Dug about meeting up at Osbourne lights. We decided to go ahead and go to the Streets of America and grab a spot on the curb, since we were already so close to that area.

Continued in Next post.

12-15-2011, 12:43 AM
Contined from previous post...

We arrived in plenty of time to grab some spots. Edna walked around and looked at a few shops, and so did Mom. We took times holding spots on the curb. We let Jack Jack out of his stroller and let the boys jump around and get some of their wiggles out.

Before I knew it, Dug and Dugette were in front of us. We shared our curb spottage and hung out with them while we waited for the lighting ceremony. We enjoyed talking Disney and the DIS and hearing their eventful travel story and how they got upgraded to Concierge level at the Poly. It was great meeting you Dug and Dugette!!

And then….it was time. The music began and the lights were switched on. It was stunning. Pictures really do not do it justice. I snapped and snapped and snapped some more. We stood around and gawked. It was gorgeous.










The only issue was trying to walk with a stroller and a party of 5 up the street to get out of the park. We made it.
Naturally Jack Jack fell asleep as we were getting ready to leave the park.


Always! He always falls asleep about the time we want to turn in the stroller. We tried to kill some time in the shops on the way out of the park.
We made our way to the bus stops and waited for a bus for a while. It’s always a good feeling to sit down on the bus on the way back to the hotel after a long day in the park. Especially when it’s toward the beginning of your trip.

I loved loved loved the walkway from the bus stop to the lodge. With the garland. It was such a nice, warm feeling. A feeling of being welcomed home. I believe the Wilderness Lodge is my favorite walkway to and from the bus and the best resort to return to on a cold night!

We returned to the room and Edna went down to Roarin Forks to get our dinner. We had a date with fireworks from the room that night. Later than the night before because it wasn’t a Very Merry Christmas Party night.
We all piled into bed with Mom and watched whatever was on 25 Days of Christmas that night. A Pixar film I’m pretty sure but can’t remember which one.


We turned in fairly early, our late night having caught up with us. We had plans for Magic Kingdom the next day!

12-15-2011, 05:31 PM
I'm totally in!! Can't wait to read more!!

12-16-2011, 07:32 AM
Hi Gelly!

I have been wondering how your new little one was doing. I was a long time lurker on your other threads. I have to say little Addie is ADORABLE! I think she looks like Jack Jack. Thanks for coming back and sharing her story and letting us in on how she is doing. What a precioius little girl you have. :littleangel:

Looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip thanks for thinking of here on the DIS and I wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and continued blessing for a Happy Healthy New Year.


01-04-2012, 10:08 PM
I finally made it back to the boards. I loved getting caught up and can't wait to read more!

03-12-2012, 05:37 PM
I'm totally in!! Can't wait to read more!!

Thanks Jen!! Glad to have you! I'll finish this if it kills me! :lmao:

Hi Gelly!

I have been wondering how your new little one was doing. I was a long time lurker on your other threads. I have to say little Addie is ADORABLE! I think she looks like Jack Jack. Thanks for coming back and sharing her story and letting us in on how she is doing. What a precioius little girl you have. :littleangel:

Looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip thanks for thinking of here on the DIS and I wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and continued blessing for a Happy Healthy New Year.


Hey!! So sorry to keep you wondering! Thank you for the sweet compliment about Addie! So glad to see a comment from a lurker ;)

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years yourself!! :hug:

I finally made it back to the boards. I loved getting caught up and can't wait to read more!

:welcome: 2_Eagle_Mom !! Glad to see you back on the boards. Have you missed it as much as I have?!

03-12-2012, 05:49 PM
My memory is getting fuzzy... this is what I get for waiting a year to write a TR.

I'm pretty sure this morning Edna went down and got breakfast for us and we took our time getting ready.

We decided to boat over to Magic Kingdom this morning, and stopped for a few pics in front of the geyser.


Edna and the boys hung around long enough to see it erupt while Mom and I went and got in line for the boat.

A quick boat ride later



and we were wandering into the magical goodness that is Magic Kingdom. Insert many happy sighs here. :lovestruc Love that feeling. And at Christmas?? Even better!


We moseyed down Main Street, taking our time, soaking in the atmosphere, stopping in some shops along the way.



We were already ready for a snack... I think it was the smell of the waffle cones that did us in.


A cute little waffle bowl sundae shared between all of us and we were good to go!




