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Ed J
11-20-2011, 07:04 PM
We did a split trip the begining of the month, a few days at Port Orleans Riverside and then a week at Marriotts Lakeshore Reserve. MLR shares the grounds with the JW Marriott and the Ritz Carlton over by Sea World. In short it's really nice place to stay, between the 2 bed 2 bath we had, the pool and bar and other onsite amenities it was the best Marriott we have stayed at so far. But enough of that, the topic of this string is fishing.

These are the view of the JW and the Ritz form the walking path.


I had to work the Tuesday of our trip, I got off a 3 hour conference call at about 330 PM and I was done for the day, the gals were having tea at the Grand Floridian and were not due back for hours and I wanted to do something fun. The Ritz golf club advertises fishing trips on the golf course and other waters on property so I called the pro shop. Within 15 minutes of the call Mike my guide was picking me up at my villa. I was lucky he was available as scheduling an appointment with him is highly recommended.


This was our boat we fished from on Shinge creek. Shingle creek is the head waters to the Everglades and was like paddling though an aquarium. I saw gators and gar as well as the typical freshwater species one would expect to see on these waters. As an added bonus, Mike my guide also does Eco tours on the creek so he was pointing out many interesting facts about the waterway.

When I booked the trip Mike asked if I was an angler, I am he chose to fish me on the creek over the golf course ponds as the chances of catching were better on the creek. He also gave me the option of spin or fly fishing, we did both but the catching was better on the spinning gear.
Where we fished, a few shots of Shingle Creek. Between the old cypress and the Spanish moss, it was what my minds eye sees when thinking old Flordia
What I caught, this was the best of the 1.5 hour trip, we only headed in due to dark, not the lack of fish. I would have stayed longer, but the club has rules regarding fishing in the dark.
Another shot of shingle creek

The cost is reasonable and the service was outstanding. I booked another trip for the end of the week and a cold front punched through the night before, the day started out slow but I caught over a dozen fish and had 2x that many hits.

I have fished stick marsh and caught much bigger fish, mosquito lagoon (salt water) Toho and some other local Orlando lakes and enjoyed this trip as much if not more and half the cost. If you are looking to fish in a unique location, call the Ritz pro shop and book a trip with Mike, he's a pleasure to fish with.

As an aside, all the photos were taken with and uploaded to photobucket with my iPhone, Its new to me and I'm finding it handy gadget to use

11-21-2011, 08:35 AM
What a great experience....I'll have to put that on my list!