We made our way to IASW and I believe we walked in and had to walk right back out because the ride was down for a minute. We decided to get Fast Passes for Peter Pan, a ride I hadn't ridden in years and years but considering the limitations on my riding as I was 14 wks pregnant at the time, I was determined to ride anything and everything I could!

We waited in line for Snow White, another ride I hadn't ridden in forever, and then walked over to let Edna ride the Teacups with Dash. No way was I getting on them. I was happy to be over my morning sickness, tyvm. No need to induce nausea again!! Jack Jack and my mom declined the ride as well.



We caught the Winnie the Pooh ride, one I had never been on, and enjoyed the interactive line as we waited. The waits weren't that bad. I was suprised. I think 20 mins for Winnie The Pooh and Snow White, though Snow White was posted at 45.



We caught the parade



as it made it's way through Frontier Land and decided to head back to the hotel for a nap.


This was the night that Dash crashed on us. He fell asleep for a 'nap' and slept from 5pm until 8:30am the next morning. WOW! I guess it all caught up to him, poor dude. So Edna and I left a sleeping Dash with a napping Fairy Godmother and went to Downtown Disney. YAY! Shopping! Jack Jack is a wonderful little shopper. He loves it! We opted not to take the stroller because it was too much for us to carry on and off the bus.

I had discovered the seat belt bags at the jewlery store on Main Street earlier that day and had been contemplating it all day. I really liked it, thought it would make a great diaper bag and it was different. So... our first stop was TrenD and I found the messenger bag and made it mine!!

We had dinner at WPE, which is hands down my fave counter service. I had the meatloaf and it was YUMMY! Jack Jack had pizza as usual and I think Edna got a salad but I can't swear to it!

We hit up a few more shops. It was cold and a bit drizzly. We were back on the bus by 8:30pm and back to the hotel by 9:15pm. A movie on ABC Family and a bubble bath later and we called it a night.

We had plans for Epcot the next day!!

03-13-2012, 07:58 PM
I'm here! Sorry it took me so long...didn't know you were back until you posted on my TR! So happy you are back, though! :goodvibes

I finally got to hear about our DIS-meet from the other perspective! That was great to meet you all (and see the Osborne Lights, of course). Our chance meeting earlier was funny too, as I wondered if you'd think it odd that I was being dragged along by two little boys :rotfl:. (Coincidentally, the friends we ran into mirrored your family...two boys and pregnant with a third child while on the trip...but she had another boy. She was also looking longingly at the ToT).

I'm enjoying re-living your trip so far and can't wait to hear the rest!

Also, I'm so happy to hear that you are considering taking Addie to WDW! That is so awesome and I hope it works out. When are you thinking of going? We're considering bringing our not-yet-arrived baby in December of 2013. Of course, all very subject to change right now. But it sure is fun to plan and dream...

03-14-2012, 03:01 AM
I'm here! Sorry it took me so long...didn't know you were back until you posted on my TR! So happy you are back, though! :goodvibes

I finally got to hear about our DIS-meet from the other perspective! That was great to meet you all (and see the Osborne Lights, of course). Our chance meeting earlier was funny too, as I wondered if you'd think it odd that I was being dragged along by two little boys :rotfl:. (Coincidentally, the friends we ran into mirrored your family...two boys and pregnant with a third child while on the trip...but she had another boy. She was also looking longingly at the ToT).

I'm enjoying re-living your trip so far and can't wait to hear the rest!

Also, I'm so happy to hear that you are considering taking Addie to WDW! That is so awesome and I hope it works out. When are you thinking of going? We're considering bringing our not-yet-arrived baby in December of 2013. Of course, all very subject to change right now. But it sure is fun to plan and dream...

So glad you found me!! I think I must have read an update or Dug must have texted me that y'all had ran into some friends with kids, cus I didn't think anything of your two child arm extensions. :rotfl: It was great to meet y'all! Wish we had more time to hang out and chit chat! Hard to ignore all those gorgeous lights though!!

We are looking at end of September into October. It will be my first fall trip and first ever F&W Festival time, not to mention Addie's first trip :banana: so I'm really excited!! I will be doing a PTR, and will link up from here. Just determined to get this trip report finished before I start a PTR! I may come shamelessly recruit readers on your thread when I start the PTR. ;)

It is so much fun to plan and dream !!! And for me a necessary part of my life. But I have learned so much from Addie's arrival into our family and am much more easy going when plans need to change. I call it flexible planning. :rotfl: The time will pass quickly and you'll be bringing your own little Dug Baby to Disney before you know it! And I'll be happy to help out with any Disney with a baby tips I can!!

Big :hug: !

03-14-2012, 02:14 PM
Gelly, I just now found you after seeing you post on Brook's TR. I have also read all of your TRs and always wondered how you and your baby girl were doing. I'm going to spend some time reading through this TR and her blog. So glad to find you! :goodvibes

03-15-2012, 11:10 PM
Gelly, I just now found you after seeing you post on Brook's TR. I have also read all of your TRs and always wondered how you and your baby girl were doing. I'm going to spend some time reading through this TR and her blog. So glad to find you! :goodvibes

Hey Kelli!! :wave: Glad you found me!! Hope you enjoy the TR ! It's not my usual type of TR, I waited too long to remember all the details! But I do want to get it all down and the pics laid out before I go on to a PTR.

Hope you and your babes are well!

03-16-2012, 12:22 AM
Somehow in between us coming back from shopping and planning our day the next morning, we decided that FGM, the boys and I would sleep in since we had already had an Epcot day already and Edna would get up and go into the park by herself to get some solo touring in.

It worked out well. Edna was there before they opened the gates and she got to ride a bunch of things in Future World very quickly and made one loop of World Showcase, including hitting the caramel shop in Germany and having some goodies waiting for us in a to go bag.

I got up and took breakfast duties this morning, bringing back a croissant sandwich for FGM and I to share and a kids breakfast sub pancakes for fruit. We made our way down to the bus stop and waited in the damp, cold air for our bus. This was yet another morning I was very happy we were staying at the WL and were able to walk under a covered walkway straight to our bus stop.

Jack Jack's signature tongue photo face

FGM feeling festive

We made our way into the parks and they were EMPTY. It had been drizzling on and off and had rained enough that Edna had bought a poncho. I decided to get us ponchos at the stroller pick up instead of getting caught without one in the middle of the park where we'd get soaked and therefore freeze to death before we could get one.

Two ponchos and a stroller later we proceeded to meet Edna at the Christmas tree. Thank goodness for cell phones! It makes things so much easier! I am old enough to remember doing Disney without them and am glad that we don't have to meet up at such and such at a certain time anymore!

We took some pics along the way, waiting for Edna.




After we met up with her, we walked toward Mexico and stopped and stood by the fence close to the Cantina and sampled all the caremel goodness. Chocolate and caramel covered stawberries, a caramel brownie, a caramel chocolate pecan candy, and caramel popcorn. Jack Jack basically stole the bag of popcorn and kept it all to himself inside his stroller before anyone noticed. He loved it!! It was all very good ! I was excited to bring Mr. I back there in January!

We went straight to Norway and rode Maelstorm... something I hadn't ridden in years! We actually stayed for the movie!! :rotfl:One of maybe three groups that stayed.

We shopped our way through the store, taking a traditional picture


before moving along the World Showcase toward America.

We were thirsty and stopped for some waters and a coke to share at the Africa outpost and a gentlemen came up to my mom and asked her where she had found her Mickey Mouse Santa ears. She told him DHS and he said they had been looking everywhere for them... and would she be interested in selling it.


We laughed thinking he was kidding. Dude was serious. He offered mom $40 for the ears, that she had paid like 18 bucks for. She happily parted with them. I kinda wish she had kept them but I think she felt like if he wanted them that badly there must have been someone that's day would have been made by receiving them... so she took his $40 bucks and got quite the kick out of the whole exchange.

We shopped and browsed and I took a bunch of pics that were too boring to share. The boys enjoyed the train miniatures in Germany. They had picked up a KP FP in Norway that was good for Germany so Edna enjoyed getting to do a mission with Dash and Jack Jack. I sat on a bench. :rolleyes1 I was feeling the 14 wks pregnant thing!

We were able to catch Voice of Liberty at just the right time, our end goal and then American Adventure! Two favorites!




We grabbed a snack combination of a corndog, funnel cake, and turkey leg for lunch. It wasn't all me! I promise. Though that does sound like quite a pregnancy craving.

Ketchup and powdered sugar mouth

We made our way around the World Showcase, stopping to watch the drummers in Japan and the film in France. Edna had always said she has wanted to go to Paris on her 50th birthday so we had to take a picture of her in "Paris" for her 50th birthday.


We continued down to Canada and watched Off Kilter before making our way back to the UK to kill some time shopping. It's a good thing I didn't know we were having a Violet at that point or I would have really had to buy a new suitcase to get all the souvenirs back.

We took some pictures....



and then checked in for our Rose and Crown Candlelight processional dinner at 5:30 and waited for a while. Jack Jack entertained himself by spinning circles around a lampost and I entertained myself by taking a million pictures of him





We were seated outside on the back patio. A great spot had we been wanting to stay and watch Illuminatios. I was worried we'd freeze but they had plenty of heaters out there and we were under an umbrella in case it drizzled. I had the Mary and Lads appy (shrimp cocktail) and it was wonderful! Totally was not expecting that.... the cocktail sauce was really really good. For entrees, I ordered steak, mom had the steak and fish and Edna got the pot roast. The Sunday roast and mashed potatoes were YUMMY! The mashed potatoes were really good! I tried the sticky toffee pudding and wasn't a huge fan, Edna ordered the Bakewell Tart and it was ok, and FGM ordered a lemon pie that I don't see on the menu now. It was my favorite... really tart but sweet.

We got our stickers for the Candlelight processional and went to restroom one last time while FGM waited to pay. When I made it back from the restrooms across the street, FGM was having an issue with charging to the room. Apparently we had reached the limit for room charging and they hadn't ran the CC through to cover the amount yet. They got it straightened out but it took a while... long enough I was beginning to get concerned about getting a covered seat during the processional.

We walked the short distance between France and Japan and were in line. We didn't wait long before the line started moving. We didn't make it under the covered part but thankfully the rain held off and we stayed dry.



The show was wonderful. Chill bump worthy. I was geeking out the entire time because Thomas Gibson was our host. I am a huge Criminal Minds fan!! and Thomas Gibson lives just over in San Antonio. But if I have to go to Florida to 'meet' him, sure! I took a million zoomed in pictures of him trying to get one that was steady and clear enough you could tell it was him!


Dash had a cough and I had a cough and we were coughing. We tried not too. But it happens. This childless couple in front of us kept looking over their shoulders at us and giving us the stink eye. They finally got up and moved! :eek:

Sorry!! I wasn't contagious I promise! But who goes to Disney and expects not to come into contact with someone that is sick??

Anyway, I did not let it affect my enjoyment of the show one bit!

The final act of Handel's Messiah was amazing! We were all on our feet! FGM seemed to really enjoy the show, and said it was worth the whole trip even if nothing else had been enjoyable, which was, of course, not the case but I knew what she meant!

We walked our way back out of the park,


and onto a bus.

We turned in pretty much as soon as we made it back to the room! We had a Very Merry Christmas party to attend the next day!!

03-16-2012, 11:58 AM
How nice for you to be able to sleep in and how nice for Edna to get some solo time. It sounds like that worked out perfectly!

Wow, your mom sure made someone's day by selling her ears! And made $40 out of the deal. Strange but cool! :thumbsup2

I have never seen the Candlelight Processional. It sounds really magical. :goodvibes

03-25-2012, 12:57 AM
Oops, I guess I read your post a few days ago and forgot to comment. Darn pregnancy brain! I can't imagine doing the parks 14 weeks pregnant. I'm 16 weeks now and just finally coming out of the sleep fog/coma.

Anyway, sounds like your morning worked out well. That's cool that Edna got those yummy caramel treats for you. Sounds delish! I can't believe that someone bought the Mickey ears right off your mom's head. That's so bizarre! Cool story, though. Hopefully whoever got them appreciated them. Also very cool that Edna got to Paris for her 50th! Love the Candlelight Processional. Glad you got to see it!

04-23-2012, 11:22 PM
How nice for you to be able to sleep in and how nice for Edna to get some solo time. It sounds like that worked out perfectly!

Wow, your mom sure made someone's day by selling her ears! And made $40 out of the deal. Strange but cool! :thumbsup2

I have never seen the Candlelight Processional. It sounds really magical. :goodvibes

It was really magically!!

I think Edna did enjoy her alone time.... I was a wee bit jealous to be honest !! :laughing: But not jealous enough to not sleep in.

The guy buying the ears off mom was hillarious and just random. I totally thought he was kidding... but he wanted those ears something fierce!

Oops, I guess I read your post a few days ago and forgot to comment. Darn pregnancy brain! I can't imagine doing the parks 14 weeks pregnant. I'm 16 weeks now and just finally coming out of the sleep fog/coma.

Anyway, sounds like your morning worked out well. That's cool that Edna got those yummy caramel treats for you. Sounds delish! I can't believe that someone bought the Mickey ears right off your mom's head. That's so bizarre! Cool story, though. Hopefully whoever got them appreciated them. Also very cool that Edna got to Paris for her 50th! Love the Candlelight Processional. Glad you got to see it!

Pregnancy brain is the worst!! Doing the park at 14 weeks wasn't so bad... I just took my time and sat down a bunch!

I'm heading over right now to see what kinda LittleDug you are having! YAY ! :banana:

The caramel treats were YUM-o! I was sold at that moment and could not wait to bring Mr. I back in January and try them with him!!

So glad we got to see it as well. and with Hotch as narrator?? Bonus!!

04-23-2012, 11:44 PM
By this morning, my mom was pretty much wiped. She decided that she was going to sleep in as long as she wanted and we could go in to the park without her and she'd meet us in time for the party that night... so we listened.

Edna went in really really early, we joined her around noon and Mom probably didn't get in the park til 4pm ish.

Edna scored on a bunch of rides by herself which was great and I enjoyed the quiet alone time with my two boys, getting to the parks on our own.

We met Edna on Main Street and did what else... s'more shopping!! Then headed over to Tomorrow Land. Dash was dying to ride the Speedway.

Jack Jack and I hung out and shared a sweet cream cheese pretzel and frozen coke (in honor of LL :goodvibes ) and watched for Edna and Dash to round the bend.



We rode Buzz Light year and CoP and then got in line for our wrist bands for our VMCP that evening. Mom was able to get hers at the gate as she entered the park so late.

I didn't take many pictures as I was freezing... and my hands were in my mittens!! I dreaded taking them out to click away at pics.

We were texting Mom and she was taking her time back at the lodge and enjoying her freedom...which I totally understood. My kids love their MeMaw and it can be draining on her because they want her attention and want to hold her hand, sit by her, etc. I was glad she got some time to herself.

We made it back around to Main Street and took some pics while we waited to meet my mom by the flag pole.




We walked around and rode PoTC one last time, my favorite, before working back around to the castle to watch the lighting ceremony!

Beautiful sight!


Our first stop during party time was to ride IASW again....


then across the street for hot cocoa and cookies

a pic I snapped while inside the cookie and cocoa station

Next we rode Dumbo... something that I hadn't ridden in YEARS... like not since my very first trip in '86

Dash excited to ride

Mom and Dash ahead of us

View of the backside of the castle

We made our way to our favorite viewing spot for watching Wishes and found a great table... and proceeded to FREEZE our butts off.


Even drinking cup after cup of hot chocolate and eating some Casey's chili dogs and hot cheese sauce did not warm us up. I even had yoga pants on under my jeans and still froze! Poor Edna hadn't layered up and she was really shivering. We had our Disney throws and everything all wrapped around us, huddled up waiting for the show.

We saw some of the first parade from our table... but were too cold to make it over to the curb to see it up close.

The fireworks were finally starting and they were spectacular. Worth the price of the tickets... simply beautiful!!

But we were so cold.... we decided to skip the second viewing of the parade and head back to the Lodge for some hot baths!!

That's how cold it was.

We are Texas weinies apparently!


Next (and last day in the park):

04-25-2012, 10:21 PM
Sounds like a good, somewhat relaxing day! Nice castle pictures...I like the one through the window. It was so cold on that trip...even us Minnesotans were cold (it may get cold up here, but we don't spend all day outside in it!)

04-26-2012, 03:19 PM
Oh brrrr!! It looks chilly! But I'm glad you still had a nice evening. :goodvibes

04-26-2012, 05:23 PM
Sounds like a good, somewhat relaxing day! Nice castle pictures...I like the one through the window. It was so cold on that trip...even us Minnesotans were cold (it may get cold up here, but we don't spend all day outside in it!)

It was a good day... definitely on the slow side as far as touring goes but by that time we needed it. Mom and I joked that me pregnant at 31 was about the same speed as mom at 67. :lmao: We both took things slow!
I'm glad to know some real cold weather people thought it was cold!!! Makes me feel less wimpie! ;)

Oh brrrr!! It looks chilly! But I'm glad you still had a nice evening. :goodvibes

It was in the low 30s, damp and windy. And that's COLD in my book!! :rolleyes:

We did have a nice evening. Wishing now, somehow we had stuck it out for the parade but I don't know that we would have enjoyed any of it, sitting on cold cement!

04-27-2012, 09:00 AM
a pic I snapped while inside the cookie and cocoa station

So pretty!!!

Okay, the exchange for the Santa Mickey Ears is hilarious! $40!!! I would have done the same! :rotfl: